How To Read Singletrack Magazine – April 2024, Issue 154

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Rattle, thunk, slap. For some lucky people, the print magazine has already landed, and for a few more it’s in the post. If you fancy joining riders and readers all over the world with some time out and a good long immersion in mountain biking tales and information, here’s what to do.

The April issue is out now – here’s how to read it

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue it should arrive any day now if you’re in the UK. If it still hasn’t arrived by 22nd April please email us and we’ll send you another copy. If you’re outside the UK, it might take up to a month to make its way to you, across the sea and overland, so hopefully it’ll be with you by 6th May.

If you want to read the magazine online, or you join us today, you have other options too:

  • You can download a pdf of the magazine here. This is an exact copy of the printed magazine.
  • You can download an ePub version of the magazine. This is a more basic version of the magazine, with fewer pictures, that you can read in a variety of electronic book programmes, such as iBooks, or on an iPad.
  • You can download a Kindle version, for your Kindle. Like the ePub version, this is optimised for Kindles, so has all the words, but far fewer pictures.
  • Read the articles online. (Behind the Paywall).

If you were already a member by 25th March 2023, you can also download a version of the mag from Pocketmags if you have an iPad or iPhone. We get charged for every download in this format, so you only get access to the versions created while you had an active membership – so if you want a back issue from before you joined us, try one of the other formats above.

And of course, you can just buy a copy from our webshop:

What’s inside Singletrack World issue 154?

Let’s start with the cover – Pete Scullion does it again:

Photographer: Pete Scullion
Rider: Joe Barnes
Camera: Nikon D850
Camera Settings: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II at 70mm. 1/2000, f8, ISO 640. 
About the shot: Joe Barnes doing Joe Barnes things in the shadow of Beinn Fhada’s northern ridges on one of those days where the sky stays blue, the legs have plenty of juice and the descents flow like water.

And on to what’s inside… take a deep breath, sniff those pages… lose yourself…

Editorial: Let’s Get Lendy

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.” Chipps disagrees.

International Adventure: The Last Yak Attack 

Laura Martin tackles the last edition of the high altitude race that brought so much to Nepal and its racers.

UK adventure: Chariots of Rust

Adam Boggon goes on a tour to help restore his heart and mind – and pull apart his bike.

Trail Tales: Having the Wrong Thing

Thanks to our readers, we bring you a selection of instances where ‘Having the wrong thing’ led to some innovation and learning.

Interview: Gladiators… ready! 

Credit: BBC/Hungry Bear Media Ltd

Hannah catches up with Privateer Bikes rider and Gladiators Contender Kerry Wilson to find out what makes her tick.

Through the Grinder

Is that creak me or the bike? Real-world product reviews from real-world riders.

Tech Head: Tech that should have stuck around 

Benji dons possibly rose-tinted spectacles and brings us the technology that he thinks has fallen undeservedly out of fashion.

Column: Riding by numbers

Are you beating the clock or beating yourself up? Vicky Balfour struggles to get into a healthy race mindset.

Away Day: Farmer Johns MTB park 

Amanda, Benji and Mark go for a trip out to Farmer Johns bike park to see what’s there, what to wear, and which bike to take.

Last Word: Schrödinger’s Stan’s Monsters

Chipps gets existential in his tyre swapping.

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  • footflaps
    Full Member

    Just dropped through the door.

    I do like the front cover, lovely photo and really clean minimalist vibe to it.

    Full Member

    Whoop! You win the first home landing internet points. Let us know what you all think of it once you get chance to have a read.

    Full Member

    Sadly that won’t be till this evening…

    Full Member

    I was wondering when it would come out.  Typical I’m away.  Could have done with it for my train journey…

    Full Member

    Mine never lands on the first day!

    Full Member

    Mine arrived safely yesterday, unfortunately too busy to even open it.

    Full Member

    Mine landed yesterday, in the pile under Jenny Graham’s book and Cyclist

    Full Member

    hope today’s rain here doesn’t get to turn mine into a soggy pulp 🙁

    Full Member

    I never knew that quote was from Hamlet! thanks Chipps!

    I like the new format. The “having the wrong thing” section works well for me; the little anecdotes are excellently formatted and good for my poor attention span. It nicely breaks up the longer features which require a lot more time and effort to read for me (although the effort is always rewarded)

    Full Member

    My copy arrived yesterday. Fabulous photo on the cover. Enjoyed the article about the young lass riding downhills/enduros. Looking forward to reading the rest. Still a quality product.

    Full Member

    Mine arrived yesterday, love the front cover picture. Can’t remember the last one I didn’t?

    The smell of the magazine is very addictive to me now…..less so the wife

    Full Member

    @roballison I had to re-read that, I thought you were saying you didn’t like how your wife smells.

    Full Member

    Wait, Farmer Johns is just down the road, how come no one told me? I just assumed it was Wales or somewhere like that!

    Full Member

    Haha! But maybe she meant me when she said she didn’t like the smell!

    Oh thanks Hannah, now I’m paranoid……

    Full Member

    Got mine last night and a fantastic front cover, beautiful.

    Full Member

    Retro bits are back in. We can all get our P7’s out the loft.

    Full Member

    oooh the smell!  like a freshly painted room for some reason, i love it.

    Full Member

    Worth it just for page 35.

    Full Member

    Read it this afternoon after getting back from a nice ride.

    Normally there are a few articles that I’m not fussed about, but found them all interesting this issue.

    Particularly enjoyed the one about Nepal.

    Only thing I’d say, and I believe it’s been mentioned before, can STW hold back on publishing printed articles on-line until a week or so after the mag arrives? Bit frustrating that I’d read the review of the Yamaha bike on the website.

    Full Member

    @dyna-ti if you’ve got a P7 I might buy it…

    Full Member

    To clarify only subscribers can read the articles from the mag we put online. There are digital only subscribers who would not be happy if we delayed the online versions by a week so that print subscribers can avoid reading them before they’ve had time to read them in print.  As it is we sort of delay publishing them by only publishing one mag article/day so it takes over a week to get the full mag online.

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