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  • When I asked at my LBS about this they said that I would not notice any performance benefits on my XTR 960 brakes if I switched to Goodridge (based on my Lake District riding habits).

    The fact that they talked themselves out of a sale was enough to convince me that they were not worth the money.

    Not sure if that gives you the answer you want but it may mean you have a bit of cash to spend elsewhere.


    try HEL.. as good as Goodridge imho but a lot cheaper.

    As for performance, my understanding is yes it will improve, normal hose does not use a metal weave and as such can expand the hose, goodridge and HEL does not expant so you get better performance. Also they are more crash resistant.



    HEL also do after market cables
    I just use the normal stuff my brakes came with though :p

    Hope braided hose kits also have fittings for Shimano


    forgot to say the HEL comes with fittings for 90% of brakes and they are re-useable. That said save yourself a wedge and just buy the goodridge hose only, you can re-use old fittings 🙂 I upgraded my mono mini's to goodridge for £15 🙂

    depends on the brakes/hoses, soem are compatible, otheres aren't.

    FWIW Im running goodrich on my 960's, with alloy fittings to save weight and add pimpyness.

    Performance is better, but doubtfull if it relay makes any real world difference. The main benifit is crash resistance, normal hoses kink and bend, and get mashed by rocks, these dont. Also alows them to be run shorter as ive no fear of them snaping or getting crimped, just enough to turn the bars just under 90deg now whereas i ran much more shimano hose to leave a margin for error.

    If I were doing them again I'd go with Hel to save a load of cash though.


    i fitted a Goodrich to my Magura Marta front and it make a fair difference, but, it was a major BITCH to fit the hose end fittings correctly

    I use Goodridges on my XT servowaves and do think it makes a difference to the performance of the brakes. I have only used Goodridges in the past so no experience of the other brands. They are good looking and tough too.


    Are goodridge the only after market brake hose upgrades available?
    I'm looking to stick one on my XTR M960s to improve performance. Any recommendations?

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    tougher hoses sounds good to me, im quite worried about mine after seeing a guy with a big hole in his hose at the start of the megavalanche
    a long way to the finish with no front brake!

    Slight highjack, but I have been thinking of going the braided hose route for my Mono Minis. Are the fittings really re-useable, or do you need new ones, or does the Goodrich/HEL stuff come with new fittings?


    Life is full of choices.
    Hel £29.99
    Goodridge £31.99
    Hope £26.99
    And I'm terrible at making decisions with no facts.
    If I pay more do I get more? There is no clear stated facts that separates them apart. HELP. Feel free to air opinions based on nothing.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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