On This Day: Christmas Card Throwback 2017

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First things first. My sincerest apologies for mentioning the ‘C’ word outside of December, but I have reasons.

Back in November of 2017 – The good o’le days before the world changed – we made a unique Christmas card to send out to various people in the bike industry, as was the stye in those days. These days it seems that this is something of a frowned upon event as we try and save the planet by not posting bits of unnecessary corporate paper. I for one kind of miss them as the alternative e-Card just doesn’t really have the same impact and just feels a bit lazy.

I also miss the photo shoots we used to set up to create them and it was my phone reminding me, unprompted, of this particular shoot that took place on roughly this date six years ago that has inspired this quick Saturday morning article.

christmas card 2017
The shot that got used

So, I present to you the complete shoot. All the shots we took from that time we took over a corner of our local pub to create our Christmas card. I think we were inspired by some listicle of really terrible album covers or something. Anyway, it made me fondly reminisce those times and also giggle a bit. There are a few faces here that are no longer part of the current Singletrack team and we still miss them.

Did we pick the right shot for the card?

Singletrack’s Christmas Card Shoot 2017

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  • On This Day: Christmas Card Throwback 2017
  • prettygreenparrot
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    I favor #9. Seems very ‘natural’.

    Full Member

    Trouble is, to complete the “horror album cover ” of yester-year – especially the US evangelical groups that are over-represented in those listicals the picture needs a fake group name and album title. The Holy Milk Men, The Minnesota Rapture and the Singing Midget (both real groups), and you could call it; “God fill my Cup”, or “Jesus, Use Me”…(again, well you get the picture)


    Full Member

    Good grief, how long have I worked here?

    Full Member

    Where is mrs_toast and photo shop when it is needed?


    Full Member

    Thanks for the flashback, Mark. As I recall, the boss of the Golden Lion (Gig) hadn’t told the staff that we’d asked to shoot in the pub, but to their credit, they were happy to watch us set up remote control cameras while we also bought beer.

    – do we need to re-tell the story of the ‘Get into bed with Singletrack’ story yet? 😉

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