Spanish Bikepacking Diary – Day 11

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Amanda and Rhys continue making their way from Barcelona to Malaga, finding every obstacle possible and eating everything in sight. Catch-up: Day One Day Two Day Three pt1 Day Three pt2...

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Amanda Wishart

Art Director

Amanda is our resident pedaller, who loves the climbs as much as the descents. No genre of biking is turned down, though she is happiest when at the top of a mountain with a wild descent ahead of her. If you ever want a chat about concussion recovery, dealing with a Womb of Doom or how best to fuel an endurance XC race, she's the one to email.

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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary – Day 11
  • vmgscot
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    Good days follow bad ones. Random 4×4 pics? Cheap house prices. Luv quirky accommodation, always provides a good story to tell later.

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    Excellent day on the bike.

    We have a quick selfie, get some extra clothing on for the descent and quickly depart as Rhys lets rip a huge fart without realising a woman was on Facetime sharing the mountain view with a loved one.


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    Another great read with more cracking pics!

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    The Spanish cyclists of my experience don’t ride if there’s a hint of wet. Trips riding in mostly rain have had the guide hyperventilating and swathed in water repellent clothing whilst the British have been possibly in windproof gilet only. It truly is another world.

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    Definitely ready for Day 12 and onwards of this brilliant series !

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