Details of the new OneUp hubs

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OneUp have a reputation for doing things properly – without being overly expensive – so news of the brand making some OneUp hubs is worth a quick story.

Since DT Swiss’ patent on ratchet engagement design hubs expired in 2020, there’s been a few brands adopting it. OneUp are the latest it seems. Here’s as much as we know right now…

OneUp press release:

No-nonsense hubs

Lightweight, fully sealed, durable, hubs with high quality bearings. Available in 7 anodised colours. We think our hubs have the best combination of performance, durability and price. These are the hubs we want on our bikes.

OneUp Hubs are the new benchmark for light, durable hubs at a fair price.

The lightest hub for the price 

OneUp HubHope Pro5DT 350DT 240I9 Hydra
Rear220g 318g269g225g286g
Total (set)362g505g434g367g451g
Price (set)$370$398$424$696$690
SRP and manufacturers claimed weights including freehub

Our simple design has fewer parts, this reduces weight and improves reliability. Our hubs use a fully machined 7075 aluminium body that’s super light and strong with an integrated drive ring,. OneUp hubs are half the price of an I9 Hydra hubset and over 100g lighter, and they’re over a quarter pound (133g) lighter than a Hope Pro5 hubset.

Durable design

A hub is only as good as its bearings. OneUp Hubs use premium EnduroTM ABEC 5 cartridge bearings in standard sizes that are readily available in local bike shops around the world. They’re spaced as wide as possible to reduce wear, reduce sideloading and increase bearing life. And when they do eventually wear out, our design makes it easy to replace bearings yourself.

Good engagement

We were big fans of the DT 350 hubs. It’s what we ran on our bikes for years. We chose to develop a 44T ratchet to strike the best balance between performance and value with improved reliability.

Super high engagement hubs sound cool and feel good in your hands. But we didn’t see an improvement in ride performance on trail to justify the added complexity, weight and price.


Available in 7 anodised colours to match your bike.

Good hubs for better wheels

We’ve optimized the hub flange spacing to improve the strength and stiffness of wheels built on our hubs. OneUp hubs are compatible with J-bend spokes only. Wheel build specs (PCD, Flange Distance) are laser etched on the hub body to make life easier for builders. Freehubs are sold separately to make life easier for shops.

Serviceability and replacement parts

Our simple design makes our hubs simple to service. Ratchets, bearings, seals, freehubs and small parts are all available direct from Oneup. The bearings are all common sizes that are available in most bike shops.

Light, reliable, well-priced.

We wanted hubs for our bikes at a price that we’d pay with our own money. We can’t wait to see what you think.


  • Spacing: Boost front and rear
  • Holes: 28 and 32
  • Engagement: 44 points, 8.2 degrees
  • Weight front: 142g
  • Weight rear: 220g (with XDr freehub)
  • Colours: Black, red, green, blue, orange, purple and grey
  • Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Freehub options: XDr, Microspline and HG (all with tool free installation)
  • Spokes: J-Bend only
  • Brake Mount: IS 6 Bolt only
  • End Caps: Double sealed (tool free installation)
  • Bearings: Enduro Abec 5 (Front – MR17287, Rear 6902, Freehub 6802)
  • Freehub Seal: Enduro


  • Hubset £314.97
  • Front Hub £84.99
  • Rear Hub £185.99
  • Freehubs £43.99

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  • Details of the new OneUp hubs
  • honourablegeorge
    Full Member

    No mention of e-bikes… so I’m assuming not good for e-bikes

    Full Member

    I like the grey ones. And the freehubs are reasonably priced.

    Free Member

    OneUp hubs are E-bike rated.

    Full Member

    Yeah, mentions eBike rated in the video, just odd they didn’t put it on ther site or FAQs

    Full Member

    Being so, uh, “heavily inspired by” the old DT240 probably means it’ll be really good? The workaround with the hub machining is clever, basically removes the worst bit of the 240, how difficult the middle bearing is to access, though, there’s still fiddliness that’s just moved to the other end.. Lots of nice details, I like the asymetric flanges for the dics brakes, and printing the hub stats on it is a nice touch.

    Mostly I’m just surprised by how heavy a Pro 5 front is, how’d they manage that?

    Full Member

    I really like products that have the specs on them (torques, angles, lengths).  Nukeproof Mega has the shock length and stroke on the mount.

    Free Member

    Mostly I’m just surprised by how heavy a Pro 5 front is, how’d they manage that?

    I’d guess it’s those big old bearings that can fit a 20mm axle through them and the extra hub shell material required to accomodate them.

    Full Member

    A 20mm DT240 is 160g though

    Free Member

    Shame they don’t do em in bronze eh? ;-)

    Full Member

    These look awesome. Unfortunately we have two sets of DTs, a Pro 4 hubset and a set of what seem to be bombproof Bontrager hubs in the household, all of which will probably last a good long time. Which is a darn shame, as I’d love to build up a pair of those in green or gunmetal.
    Obligatory note: I had to contact OneUp customer service the other day, and they were absolutely superb.

    Free Member

    No steel HG freehub for ebike?

    Full Member

    These look great.

    Full Member

    I wonder if these started as a project for Reserve wheels, or if they were always in the works at OneUp?

    Full Member

    OneUp Hubs use premium EnduroTM ABEC 5 cartridge bearings in standard sizes

    This is interesting. Erase components were apparently using Enduro bearings with their first iteration of a ratchet hub. It didn’t go so well apparently. I’ve got a V2 rear hub that uses TPI bearings which seems to be good.


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