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  • Anyone using the 'new' Garmin Connect?
  • It’s certainly different and looks a bit ‘Windows 8’ ish to me. I kinda like the fact you can build your own display, not not convinced about the look yet, a bit too ‘simple’ for me. I like lots of complicated graphs and data!

    What does anyone else think?


    DC Rainmaker wasn’t convinced

    Now that I’ve walked through all the features, here’s the sticky part: The new GC2 is bad. Really bad. In a ‘barely works’ kinda way. Sometimes it’s a technical issue (the page doesn’t finish loading), and sometimes it’s just simply that it’s a very clunky experience for users who already own a Garmin device, because it keeps blending the half-finished GC2 with the legacy GC1.

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    I’m still waiting to be “invited” to try it. Doesn’t sound like I should be in too much of a hurry though.


    Is there an alternative to GC that offers similar functionality to the (soon to be) Old GC?


    Garmin in writing shitty software/code shocker.

    On a Mac here, and stopped using GC a while back*, just had a play with GC2, and don’t see that changing.

    *Use Rubitrack.

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    What I really want is a way to plan a training week ahead of time easily with gc like I currently do with training peaks (premium). The tp premium method of allowing you to plan a week (and push it out to other calendars in other apps) and replacing the planned activities with the uploaded activities is great- I’d just like to not be paying out every year for it!


    For an alternate bit of software – have a look at Sporttracks – it’s a free, and sits on your computer – not on the internet…you pay for some advanced functionality and plugins though. See DC rainmaker blog for a review of that and alternatives

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    Garmin connect is a steaming pile of shite – i cannot think of a single good thing to say about it. it’s just bad in every way that a website shouldn’t be.

    unbelievably, it sounds like they’ve managed to make it worse.

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    Have to agree with the DC Rainmaker review – it’s carp… Installed it, tried it, continually refused to load the page, recognise or download data from devices. Uninstalled and back to (ok admittedly not the best in its class but good enough for me) GC1…

    it still takes me about 20 attempts to upload a ride off my garmin directly to my phone

    bluetooth connected, paired etc syncronization FAILED!


    What I really want is a way to plan a training week ahead of time easily with gc like I currently do with training peaks (premium).

    Having read the first part I was about to suggest TrainingPeaks! Reckon it is worth the cash though as the planning and analysis tools are that good. Use that for training data and strava when I want to share rides with friends (and try my best to ignore all the KOM nonsense!) Oh and BikeHike to plan and upload routes.

    Not used GC in years.

    Since the update my uploaded data has had issues when ive had autopause on. Strangely its not an issue with my edge computer only with forerunner watch

    Also i noticed if you sub – categorise rides (such as picking mountain biking rather than just cycling) it takes away some of the data like cadence, etc).

    I’ve just been updated to the new version.

    Am I being even stupider than usual or have they actually gone and removed the “Upload” button from the site?
    Meaning the only way to upload activities to it is to use a completely separate bit of software, Garmin Express?
    Which is also bloody annoying me intensely through setting itself to start up every bloody time I turn on the computer with no option to change this?

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    Steven wrote:

    I’ve just been updated to the new version.
    Am I being even stupider than usual or have they actually gone and removed the “Upload” button from the site?

    [quote]We’ve completely overhauled Garmin Connect, and now it’s your turn to give it a spin. The new, Modern look is full of enhancements:
    • Simple navigation – get to features faster
    • Personalized dashboard – track progress, compare to others, make comments and more, all from one screen
    • Easy-to-find device info and software updates
    • Even more dashboard features coming soon
    Step 1: If you haven’t already, download Garmin Express and link your device (if needed) to your Garmin Connect account. Our Garmin Express is the new way to transfer data to and from Garmin Connect. There is no “Upload” button in Modern. Garmin Express works with both Modern and Classic.
    Step 2: Switch to Modern. Or, if you’re not quite ready, switch to Modern later using the link at the top of the page. For a limited time, you’ll be able to switch between Modern and Classic, until all accounts change to Modern. Find Out More[/quote]


    I own a garmin device & I use Rubitrack, & strava…

    Erring towards strava the most.

    Thanks Scot and John. Will look at the alternatives.


    TIME SPENT IN ZONE*!!! That’s all I want……

    Temperature charts? really? why would I like to know this??

    Useless pile of crap

    *I’m aware this is available in Strava premium and old skool training center (I still use training center)


    Temperature charts have always been there. Only find it interesting in winter to confirm that it really was that **** cold


    I used it for a while then went back to the old one as I could not work out how to run a ‘report’ which shows annual mileage – only option appears to be 7 days, 4 weeks, 6 months, 12 months

    Meaning the only way to upload activities to it is to use a completely separate bit of software, Garmin Express?

    Garmin express is the only positive – you just plug in the device and it uploads new rides automatically, most of the time.

    Oh and why does Garmin Express constantly want to do a ‘time zone map’ update – I’ve done it once and I’m not doing it daily.


    I’m a new user having just bought an 810. I’m on a Mac, have express loaded and on the Connect I see an ‘upload’ button. So far I’ve used it a couple of times a week and it’s been fine, loads data from the 810, tracks all I need and having it all linked to my iPhone means I can ogle it at work too.

    So, what really are your problems with it??

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    It’s bloody awful. I can never find anything, icons don’t do what you expect, and it refuses point blank to export workouts / heart rate profiles back to my Forerunner or Edge.

    Now this is just MY problem. YMMV.

    My problem was I simply couldn’t see how to upload new activities. With the old site layout there was an upload button up the top. Click it, upload, job done, view activities and so on. The new layout doesn’t have the button, it wasn’t in any menu, Sync asked me to install Garmin Express, the Help didn’t help as it referred back to the old layout. Hence this mornings question.

    I had installed Garmin Express a few months ago to see what else that could do. I only have a basic Forerunner watch so all it seemed to be for me was just another lengthy step to uploading. (I accept that Garmin Express and the new site are probably much more useful for those with fancier Garmin gadgets than I have, downloading routes and maps, etc.) So deleted it and stuck with uploading through the site. Having installed it again I have been reminded how unhelpful it is to me.

    Now the new site interface looks very pretty and all, just need to see if the shiny new bells and whistles are worth the more annoying method to get anything on it or if other sites do the same without the hurdle. I can obviously upload and view stuff on the Strava website with just a couple of clicks without needing a separate bit of software for the first step.

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    It won’t upload my data at all any more, says I need an ANT stick.
    My Garmin predates them…

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    How the bloody sod do you “send to device”?

    Previously your device talked to Garmin Connect or your computer using the Garmin Communicator Plugin™ or the Garmin ANT Agent™. Both have been replaced by the new Garmin Express™ program.

    OK, will do, pretty sure I’ve been through this before though.

    Start Using Garmin Express

    OK, I’ll click that, no other option. It downloads, tries to install, but says it’s already installed. Thought so.

    Open up Express, the device is recognised, but the only things to do in Express are look at the settings for the device itself and check for updates. for the device.

    Back to connect. Click “send to device” again, hoping it’ll work with express open.

    Same dialogue box as before.

    Download & Install
    Plug In
    Link Your Device
    Garmin Connect

    Great! What am I missing??!


    Well I know it’s no help whatsoever, but I’ve reverted back to the original version of connect, like many have it seems.
    I scoured the Garmin website forum for hints and tips etc. and whilst being pretty good at fault cures and issues on connecting devices, it seems a lot of folks have reverted back to the original connect with the addon express.
    The express thingy, as I see it, is just a link between Connect and your device. In the old version of Connect there is an upload to device button and I’ve been using this successfully over the last couple of months since I bought my 810. I did try the Modern version but like many it is too fussy and complicated and also didn’t recognise my 810, so I went back to the old version and instantly it’s there.
    I’ve also loaded the old Connect, rather not opted for Modern, on MrsBouy MAC the other day and downloaded Express, took a couple of downloads before it recognised my 810 but got there in the end.
    If you open Express there’s nothing in it except a few files/folders, it does nothing except link your device to your PC/MAC.

    Not a lot of help I know but just sayin, we’re all having the same issues… 🙄

    Garmin Express is **** terrible. They have locked it down to only work with Connect.

    The only way I have found to send to device is to create the course in the ‘new’ Garmin Connect, and then use the link in there. Of course, there is no obvious way to import courses created on other sites – importing GPX or TCX files as an activity gives an error for me. The ‘Courses’ function in Connect is garbage too, no ability to add coursepoints to help with navigation.

    Just a poor show all round.


    Connect? Connect? Training Centre shirley FTW. stone age mebbies but it’s local and very reriable…


    At last I find out it is not just me not getting on with updated site. I keep switching to the old version but that is said to be going soon.

    Give GoldenCheetah a look, I used it over winter for its virtual power on the turbo, and haven’t renewed TP or Strava subs since. Maybe less polished than other software but then it’s maintained by enthusiasts for free.


    It really does seem odd that you have to download software to upload when before you could just do it direct through your browser seems like a step back not forward, what happens if your on linux or some odd platform like that. Weird! Looks like I’m not the only one who uses the old site for uploading then.

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    Poor attempt to clone Strava amongst others putting in the social elements, and even trying to add segments just like Strava.

    Their software general seems quite poor.

    Many firmware issues with the Edge 510, though getting better, but they still can’t get Bluetooth to work. A number of odd quirks and bugs, some of which can trash rides which is not acceptable, though can avoid them (e.g. disable auto power off if you pause the ride, else you lose the whole thing).

    Connect is a rubbish site generally. Doesn’t even hook up with their own upload plugin and it’s awkward trying to find the manual upload option.

    Garmin Express… avoid at all costs! This is top of my suspect list as to why I and many other end up with all position data lost as it appears to trash the .fit files. Either that or it’s the 510 trashing them on power down. I don’t power down now until I have uploaded the ride and I have uninstalled Express. I copy the .fit files off via USB before I upload to Strava, though I use the Garmin browser plugin with Strava and seems okay.

    Take a look at the Garmin forums. Full of issues and complaints about their software.


    the new version has just appeared for me. It wasn’t there yesterday. Lie others I just want simple stuff. I have never, once initially set up, even had to press upload. Now I can’t even find out how to. WTF is Express? What odes it do?
    By the sound of it , nothing. Can I use that to just upload the activity. All I want to do is save the ride statistics.

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    arrrghh as above. New does not seem to be better. My specific problem is that I am running ubuntu, not Windows or Mac, and I am unable to download Express!!! bastards! Anyone know a work around or other solution? Ridiculous….

    Premier Icon darrell

    i refuse to upload my data to the internet and make it even easier for the Lizard overlords to follow me around

    am still using Garmin Training Center


    joel wrote:

    arrrghh as above. New does not seem to be better. My specific problem is that I am running ubuntu, not Windows or Mac, and I am unable to download Express!!! bastards! Anyone know a work around or other solution? Ridiculous….

    I’m on linux too, had a quick go with the new layout but switched back when I realised that I couldn’t upload activities. Time to have a poke around appdb or setup a windows VM I guess…


    Having read the posts here above, along with mine, I’d say stick with it. I know it’s not much help but for an example I’ve been sitting here watching the final of the TdF and plotted 4 60+mile courses and loaded them to my 810 successfully.

    Have you all tried deleting the Express and reinstalling another version?? Simple thing to suggest, but if had to do it a couple of times. Also when logging on to Garmin Connect, make sure you are in the old version and not modern. You can switch back from the pain on the left. Even though Garmin say they’ll close off the old version, I expect with all the hassle and angst the modern version has caused it’ll be some while yet.


    Mine was a link to the old version and yet today it suddenly took me to the new one!

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    Have they got a hide-everything-within-500m-of-your-house option like Strava yet? This put me off GC previously, and I’ve used Ascent and latterly Rubitrack quite happily.

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    Uploading activities without Express or Bluetooth in the new Connect, you need to go to the activities history list. There’s an import button on there. It oddly only works on manually uploading files, but as I mentioned earlier it seems the safer option on my 510 as Express may be the thing that’s corrupting my .fit files anyway.

    You need to get the .fit files from the activities folder on the Garmin, which you can if you have USB connection with it viewable as a removable drive.

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    Deadkenny that’s a good solution for me, thank you!

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