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  • 50th Birthday – getting grief…
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    I’m currently in the south of France getting ready to ride up Mont Ventoux for a Friend’s 50th, I’ve had a stinking cold for the last two weeks and done no training in that time. Wish me luck.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Nice one Welshfarmer!  Sounds excellent!


    Mine was earlier this year. I celebrated by getting out of hospital a day or two beforehand following being hit by a car. A planned low key celebration was downgraded to even lower key! Forced one beer down me, and really did have to force it.

    So my advice, do what you like but do something, you don’t know when it might be your last.

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    I did a couple of things for my 50th.

    1) went clubbing with some old clubbing mates (two of us were 50 so we joined up) it was ace. Most of my clubbing these days is limited to random small invite only events and very low key – more chill out groove by a pool stuff) So this one was great, we went to Fabric en masses and annoyed all the hip and “too cool to move” trendies 👍😜 I even wore my Stetson I bought in Ibiza back in 98’ 🤠🤠

    2) had planned a sailing trip around the eastern Italian/Croatian coastline, just us two a 50fter a bucket full of euros and a grin and not much else.

    Have to say neither events were “planned” per se more just “yeah, sounds good”. I also had a little “what are you going to do for your 50th?” And each time answered “I’ll think of something”

    Like 80% of stuff in your life, choose what you want to do and enjoy it. Guaranteed you’ll die one day and the odds are stacked against you as you creep closer to the inevitable.


    I went to a rather nice restaurant on my own, I had a great time

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom

    Mine was last November,no party but went with mates to minehead for the Madness weekender 🙂

    Was surprisingly a lot of fun.

    baggsy an invite to welshfarmers 60th.

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    On my actual birthday I went cycling with the club, then home for a late lunch and popped up the pub for a couple of beers. I hadn’t told anyone that it was my birthday because I assume that no one I know is the remotest bit interested in it.

    I did something similar last year (49th). A ride on local trails and then down to the marina for lunch and beers with riding buddies and family. What was nice though, was one of the guys who couldn’t ride had walked up trails with a few bags of doughnuts for us. 😀

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    I was 50 last August. My birthday fell over the UCI Grand Fondo Worlds in Albi and we had a party with my club mates after the race.

    For the family, once back, we hired a steam boat and had 50 friends and family cruise up and down the Thames with a jazz band on a fine sunny afternoon.  After considerable personal tragedy in the previous year, I can honestly say it was the very best day for everyone and a privilege to host.

    Not cheap but a fitting way to spend an inheritance.

    Premier Icon duckman

    I am doing this for mine.

    If I go through the first checkpoint after 1hr 22 mins it will be at the exact time I entered the world.

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    I gave myself a midlife crisis. 2 years, young women and Havana.


    Mine was miserable.

    I was poorly. Hubby and I ended up shoved up by a loo door in an Italian restaurant. He was going skiing the next day at 4 in the morning, meaning we spent the evening after the meal packing.

    OP. Do what you want. I would get on my bike with my closest friends and ride my favourite trails. Then have a big meal, with at least 2 puddings, one fruit based the other chocolate.

    Premier Icon tjagain

    I asked Mrs TJ what she wanted to do for her 50th.  I was thinking romantic weekend in Paris, Spa hotel, that sort of thing.  She actually wanted to ” get lost in the hills with my pals” so that is what we did.  a great weekend and the start of a tradition where we do this for her birthday every year.

    Premier Icon fatoldgit

    I’m a miserable old git ( alledgedly)

    for my recent 60th birthday I said “ no fuss, no do, no nothing “

    ive never “done “ birthdays and didn’t plan on starting now,

    got wind that certain elements of the family planned a “ surprise “ do and warned them the surprise would be on them as I would walk out and leave them to it.

    thankully they got the message and I got the quiet day as requested

    Premier Icon fossy

    My 46th was a bit like @wait4me’s – got out of hospital 2 days before (no way was I staying in any longer after 6 1/2 weeks including the whole of December, Christmas and New Year with a snapped spine (car ran me off my bike).

    Birthday present was being home !

    As soon as they said I could go, I went – left without my meds as they weren’t available until the Monday – legged it at 9pm on a Friday. I was just about able to walk to the car with assistance.

    Premier Icon richmars

    My 50th was just like the others,past about my 10th.

    No party.

    And I really enjoyed it.

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