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  • Anyone using silca ultimate sealant on road tubeless?
  • damascus
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    Just watched this video and wondered if it really is that good or just a bit of video marketing trickery?

    Just watch the first part and test and skip to the results if you can’t be bothered to watch it all.

    I’m a tubeless convert, have been for years but every now and then with road tyres I get a puncture that seals but only at lower pressures and the tyre feels squirmy. Will silca seal at high pressures?


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    I’m planning on running it when I can find a 24oz in stock

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    Have to question the protocol of any test that ends up ranking muc-off way above Stans – that is not reality.

    Any sealant that can do road tubeless at high pressure will be a big deal, though, so the silca one sounds interesting. Finish line had one with fibrous material a couple of years back and it was rubbish ime – it’s a challenging problem.

    The performance v longevity of the sealant will be key. Something that works well on road but needs a refresh every week isn’t very appealing, but some compromise is likely necessary as you can’t expect too much from stuff that’s been in your tyres for 6 months.

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    Something that works well on road but needs a refresh every week isn’t very appealing,

    Yes, I normally top my tyres up by removing the valve core. Not sure this stuff will fit, it looks a bit gluepy.

    Anyone else got any real world experience of using it?


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    Just got it, so no long term experience.
    It is extra gluepy, so they sell a top up bottle that is just bare sealant and no fibres in it.

    My experience of the wiggle sealant was that it sealed, but only for a mile or so, then the seal would break and would have to reseal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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