How To Read The New Look Singletrack Magazine

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Many of you have already experienced the ker-thwack of the latest edition of Singletrack Magazine dropping through your letterbox. Thunk, rip, flick, sniff. Forget ASMR YouTube videos, we can deliver the good stuff right to your door. Of course, we’ve got an array of digital options too, for instant gratification or wherever-you-are portability. Get your February hit of adventure, inspiration and information from Singletrack World. Here’s how.

The February issue is out now – here’s how to read it

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue hopefully you’ve already received it, but if you’re in the UK and you’ve still not got it by now please email us. If you’re outside the UK, it might take up to a month to make its way to you, across the sea and overland, so hopefully it’ll be with you by 8th March.

If you want to read the magazine online, or you join us today, you have other options too:

  • You can download a pdf of the magazine here. This is an exact copy of the printed magazine.
  • You can download an ePub version of the magazine. This is a more basic version of the magazine, with fewer pictures, that you can read in a variety of electronic book programmes, such as iBooks, or on an iPad.
  • You can download a Kindle version, for your Kindle. Like the ePub version, this is optimised for Kindles, so has all the words, but far fewer pictures.
  • Read the articles online. (Behind the Paywall).

If you were already a member by 25th January 2023, you can also download a version of the mag from Pocketmags if you have an iPad or iPhone. We get charged for every download in this format, so you only get access to the versions created while you had an active membership – so if you want a back issue from before you joined us, try one of the other formats above.

And of course, you can just buy a copy from our webshop:

What’s inside Singletrack World issue 153?


Chipps encourages you to seek out and praise your heroes. However, they might not be the people you first think of. 

International Adventure: Peaks of the Balkans 

Jerome Clementz takes an optimistic ride into the forgotten reaches of the cursed Balkan mountains

Interview: Flying Under the Radar

Geoff Waugh chats to Joey Gough, who has been so busy riding her bike, she’s flown under the commercial radar in an industry that’s just catching up. 

Tested: Through The Grinder

The only lateral stiffness is in our backs; real world product reviews from real world riders.

Classic Ride: Surrey Thrills

Adele Mitchell takes a ride around Hurtwood – one of the UK’s busiest riding spots, where the trail network relies heavily on the continued goodwill of landowners and volunteers.

International Adventure: Spend Time Not Money

Amanda and Rhys spend their summer holiday discovering that cheap really can be cheerful.

MTB Culture: Minority Rapport

What is it about women’s rides that is proving so attractive? Fi Spotswood has been trying to find out.

Tech Head: When it’s all your own fault

A custom-built bike is a dream for many, but how hard is it to choose (and then live with) your exact, perfect machine? Chipps finds out.

Purposeful Adventure: Britain’s Lost Rainforests

It’s not just the Amazon rainforest that’s at risk. Here in the UK, our own temperate rainforests are vanishing too. Pete Scullion goes looking for its remnants.

Last Word: Weights and Measures

Hannah proposes a new system of measurement, putting quality over quantity.

Issue 153 Cover

In a change to the norm, you might recognise this cover shot. Usually we only run an image that’s never been seen before, but this one was a bit different – it emerged as part of our Forum Photography competition. Before it even went on to win the ‘Gnarpooning’ category, we’d spotted that it could make an excellent cover. Congratulations to Colournoise!

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Author Profile Picture
Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • How To Read The New Look Singletrack Magazine
  • stanley
    Full Member

    Still waiting for the “ker-thwack”!

    And trying to avoid all the annoying promotions and “in issue 153…blah, blah”  as it ruins the surprise of opening the mag :-/

    Full Member

    This is the exact reason I’m considering cancelling my mag subscription, since I got mine there’s been a steady drip drip drip of the content on here so I may as well wait and read it on here 🤔🙄

    Full Member

    We have lots of digital subscribers as well as print ones. Also, since we’re not in newsagents the website becomes our shop window, so we have to shout about it here! The stories are all paywalled, and they have an image at the top to flag that they’re from the magazine, so it should be fairly easy to dodge the digital stories if you want to wait for the paper experience.

    Full Member

    Just gone ker-thwackke here in Belgium and it looks great and I’m loving it so farm. Don’t know what it is about it that’s changed but it somehow feels more attractive and I’m enjoying the reading so far. Great work

    Full Member

    I think this is a really good issue. I’ve read every article. I, like others it seems, was surprised to find that I’d already read many of the articles on the website. That’s entirely on me though – the web articles are pretty clearly marked with “Issue 153:” and I just didn’t pay any attention to that!

    Next issue I’ll just deliberately ignore the articles (more accurately the forum posts that are generated for them.) In an ideal world there’d be a checkbox somewhere for print subscribers, to hide articles and related forum topics, but even in the category of first world problems this isn’t high on my list!

    Full Member

    I love getting a “proper” magazine, but feel like I’m being nudged towards digital. Reasons would be: content, cost and delays in receiving, ie., After I’ve seen much of the content touted on the website! Still not got issue 153, although Zoe has been great as always (it’s happened before!).

    Must be a nightmare making a “proper” magazine though… I do appreciate that.

    Full Member

    Probably worth handling the latest issue before you do anything hasty!

    Full Member

    Yeah… I want to support STW anyway 👍

    Full Member

    I like the new format, the look and feel of the magazine. Have read most articles. Only thing I don’t get on with is white font on a dark background!
    I prefer reading a magazine to reading on a screen. Keep up the good work 😊💪

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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