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  • Alfine crankset on On-One Inbred
  • I’m not sure you want the Alfine crank – I had it on my Roadrat, it’s a 68mm road thing for a start, and the ring only just cleared my roadrat, wider MTB stays wouldn;t work, IMO.

    I’m in the middle of building up and Alfine 8 Inbred from scratch(mostly from the classifieds) but wondered if the Shimano Alfine crankset will fit OK. It’s a 16inch frame if it that makes a difference. I’m speficially thinking about the clearance between the ring and the chainstay. The rings come in 39T or 45T flavours. If not, does anyone have any suggestions to get near to the 42.7mm chainline?

    Any advice appreciated.


    it fits – not a problem.

    & if it helps, I have a alfine11 for sale (in a built wheel, with sprocket, centrelock disc and switch gear) – which I have used on my inbred.

    email ihavemine at g mail dot cooom

    Thanks crotchrocket (great username by the way). Did you run the 39T or 45T ring?

    I already have the hub/wheel but thanks for the offer. If you had any carbon forks however… 😉

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    sorry to hi – jack but I have a Alfine 45 tooth crankset off my Roadrat for sale.


    eastham8 at aol dot com



    Mmmm, interesting – YGM.

    Just spoken to On-One and they have confirmed the above suggestions that the Shimano Alfine chainset will not fit the Inbred. So my question now is – as a noob to bike building – what chainset and bottom bracket do I need to look for (either new or from the classifieds) to get a good chainline with the Alfine hub? I’m trying to keep the budget as low as possible and I’m more interested in strength and reliability than bling and low weight.

    Again, any advice appreciated.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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