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  • Any Lancia Integrale owners on the forum??
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    This video is a bit more fun… and is on topic as there is also an integrale in there…. enjoy

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    Mid Life crisis car .- Buy this
    AMG C63

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    There is genuinely a fair amount of rubbish talked about ‘grale’s 😉

    I owned a Winner red ’92 Evo 1 for 6.5 years between 1997 and 2003.

    Best bits:

    1) Looks the muts, instantly renders anything less than an F40 as “invisible” in my experience

    2) Rare. Even rarer now

    3) Practical. 5 doors, decent boot, small foot print. reasonably reliable if used regularly.

    4) Good ABS brakes even by modern standards, exceptional for the age of the car

    5) Very good traction (4wd obviously) so quick from a standing start, however….

    The Bad bits:

    1) The clutch is the weak link in the drive train.. Drive it properly, and you’ll wear it out or explode it in 20k miles (mine exploded at 19k)

    2) Not actually very fast. At the time sure, low 200’s of horses was reasonably fast, today, forget it, it wouldn’t see which way a modern warm hatch went, let alone a proper hot one, and something like a Golf Tdi , with its massive low end torque would be a real challange to keep up with.

    3) Average handling. Yes, the rally versions, with trick suspension and critically massively stiff body shells thanks to massive roll cages and forest plating kits handled ok in a front heavy kind of way. But std road ‘grales simply do not have a stiff enough body shell to overcome that front heavy layout. Forget those dreams of 4wheel drifting around every turn. Not going to happen (yes, you can make it oversteer, but it takes a huge ‘bung’ and a lot of road to catch, and it’s momentum drift not a power drift

    4) Not much grip by modern standards (215 section 16″ tyre was biggest factory tire, as today worn by a typical ‘cooking’ level fiesta or clio!!) Wheels and tyres can be fitted, but ruin the handling and result in the body shell flexing even more

    I sold mine pretty much when they were worth bottom book, for iirc 14k. Today, my actual car just sold again for just over £50k.

    So, in summary:

    Buy to pootle around, looking good and it’s probably a very safe place to put your money. I can’t see them depreciating ever. In unloved one will be a massively expensive PITA and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. A decent one, whilst not being brilliant to actually drive is a very good long term usable classic to own, just make sure you can stomach the inevitable large bills to keep it mint if you do use it (i did 60kmiles in mine, and other than the clutch all it needed was a (pre-emptive) turbo rebuild, but it was used a lot, pretty much a daily for at least 3 of those years. Garage queens look nice, but tend to be really un-reliable ime)

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    Never owned one, but worked at Walkers Garage for about 7 years. That was over 10 years ago, even then they where an expensive hobby.

    I spent the day with Top Gear Magazine once, they did an article about the cost of ownership etc. The used a Verde York Ltd edition, for some reason I ended up doing most of the driving while the photographer stood in a ditch taking photos.

    I remember being amazed at how the bills could add up. Most cars we sold where kept for for about 12 months, then ended back with us for sale after several large bills and breakdowns. I don’t think I can remember a time when the workshop didn’t have multiple engine repair jobs in.

    One day I would like to own one, but it’s unlikey that I will ever be rich enough. Even if it was affordable, the bills would make me feel sick.

    I’m obviously going to be a bit out of touch, but if you’ve got any questions PM me.


    Late 80’s my mate had a Delta HF (I think), it was brilliant, fast, OMG the grip and beautiful (we all had minis and chevettes at the time).

    Bad points;  it rusted so badly he had a sign in the boot window. 0-60 in two body panels.  The electrics were erratic at best, and it would spontaneously shed trim on a whim and it was hideously revvy on the motorway. ohh and it had an appetite for rubber that Catwoman would be proud of.

    I once raced an Integrale along the A361 in my Manta GTE, it had me on the bendy bits but I’d reel it in on the straights (probably because the engine revs were making the owners ears bleed)


    OP – just get a modern hot hatch like a civic type r, a fiesta rs, or the sporty megan on last weeks top gear. You could then use it as a daily driver and have fun. In order to own a classic like the Lancia you have to be dedicated and use it as a Sunday car, living in a garage the rest of the time. IMO of course. A non perfect Lancia for daily use would be a money pit to keep it running all the time. You would not to get a perfect condition one and use it every day and expect to raise in value.

    Sure get one, but have it as a garaged second car to keep it in nice condition. Do not listen to people that say it isn’t fast. It is. There will be turbo lag, but they are quick and you will still enjoy it even if it not as quick as modern hot hatches as it will be noisy and probably rattle and have a harsh ride. Will still feel quick though due to age and be an load of fun to drive, which is half the fun. A modern car will be quicker, but may not feel as fast though as they will be much more refined.


    I thought the default mid life crisis car was a Spec B Legacy estate with a set of roof bars and bike rack. If I was going group B it would be a 6R4 or 20V UR Quattro, lottery win pending.

    My mid life crisis car is obviously the Stratos in Alitalia livery or secondly the mad fire breathing Renault Turbo 2.
    6R4 would be fine but can’t help thinking it would be like being strapped to a very large bomb. Insane car.


    From the early wheeler dealers days


    A friend had the EVO2 and I love them but they aren’t an easy car to live with. Compared to a modern 4wd hot hatch they are just not in the same league. My love of the 4wd hot hatch got me my Golf R which is now Stage 2+ and will trounce most cars going, it is very rapid indeed. Love the EVO’s for what they are and I’d buy one in a heart beat if I had the money spare but it would be a true “weekend car”

    If anyone knows a Delta owner anywhere near Sheffield I would very, very gratefully accept a passenger ride.

    Personally I can’t be bothered to spend all weekend on my back with rust flakes dropping into my eyes while I scrape my knuckles and lose my 10mm socket. Been there done that.

    If I had the best part of 30 grand to spend on a fun car, Focus RS all day long.


    LOL at “‘grales”.


    My mid life crisis car is obviously the Stratos in Alitalia livery

    Go halves with you on one?


    Now if you fancy a Integrale but want something a little more special/exclusive/faster/hand built then you need a Delta Futurista, a snap at 276000-Euros plus doner car.

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    Can’t offer any constructive advice, only that I love those cars. 🙂
    Loved the Wheeler Dealers and Car SOS ones.
    Good luck!

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