NBD: Fox Purevue, Starling Mini Murmur, Garbaruk cranks…

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… EXT Storia & Arma V4 shocks, Crankbrothers cleat tool, DT Swiss 1200 wheelset, Magura Gustav Pro brakes. Here’s the pick of PRs to land in our inbox of late. Enjoy!

Fox Racing press release:


Introducing Purevue—the Brand’s Most Breathable and Highest Clarity Trail Goggle

Fox Racing launches the all-new Purevue, a mountain bike-specific eyewear solution designed to be worn with open-face helmets. Purevue is the brand’s most breathable and highest clarity goggle, and the first performance eyewear to offer VIVID lens technology delivering high-contrast vision in light-challenged environments.

Purevue is a brand-new, MTB-specific eyewear solution with a frame design that optimizes airflow while providing exceptional peripheral vision and a lockdown fit.

“Like most design briefs at Fox, we approached trail-specific eyewear with a unique perspective that is authentic to our brand. Purevue was born from gravity and a rider’s preference to wear a goggle for additional security and field of view like you find in a full-face helmet, but specifically developed for trail riding experiences, including the functionality of climbing. The increased airflow combined with a seamless fit for an open-face helmet like our Speedframe simply translates to more confidence on the bike,” said Ryan Van Noy, Senior Designer, Performance at Fox Racing.

The Purevue VIVID model delivers high-contrast vision in light-challenged environments such as the dappled light encountered in the woods, early morning fog in valleys, or in situations such as transitioning from shadows to full sun at speed. This lens technology blocks out the spectrum of light that creates flat light conditions, allowing riders to read terrain more clearly. VIVID will be offered across all Fox Racing’s optics including Vue, Airspace, and Main goggles in Fall/Autumn 2024.

The Purevue goggle starts at £109.99 and includes a carrying case, two premium injected polycarbonate lenses (one clear and either Grey/Black, Gold/Black Mirrored or Green/50th Anniversary), and multiple nose pads to customize your fit. The Purevue goggle with VIVID lens technology is £119.99. Spare lenses (VIVID, Mirror/Gold, Grey and Clear) can be purchased separately.

The Purevue goggle is available on www.foxracing.com, at Fox Racing flagship stores, and at participating Fox Racing dealers and channels globally.


Starling Cycles press release:


We’re stoked to introduce you to the latest addition to the Starling Cycles family -the Mini Murmur.

The Mini-Murmur is a 120mm rear-travel trail/XC/DownCountry/do whatever bike that’s intended to be really fun and really fast.

More singletrack and big days out than winch-and- plummet style enduro trails. It takes the best bits of our bikes and splices abit of XC and trail into the mix.

You’ve previously seen this bike as the Murmur DownCountry – we’re now putting it into production and making it a model in its own right.

Here’s a quick intro to the new bike to get you up to speed.


The Mini-Murmur takes our award-winning steel, handmade, single-pivot frame and morphs it into a zippy trail rocket. All of the ‘feel’ of steel, built around 120mm travel, lightweight components and some really alert, go-for-it geometry. Not least an air shock, light wheels and FAST tyres.

It will be available as a frame-only or complete bike option, with complete bikes specced with DT Swiss’ awesome F232 ONE air suspension, DT wheels and lightweight Hope components.

In its complete-bike setup, the Mini has a HA of 66.2°, a SA 79° and reach of 450(M)/485/515/545mm(XL)

It also features a UDH drop-out, bolt-through axle, adjustable shock mount and all of our usual V3 frame


Simply, because, it’s a bike we love to ride and one Joe has been hooked on for months.

He loves the feeling of being under-biked and of not allowing the technology to over-dampen and over-sanitise the trail. He loves the challenge of riding short travel with fast tyres to create a super exciting, super engaging experience that doesn’t need the biggest terrain or the steepest trails to be really, really fun, but ,is perfectly at home when it finds them.

It offers heaps of versatility. Perfect for a lunchtime lap, a power hour or your local trail centre. A stronger climber and a zippier singletrack shredder than acoil-sprung enduro bike. When it comes to all-day-adventures or quick local laps, we’d grab the Mini every time.

We also hope that the Mini offers an extra avenue into Starling for more riders. We know that not everyone needs an all guns blazing enduro bike.


We are aiming to launch the Mini-Murmur in June 2024. It’ll exist as its own bike in the Starling range, supplied as frame- only or as a complete bike.

Because of the adjustable shock mount, customers can switch the Mini to a standard Murmur (requires a new fork and shock) if they decide they’d prefer more travel.

And like all of our bikes it’s repairable, refurbishable, upgradeable and recyclable. And it’s made from recycled Reynolds steel. And it’s got a 7 year warranty and crash replacement service.


Garbaruk press release:

Garbaruk Enduro crankset launch

We are thrilled to announce that our newest addition to the Garbaruk crankset lineup has just been published and is now available for purchase.

Garbaruk Enduro crankset is designed for more hardcore All-Mountain/Enduro/DH riding. It’s a slightly heavier model with 50% added durability thanks to extra material in critical spots.

It’s a lightweight hollow crankset made of aluminum, designed to be as light as carbon cranksets, while also keeping the reliability and stiffness of heavier aluminum cranksets. Minimalistic design, lightweight hollow body, high stiffness and variety of customization options are main highlights of this model.

About our Enduro Crankset

  • High Stiffness
  • The crankset is manufactured from 7075 grade aluminium. Rigid crankarm transfers the power to the wheel more efficently.
  • Only 461g, without application limitations, this crankset can face the rockiest mountains with confidence
  • Two-Piece Lightweight Hollow Body
  • Thick where it needs to be, light where it can be. Thanks to the hollow body design we were able to make it stronger in the most important areas, while keeping it light
  • Hightly Customizable
  • 3 crank arm length options
  • 8 colors options for the crankarm, 8 color options for the self-extractor nut and bolts, 8 color options for the chainring create 512 possible color combinations
  • Weight: 461-471g depending on the spacer configuration
  • Weight equipped with 30T chainring: 507g


EXT press release:

The evolution continues…

Storia V4

Adding to an already legendary resume, EXT is proud to introduce the new Arma and Storia V4 Series. The V4 is specifically designed to raise the bar on what is possible in MTB damper performance technology. Don’t be fooled by the similar appearance to its V3 predecessor, for beneath the surface the V4 beautifully refines and improves what was already an industry game changer. Building off of their prestigious pedigree in motorsports racing, EXT has worked diligently to put out a damper that ensures its rightful place as innovative industry leaders in the highly competitive MTB marketplace.

Arma V4

Completely redefined

The V4 not only retains and refines foundational aspects of the V3, such as its unique mid body damper characteristics, hydraulic bottom-out circuit and notable high speed control, while simultaneously addressing and integrating feedback from our riders. The V4 celebrates a position sensitive rebound hydraulic top out system, frequency dependent damping, an externally adjustable HBC and a steel DLC coated damper shaft. All of this and more coming in a stronger yet quieter package.

PSR (Position Sensitive Rebound), a new unique hydraulic top-out system that eliminates harsh top out and improves sensitivity.

Riders can now adjust high and low speed compression with a common multi-tool, needing only 5 mm and 4 mm Allen keys.

Frequency dependent damping

Adjustable HBC: Once Developed by EXT for motorsport and later introduced in MTB applications, the new HBC system is now more powerful and starts in the last 20% of the stroke (20% on Arma V4). This allows for a lower spring rate choice for maximum compliance, traction, and control.

Lok 2.0 technology: separate circuit that is tunable by its own shim stack for further customization

No risk of cavitation: high turbulent flow valves keep damping forces independent from viscosity and temperature changes to perfect pressure balance, eliminate aeration and cavitation, all with very low hysteresis to improve dynamic response.

New coatings: improved durability thanks to a new proprietary DLC coating of the chrome-moly steel shaft, and an innovative proprietary DHC tube coating process, both assuring maximum wear resistance.

Oil EV2S, a high viscosity index fluid, and phenomenal viscosity ratio.

Spring thrust bearings ensure alignment, prevent spring rub and minimize spring noise.

Reservoir with large volume bladder design, inflated to 55 psi only.


STORIA V4: 401 gr in 210×55 mm size (no spring included)

ARMA V4: 389 gr in 250×75 mm size (no spring included)

Storia/Arma V4 Damper £895 including mounting hardware and custom valving for customers with the correct EXT spring crossing over from their old shocks.

Storia/Arma V4 Damper with one spring £995, will also include mounting hardware and custom valving, ready to bolt in.


Crankbrothers press release:



Designed for cyclists by cyclists, the cleat tool allows you to precisely align your clipless cleats. The tool prevents cleats from twisting during tightening, ensuring the perfect positioning for your riding style. We have also included a guide for your shim setup to get the best engagement for the pedal you are running.





  • Precisely align clipless cleats using visual guides
  • Prevent cleats from twisting during tightening, ensuring perfect positioning
  • Easily replicate your setup on both shoes
  • For Crankbrothers pedal users, includes four tread depth gauges for quick cleat shim and pedal setup
  • Crafted with 67% post-consumer recycled material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • MSRP: $5.99 US


  • Crankbrothers (all models)
  • SPD


DT Swiss press release:


While carbon wheels were once a new concept in the mountain biking world, you can now find them almost anywhere. To make the 1200 range truly stand out as top performing MTB wheels, DT Swiss had to break the mold. A new rim manufacturing process, unique to the industry, creates durable yet light rims through maximum carbon layer compression, while a 100 % quality control technique of each rim certifies minimum imperfections. No final step is needed to dress up the surfaces; the process creates rims that are ready to go, straight out of the mold. This process, paired with component adjustments tailored to each riding style, results in the finest tuned systems to meet your highest expectations. The 1200 wheels are for those who are always striving to improve, who are not afraid of breaking the mold.


An industry disrupting rim manufacturing process and a layer-by-layer nondestructive inspection of every product creates light yet durable rims for a long-lasting riding experience.

The patent-pending process and tools, unique to the industry, use a singular mold to directly construct each rim from the outside in. Maximum carbon layer compression minimizes air and thus resin inclusions, resulting in a more uniform material property that maximizes durability.

The industry standard initially constructs the inner layup separately and then places it into the mold. By removing this step, any displacement between the layers is avoided, resulting in a much more consistent carbon structure with minimal imperfections.

Traditionally the industry standard constructs the parts of a carbon rim separately, which can lead to irregularities when joining the parts together. Our new method allows us to construct a high impact resistant rim where the fibers in the outer layers are not cut and thus have continuous strands in the impact areas. This results in a more consistent structure with minimal imperfections.


The patent-pending outer carbon layer enables an unrivaled high- quality finish on the rim surface, meaning it is ready-to-go, straight out of the mold. The result is a structurally optimized and air-pocket-free layup, without resin build-ups, which not only improves reliability but also enhances the sleek design of the rim. The use of a patented process ensures this unique look and avoids the need for a final coating, which also results in weight savings.


In order to ensure a 100 % ready-to-go rim, a patent-pending quality control technique enables us to scan each rim down to the layer. This unmatched method enables us to eliminate any rims that are not 100 % fault-free, resulting in rims that are free of material defects.


Wheels that undergo higher constraints in use are supported with carbon layers that enclose the entire rim to solidify the rim horns through long and uninterrupted fibers. This acts as a shield against hits and heavier impacts to prevent any weakening between carbon layers, providing a confident ride on rough trails. The number of added carbon layers increases in accordance with the expected impacts relative to the field of use.

180 HUBS

To match your ambitions, the wheels in the 1200 range are equipped with specific 180 hub (except the HXC 1200 SPLINE).

Lightweight, rigid and with super-smooth SINC ceramic bearings, the heart of the 1200 wheels will spin almost indefinitely, bringing you to the top of a lost glacier or to another win.



For those always striving to improve, the XRC 1200 SPLINE® is your ticket to the top step. Experience enhanced acceleration & fine-tuned agility to take the lead of the pack. A cutting-edge technique for maximum carbon layer compression yields our lightest MTB rims yet. Both wheels are laced with 24 DT Revolite® spokes. With a lighter rim in front for increased agility and the back wheel featuring our lightest MTB hub, it’s our ultimate Cross Country wheelset. The XRC 1200 SPLINE® breaks the mold of your favorite Cross Country setup. Now it’s your turn to break records.

WEIGHT 1303 g (29’’)
HUB 180 SP
SPOKES DT Revolite® 2 x 24



When it comes to All Mountain riding, versatility is key. That is what the XMC 1200 SPLINE® are all about. Our new carbon compression process builds durable yet light rims, while our patent pending layer- by-layer quality control minimizes imperfections to maximize your confidence to break the mold. An agile and lighter rim in the front and a more durable rim in the back makes these wheels efficient and reliable, for the planned and the unplanned. You can choose between the sturdy, fast engaging Ratchet DEG freehub systems or the lightweight Ratchet EXP. Break free from the constraints of your last setup and embrace your next adventure.

WEIGHT 1495 g
HUB 180 SP
FREEHUB SYSTEM Ratchet EXP 54T Ratchet DEG 90T
SPOKES DT Revolite® 2 x 28



Envision riding the fastest line, whether it’s a rocky ridge or over a nasty field of roots, without fear. The EXC 1200 CLASSIC supports your most daring line choices, with plenty of reserve even if they don’t go according to plan. Our unique process provides maximum carbon compression to push durability further than ever before. A patent- pending technique for layer-by-layer quality control ensures minimized imperfections straight out of the mold, to maximize your commitment. A lighter front rim has 28 DT Revolite® spokes, while the more durable rear rim has 32. The high-engaging Ratchet DEG makes for a smaller idle distance, crucial for acceleration out of corners. Get ready to push on the stages and break your limits.

WEIGHT 1756 g (29’’)
SPOKES DT Revolite® R 32 / F 28


MAGURA Press Release:


Gustav, the founder of MAGURA, was a true thinker and innovator of his time. His constant drive for progress inspired a braking system that revolutionized the scene in the 90s:

MAGURA´s first hydraulic disc brake for bicycles – the MAGURA GUSTAV M.

Since then, the name GUSTAV has been reserved for products that achieve the pinnacle of innovation and performance advancement – and this new brake does exactly that! With the new GUSTAV PRO, MAGURA presents a new disc brake for e-MTB use as well as for Gravity and SUV mountain bikes – and it’s so much more than just raw braking power!

Performance in the name

Any rider who is familiar with the MT7 knows that we really mean business when it comes to performance – and with this brake, we’ve taken it up a notch yet again! For more control, later-occurring braking points, and less hand and arm pumping. If truth be told, anyone can produce brakes that will stop light bikes – but this newest brainchild of ours will brake even the heaviest of bikes with the greatest of ease. MAGURA has now opened up a whole new vista of bicycle brakes with the GUSTAV PRO’s 2.5 mm thick rotors and 40% more pad volume. For consistent performance from the summit down into the valley!

Thanks to their mass, the rotors and pads heat up a lot less and stay in the sweet spot longer, where the brake can constantly give riders its best performance with the best possible friction values. Fading? This brake doesn’t even know what that is!

When you pull on the lever blade, you’ll feel right away just how intuitive our brake is to operate.

We’ve reduced the overall pressure level by enlarging the pistons to 12 mm in the brake master and 19 mm in the calliper, so less pressure is lost thanks to the spreading of the hose. This results in a well-defined bite point with outstanding modulation.

Despite its sheer power, the GUSTAV PRO offers a calm braking feel like no other brake can, giving riders the best possible degree of safety in every situation.

Even under a full load, the rigid 2.5 mm rotors and the minimal heating of the system ensure vibration-free braking that’s particularly smooth. The GUSTAV PRO is also fully compatible with the Bosch eBike ABS.

More miles – less worries.

No serious rider brakes just for fun! That’s why we’ve doubled the time interval until brake maintenance is needed.

Extra thick brake pads with 40% more volume and thick 2.5 mm rotors with a 2.1 mm wear limit will keep you away from the workshop for twice as long as usual.

Wear plays a particularly important role with modern e-bikes. Their weight, power, and speed have placed new demands on brake systems – but the GUSTAV puts an end to annoyingly short maintenance intervals. And if you DO need to go to the workshop, a large air gap between the pad and the rotor, plus a new bleeding valve make many tasks a lot easier!

Installation with Ease!

With the innovative MAGURA EASY LINK technology, MAGURA offers a simple plug-and-play connection of the brake line: many riders who use MAGURA ABS components and the MAGURA Cockpit Integration will be familiar with this technology. In the GUSTAV PRO, MAGURA has integrated its EASY LINK technology for the first time invisibly into the brake master of a disc brake – so you can now disconnect and connect your brake hose from and to the brake master at any time without special tools. This is a real game changer for initial installation and all maintenance work on the bike – not least with cumbersome headset cable routing. EASY LINK will also be your best friend if the inevitable finally happens and you need to repair crash damage.

MAGURA proudly presents the new EASY TUBE TECHNOLOGY for the flexible creation of EASY LINK hose connections.


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  • NBD: Fox Purevue, Starling Mini Murmur, Garbaruk cranks…
  • honourablegeorge
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    Really like the Garbaruk XC crank, super clean design, like most things Garbaruk

    Dunno why they ditched that super clean look to engrave a massive logo on these cranks though, looks naff


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    “Like most design briefs at Fox, we approached trail-specific eyewear with a unique perspective that is authentic to our brand. Purevue was born from looking at goggles, then looking at glasses, and realising that if we designed something in between, some idiot might buy them.”

    And the Gloggle was born.

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    Surely the ‘Mini-Murmur’ should be the Whisper?

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    What does NBD stand for?

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    Normally ‘New Bike Day’, no?

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    Normally yeah, but this is new stuff press release day… New Bits Day maybe?

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    That mini murmur is exactly the sort of bike I’d love. Daren’t look at the price as I know it’ll be out of my range. Pictures will have to do!

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