Video | Bernard Kerr – E-MTB Elevated

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Bernard Kerr silences those who would say eBikes are cumbersome, by throwing some serious shapes on the Pivot Shuttle.

As eMTBs gain acceptance, the pro riders are discovering how much fun they can be, and riding them just as they’d ride usually. Which in the case of Bernard Kerr, means a whole pile of air time. We’ll likely leave actually doing this kind of thing to the pros, but for a couple of minutes of escapism and childlike ‘oohs’, happy viewing.

Everyone knows that you can ride farther on a Shuttle, but did you know you can fly higher as well?   Bernard Kerr takes his pedal assisted adventure to new heights on the Dream Track in New Zealand.”

Watching this, we wonder how long it will be before we see a new event that combines the climbing and distance of enduro with the airtime of freeride and slopestyle? An eMTB Crankworx round perhaps? Endurair? EndurO2? We should probably register that trademark now…or get our coats…

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