New Shimano EP5 and E5100 motors revealed

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Two new entry level type ebike motors from Shimano: the EP5 and E5100. The EP5 may well see some offroad action whereas the E5100 is heavily commuter-centric.

The basic specs and marketingspeak are detailed below. Suffice to say, if you know your Shimano tier series numbers you’ll see that both of the new drive units are sub-Deore level in terms of groupset hierarchy.

Having said that, the use of the prefix ‘EP’ typically denotes a motor that is decently capable. If the EP5 turns out to be ‘just’ a reworked E7000 motor (user-tunable, works with Autoshift, bit quieter etc) then that’s good news; we liked the good ol’ E7000.

We have asked Shimano about the peak power (watts) that the motors can give out and were given this slightly evasive but still useful reply:

At Shimano, we want to focus on the rider enjoying a more natural ride feel, instead of focusing on just peak power numbers. Take the relationship between the power output and torque, as an example: both elements have been increased, which results in a higher cadence range and allows for a higher torque output. This has a direct effect of the power-cadence-torque relationship, which can be felt through the pedal assistance.

Each of the three available ride settings, ECO, TRAIL, BOOST, are customizable and allows the rider to get the most out of their ride (be it the pan-flat daily commute to school/work, or something a bit more adventurous).

The assist being provided (between 200 – 300%) is super-smooth and the drag is really low, which all-in-all provides a more natural riding feel.

Shimano EP5 specifications:

  • Compact, powerful motor
  • Maximum torque: 60Nm
  • Three customizable assist modes ECO, TRAIL, BOOST
  • Customiise the level of power assist with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App
  • AUTO SHIFT available for both rear derailleur and internal hub gear drivetrains
  • Weight: 3kg

Shimano E5100 specifications:

  • Light, quiet, and compact motor
  • Maximum torque: 50Nm
  • Aluminium body
  • Customize the level of power with the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist App
  • AUTO SHIFT available with IHG drivetrains only
  • Weight: 2.4kg

Shimano press release:


EP5, the latest addition to the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS family, is compact, powerful, and quiet

SHIMANO, a global leader in cycling technologies and internationally recognized cycling components introduces its new EP5 drive unit– the latest addition to the SHIMANO E-BIKE SYSTEMS family. The EP5 and E5100 drive units represent a significant step into a new era of e-bikes, empowering riders to explore further, connect deeper, and experience the natural joy of cycling.

The EP5 drive unit is a powerful, yet quiet, model of engineering excellence. It boasts a sleek design and a maximum torque of 60Nm.

Extended Range — EP5’s balanced assist output allows riders to make the most of every pedal stroke and battery charge, providing riders with over 270 km range across a mostly flat commuting course. [ The range of the EP500 and E5100, based on different battery sizes, is tested on mostly flat commuting or touring rides, with a cadence of 60 RPM in cities and suburbs. ]

AUTO SHIFT — EP5 helps even more riders focus on enjoying the ride and forget about gear changes by supporting SHIMANO’s AUTO SHIFT on bikes with an internal gear hub or rear derailleur.

Balanced Efficiency — Stay comfortably in control with a compact, lightweight drive unit that balances performance and efficiency.

EP5: Balanced power

As the ally to your daily commute and gateway to cycling adventures, the EP5 provides a mix of reliable performance, outstanding value and innovative technology. It seamlessly extends your reach with a natural, intuitive feel, enhancing the joy of cycling. EP5 isn’t just about raw power. It’s about achieving the ideal balance between human and electric assistance.

Whether you’re rushing to work, picking up the kids, or embarking on a weekend adventure, the EP5 helps you capture life’s precious moments, one ride at a time.

With the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app, you can tailor EP5 to match your riding style and preferences. The app allows you to customize your EP5 by creating up to 15 unique Assist Characters with FINE TUNE Mode, or personalize Assist Character, Max torque, and Assist start in BASIC Mode.

The EP5 provides the best of both worlds with powerful performance and a natural riding experience, injecting a touch of adventure into every urban journey. Delivering a maximum torque of 60Nm, SHIMANO’s EP5 finds the sweet spot while operating with remarkable quietness.

E5100: Everyday e-biking

Alongside the EP5, SHIMANO unveils its E5100: an accessible, lightweight and compact drive unit designed for smooth, natural rides. With a maximum torque of 50Nm, the E5100 is perfect for peace of mind commuting and everyday adventures. Inspired by more than a hundred years of cycling history, the E5100 bridges the worlds of cycling and e-biking, by offering a lightweight and responsive support system, while providing riders with a natural-feel and reliable performance with every stroke.

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  • New Shimano EP5 and E5100 motors revealed
  • argee
    Full Member

    Will this one have the ability to be serviced by third parties, or another one to avoid with a limited warranty?

    Free Member

    Servicing is getting worse. Both Bosch and Shimano now use better encryption on the electronics and neither have any spare parts available (Bosch used to have a service kit for the gen 2 motors). If you open them and damage any electronics you need a new motor which is around 1k and it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months. Sometimes you get some goodwill from the manufacturer but it seems to be pot luck.

    Full Member

    It’ll be interesting to see if the upcoming EU laws around repairability of electrical goods make any difference to ebike motors. Not that we’d directly benefit due to Brexit but in April the EU voted to enshrine a Right To Repair in EU law for primarily household goods like dishwashers etc although smart phones are included and the list can be expanded. Ebike motors feel exactly like the kind of thing that should fall under this. Force the manufacturers to make them repairable rather than having to be replaced

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