Decathlon Reveals €2,700 E-Cargo Bike

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Don’t read on if you’re feeling sad about living in the UK, because this is probably not going to help. Decathlon has launched an electric cargo bike for just €2,700 – but it’s not going to be available in the UK any time soon. But in the spirit of interest in all things bike, and perhaps a few more reasons to take a holiday en France, let’s take a closer look.

It’s a single frame, of longtail style, that will suit riders of heights between 1m 55cm and 1m 95cm. That’s 5ft1 to 6ft4 to British imperialists. You can carry up to 170kg – including the rider – with the luggage rack on the back supporting a maximum 80kg (or 12 stone 8lb). That’s enough capacity there to carry two good sized adults, or a couple of kids and a load of shopping.

Decathlon E Cargo Bike Velocargo

To help you haul the load there’s a rear wheel hub motor offering up to 58Nm of assistance (for comparison: a Bosch CX Gen 4 offers 85Nm, Shimano Steps offers 70Nm). It takes 4h 40min to fully charge the 672Wh battery, and the suggested distances achievable for a person weighing 80 kg on a relatively flat route without loading are:

  • 90 km maximum in Eco mode (1)
  • 70 km maximum in Normal mode (2)
  • 50 km maximum in Power mode (3)

Our experience on our very hilly locale of Calderdale suggests that it’s likely to struggle with our steeper climbs – but if you live somewhere with less alpine-esque valley sides, sub £3k for an alternative to a car is likely an attractive prospect. It is pedal assist and is restricted to 25kmph, so would be road legal in the UK if you could get one here. Hmm… ferry or train there, ride back via cafes for a recharge…? Sounds like an adventure!

I am very happy to be able to offer this longtail cargo bike. It will not only change the lives of our users but also the lives of our cities. Usually we say that when you use a longtail bike, it means one less car on the road. Meeting this challenge was very interesting but complex, due to the modularity of the bike on the rear part. The proposed accessorization allows the product to adapt to both individual needs and family use. Have fun with this bike and share unforgettable experiences.

Benjamin, Product Manager

It’s a mullet bike set up, with 26-inch double-walled aluminum front wheel, and 20-inch double-walled aluminum rear wheel, both with 36 spokes for added strength. The smaller rear wheel allows for a lower load and therefore apparently more stability – though your perspective of that potential benefit might depend on the terrain you’re riding on.

The bike weighs 38kg and is equipped with an integrated luggage rack which is compatible with Decathlon’s Btwin accessories – so you’ll be picking those (and paying extra) yourself, though at €2,700 it’s a well priced foundation to build on.

So why won’t it be in the UK? The official word is: ‘unfortunately due to the UK Government customs Tax rate for certain products produced in East Asia, we are not able to supply this bike in the UK at the moment at a fair price. The Supply team is working on it but it’s very likely this bike won’t be in the UK in 2022’.

Decathlon E Cargo Bike Velocargo

While it’s sad news that this Decathlon cargo bike won’t be here in the UK (yet), it’s great to see a big box company like Decathlon adding a car-replacement e-cargo bike to its line up. The more normalised and affordable cargo bikes are, the more we’ll see them on the roads – and more bikes on the roads means fewer cars, which is definitely a good thing.

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    This looks fantastic, fingers crossed this is just the beginning.

    Hard approve of this bike.

    The small rear wheel also limits the derailleur cage length, resulting in a narrower gear range. The frame looks burly, though the welder could use some practice. Probably decent as a flatter terrain commuter.

    What has this got to do with mountain biking? It is still supposed to be a mountain biking magazine isn’t it?

    @chrismac This is on the Charged channel, where we cover a variety of electric bikes. Cargo bikes are a rapidly growing market of interest to increasing numbers of people, and some of them are also mountain bikers.

    It’s a good touch to have the child in the picture eat an entire baguette, just to make sure we know they’re in France ;o)

    What has it got to do with mountain biking? It’s an E-mullet hardtail and genuinely long and low. Sounds like a mountain bike to me!

    @hannah. I’m sure there are some mountain bikers interested. I’m sure there are some other mountain bikers interested in pickup trucks that can carry the shopping but you not joining to feature them

    Mullet longtail cargo e-bike – would that the right order of words?

    @chrismac – Its another form of biking. Some you might be interested in, some you might not, but should STW exclude every type of biking that YOU’RE not interested in? Gravel? Downhill, XC?
    Based on your responses to the SUV thread, it seems that you’re just against anything that involves children. So far you’ve equated an electric cargo bike to a pickup truck and someone having a child to being as selfish an act as buying an SUV?

    Tbh, I’m far more interested in this bike than reading about emtbs.

    Great stuff, great looking bike too.
    We are percieving a massive uptick in “cargo bikes” around Exeter since Covid. The facebook group has 200 members (though admitedly many of them are “in the market for”, but all welcome), but its got to the stage now where you are pretty much guaranteed to see one if you head out into town. My “WFH” office overlook a road closed as part of the cycle improvements and i can count a couple day on our road alone. Theyre the future!

    More stories about e-cargo bike please.

    Want one!

    This looks great, want!

    This is great. I ride a Whyte T-130 for fun, and I also have a road bike, but the bike I use most often is my (non-electric) Yuba Mundo, which is very similar to this although with two 26″ wheels and a higher load capacity. I commute on it daily, and use it for carrying kids and things around. It’s so comfortable, and very stable at speed due to the long wheelbase.
    It’s a bit of a tank – think Donkey Kong rather than Yoshi – but it’s good training for my mountain biking endurance!

    I wonder why there aren’t more long tail cargo bikes with a small back wheel?

    @chrismac I used my cargo bike off road as a mountain bike loads of times. As long as you don’t have to lift it over a gate, it’s all good. We used it as a sag wagon for our youngest when he tired of balance-biking. Oh – and two picnics.
    Good times!

    @joequimby where did you get the Yuba? Are you in the UK? I like the look of them.

    Just seen this article, great to see another longtail cargo bike, especially an electric one. Shame it’s not available here in the UK
    I have an electrified big dummy, it’s a genuinely useful bike for local stuff

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