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  • My rigid singlespeed is 26lbs,

    It rides as good after as it did before I weighed it.

    I’m not going to let a digital screen tell me my bikes not right.


    My Horsethief was approx 13.9kg on our vaguely accurate luggage scales, no idea what it’d be on a set of Park scales though. Was reasonable pleased with that considering it’s got heavy (900g) tyres on it.


    There have been quotes on other forums of sub 20lbs Anthems, I suspect they are using scales that are even more optimistic than mine was. I’m now happy with 24.5lbs, I enjoyed spending a bit of money on nice components – a lot of it came off the rotating mass esp the wheels, and its a really sprightly and responsive bike now.

    My Anthem weighs 24.5 lb too. That`s a perfectly accetable weight.Mine rides very nicely and with fatter 9heavier) rubber on it works as a sub 25lb trail bike too.

    I`d imagine a sub 24lb Anthem is pretty hard to achieve without spending some serious money.

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    Mrblobby, are you daring to suggest the marketeers may have rounded down…?

    Compound error, and missing out the odd bit does seem to mean that’s a really inaccurate way of doing it. I don’t quite understand why though 😕

    I`d imagine a sub 24lb Anthem is pretty hard to achieve without spending some serious money.

    They do seem strangely heavy – a couple of years ago several friends had the Anthem Advanced 1 (IIRC), XT, Crossmax SLRs, carbon bits, nice bikes. They were nearly 25lbs stock. Even a friend who’d fitted 1×10, Stan’s wheels, alu bolts etc, only got it to 23.5lbs. Still ride well though clearly, very popular!

    The frame though is competive,IIRC lighter than an Epic.
    The carbon version though is scarcely lighter than the Alumminium version.

    I think it`s probably more to do with the heavy finishing kit and component spec that most of the standard ones have. And the huge stack of spacers and conical spacers they stick on them! 😀

    Even so I can`t imagine many are near the 22lb weights I have seen claimed.


    My niner weighs 17lbs, I have now stopped ferkin around with it and will get on and ride it propers like.

    Looks sexy mind.

Viewing 7 posts - 41 through 47 (of 47 total)

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