Evolution Stories: Katy Winton’s Dyslexia Journey 

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Andy McKenna continues his exploration of mountain biking and the lives of mountain bikers beyond the trail, as he finds his own way through life as his Multiple Sclerosis stops his mountain bike guiding career. In this episode, Katy Winton talks about how Dyslexia has shaped her life, and the steps she has taken to work with it. For anyone who struggled under the traditional school system, it’ll no doubt strike a few chords.

In Episode 3 of the ‘Evolution Stories’ series – Andy meets Katy Winton. Katy’s been a presence within the top flight of enduro racing for a decade – but in this film, it’s not her awesome bike riding skills that are explored. Katy is neurodiverse. Watch to find out what dyslexia means to her.

Katy’s version of a year planner works with the way her brain processes the world.
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  • Evolution Stories: Katy Winton’s Dyslexia Journey 
  • Drac
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    Fabulous. That hit home a bit with me, spent my school years hating it as I was told I was thick, I’d amount to nothing and I need to listen. Well **** you is the attitude I took and I’ve succeeded in my career. Shame it’s only in the last decade that it’s become more acceptable to be dyslexic and schools are getting better at supporting as are many employers.

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    Our school headmaster told my parents at a parents evening that “children in this school aren’t middle class enough to be dyslexic or working class enough to be autistic”

    Full Member

    MrsRNP was let down by a Calder Valley school due to undiagnosed Dyslexia but I guess that was a sign of the times.

    Has thrived in life and career since.

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    Great video. The message is a great one for all kids, not just those with dyslexia. My nan had a phrase she used to say to us “everybody is good at something, you just need to find out what your something is”.

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    I struggled with dyslexia. Still do with certain tasks however as I’ve got older its not so much of an issue and I can normally find a work around or process to help.

    I find my thought processes are different which can and often is a bonus

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    The message is a great one for all kids, not just those with dyslexia. My nan had a phrase she used to say to us “everybody is good at something, you just need to find out what your something is”.

    Agreed – my kids are academically bright and no issues like dyslexia, but once they’d found their “thing” they have really progressed in and out of education.

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