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  • 2 minute jobs that take 10 years?
  • winerwalker
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    My shed door closure was a bit sloppy, and the catch never quite fitted. So I dug out a chisel, a screw and a screwdriver and fixed it perfectly in 2 or 3 minutes. I’d lived with it for about 10 years before I took the plunge.

    A few years later I wondered why the magic roundabout shelf thingy in a corner cupboard in the kitchen was so squeaky. Quick spray of bike lube on the joints and pivots and, guess what, it spins like a top. That’s closer to 20 years of not wondering why it was so squeaky.

    It’s not laziness or an impractical nature, it’s “that’s the way things are” until something jolts me into thinking “but why?”

    Anyone else similarly minded?

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    Need to finish glossing my office. Its been 3 weeks….

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    Years ago I made a black/chalk board to put in the kitchen so i could write up things I needed to buy – eggs, oil etc etc

    Went to the trouble of making it, a nice frame in red, buying the blackboard paint. It hasn’t been fitted and is still tucked down the side of a unit in the workshop 😆

    Maybe this year 😆

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    Seems like your jobs take less than 5 minutes from start to finish. The 10yr wait for the start point is just your life that you have spent doing better things.

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    I feel personally attacked by this thread…

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    I sold a house and emigrated so I did not have to fix the tiles in my last house’s kitchen

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    For years and years, I have threatened to get some badges made..

    A 5 MINUTE

    😆 🤣 😂

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    Bought a car 3 and a half years ago to steal the gearbox out of. Finally finished scrapping the car last month. The gearbox is now safely in the shed where it can remain for, oh, the entire rest of my life probably without getting fitted to the other car.

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    My ex started the decorating in a room here.
    Last job was to paint and fit the skirting etc. Which was my job.

    She pretty much put up the last piece of wall paper and announced she was leaving me. Or she might have decided to leave and then done the last bit of paper, i can’t quite remember.

    Still haven’t done the skirting. That was 5 or 6 years ago

    I fully suspect it’ll need decorating again before i get round to it.

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    I still have some things to hang up from our wedding, 9 years ago….

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    I still have some things to hang up from our wedding, 9 years ago….

    There are less drastic ways to terminate a marriage 🙂

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    I still have some things to hang up from our wedding, 9 years ago….

    I was invited for a “five minute pint” on the way home from lectures one day by a mate who “needed” to meet his gf at the uni bar. His gf “happened” to invite her single friend, who apparently had spotted me a week before putting up a tent in fetching purple fleece (hey, it was 1993) and now “recognised” me.
    29 years later and we’re still needing a “five minute pint” when the single friend, now my wife, and our friends, now also married, meet up….

    So no, there is no such thing as a “quick” job or honest mates it seems… 😉

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    Glossing woodwork, I always finish the rest of the room and then leave it a day or 2 (or 5 years) until I get to the glossing.

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    All jobs.

    I have a to-do app where with a click you can bump tasks back 24hrs. Some of the tasks have been on there longer than I’ve had my current done – they transferred over when I switched.

    It should be called a to-don’t app really.

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    It’s The Rule Of Jobs, innit:

    – A quick job that you’ll just nip and do…will end up being a massive time consuming PITA
    – A job that’s going to be a bit of a palaver so you put it off…will end up taking about five minutes when you eventually get around to it.

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    putting up a tent in fetching purple fleece

    FNAR! She spotted your tentpole, eh!

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    Having children. Although it’s considerably longer that 10 years. And considerably less than 2 mins to get them.

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    A quick splash of paint, wash the carpet, make simple desk, convert unused single room into wife’s office…

    Full redecoration, New light fitting, new carpet, bespoke wraparound desk, move/extend electric socket, erect shelves. Oh and some double-glazing while I’m at it.

    It’s no wonder I put things off.

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    Setting up a child trust fund for my youngest child. He is 13 now, I may have left it a little too late.

    I am going to get such a row from him, and my wife, when they realise his sisters have £thousands and he has nothing because his dad procrastinated.

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    1989, started a BSc in electronic engineering. Failed two exams in second year, couldn’t be arsed anymore so left with HND. Roll on 1999, convinced employer to let me do a part time BSc in physics. Got made redundant in 2002, before I could finish it. Changed industry, so not worth completing. Still not got back to it.

    Edit – soz, not really a two minute job!

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    Oh, me me me!

    Fitted catflap several years ago and the first time I locked it the cat scratched away at it until it pulled the draught sealing strip off it.

    On Saturday I randomly decided to hunt through the drawer and superglue it back on.

    In a few years time I’ll get around to retraining the cat who has decided he doesn’t like the extra 5g weight of the door and just sits by it…

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    Back in 1997 I fitted a new TV aerial to the rear of my parent’s house so I could have a TV in my room, they had Sky and the old aerial was broken. I moved out in 2007 and I still hadn’t finished tidily running the cable from it’s entry point to the socket.

    It’s still exactly as I left it in 1997 now despite my dad asking me to do it multiple times! No point now though as the new aerial was broken sometime around 2015.

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    Well, these stories make me feel much better!🙂

    tks everyone.

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    In a few years time I’ll get around to retraining the cat who has decided he doesn’t like the extra 5g weight of the door and just sits by it…

    I think the cat’s already won that one.

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    I feel an amateur.
    Only spent 3 years looking at all the caulking that needs doing since renovating the house.

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    Reminds me, keep meaning to arrange a date night with the wife

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    Spent 45 minutes building a rack for all my ‘spare’ wheels in the garage.
    They’d taken over one whole side, and it’s been annoying me for ages. Now triple stacked in a m2 area. Very pleasing.

    Apart from I discovered a pair of road wheels just now hidden behind some tyres.

    Tyres….that’s another issue

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    Sanding the perma-gloss off the beams in the study:

    Currently 10 years, two bloody expensive belt sanders and part of my soul.

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    My grandparents moved into a place in the early 80s. In that first decade I recall him redoing the kitchen… all except for the cutlery draw. So a box sat on a stool. For the next 20+ years. One day I noticed he’d finally finished it.
    But in my mind that box is still on the stool.

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    For me a regular one is fixing things on my commuter. Towards the end of the life of the pads when the brakes aren’t quite as good as they used to be, so I subtly adjust my riding and braking to suit. Then when I change the pads I always wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

    Same as occasions when the indexing goes a bit wonky for some reason. I live with it for ages, then eventually it gets so bad I actually fix it, usually in a couple of minutes, and wonder why it took so bloody long to get round to.

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    Bought a nice wooden height chart to put on the wall to measure the children on. It needed the bootom few inches cutting off so that it would sit above the skirting. That was 7 years ago. It’s moved house with us twice and is still fully intact and sat in the garage. Eldest child is now taller than it. Wife keeps mentioning it, but I like the traditional pen on a door frame approach.

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    2003 i went to my partners parents house for the first time and was frustrated by the kitchen door requiring a aggressive shove to close.

    2022 undid the screws on the latch plate, spent less then 20 seconds with a kitchen knife scraping out some crud, refitted and the door swings closed with the lightest touch.

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