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    @pbeer I saw your mate sitting waiting for the medic as I headed out for the lap. If it’s any consolation I’ve done the same injury (a crush not a break!) on my bike and made a full recovery. It takes time, tell him not to rush. (Unfortunately my days as Surrey Hills Press Up champion are over, but I’m managing to adjust to that bitter disappointment!)

    @darkcyan press the quote button and a tag will appear to start the quite area. Paste in the text you want to quote, then press the quote button again and another tag will appear to finish the quote area.




    Premier Icon mattjg

    Hey Bobcatmax

    Hope that is healing up. I was the bloke on the Genesis SS who you kept passing! Still dont quite understand how you got your left leg without some pretty special dismounting skills


    @ darkcyan yep – big chain ring on the wrong leg!! healed up nicely now though.

    @ TimP hello chap! yeah, looks good now, went out on the cross bike last week and this week with some pretty sizeable rides and no complaints 🙂


    Just as an fyi – there’s a load more photo galleries that have appeared. Access them through the Big Dog site.

Viewing 6 posts - 321 through 326 (of 326 total)

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