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  • Fresh Goods Friday 670 – Oh, Happy Days Edition
  • stwhannah
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    We ain’t gots time to shilly shally. Nor even dilly dally. We gots to jump straight into this week’s Fresh Goods Friday!

    By stwhannah

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    Fresh Goods Friday 670 – Oh, Happy Days Edition

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    Ah coffee lada – they’ve kept me fueled at many a local race.

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    £95 for a multi tool.

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    Hope your skin gets on with the patches adhesive Hannah. Mrs S ended up with lots of raised red skin squares. You’ll never be short a tyre repair boot for the next couple of years! 😀

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    Dieter (writer of Back From The Dead) with a little help from Fahzure, has done more to get Hannah’s Kid2 excited about bikes that Hannah has ever managed

    Excellent. Photies of the shredding please. Kids on bikes do indeed rock. 🤘🤘🤘

    (As does Dieter clearly)

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    40 years of TLD. Blimey, I thought, they were around a long time before I knew of them.

    But then, 40 years isn’t that much longer than I have known of them.

    Ah crap.

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    big kid (Dieter) and kid2 shredding!

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    I’m jealous of Kid2’s bike, at that age, I had a Rayleigh Jeep that was really too small for me, and my dad’s Peugeot Tourer was was too big and too heavy. It does indeed need stickers.

    I like that Magura multi-tool, the price though…On the Magura website it’s E19.95?

    That Pivot looks ace

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    HRT was a game changer for me. I really hope you find one that works for you. 🙂

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    On the Magura website it’s E19.95?

    Wolftooth tax isn’t it.

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    Was prompted by SO & a friend to watch ‘The Change’ with Bridget Christie. Excellent.

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    That multitool does look ace, but the RRP confusion between different websites is significant. 94 quid is a bit spendy, and I’m generally of the opinion that buying expensive tools is never a waste of money.

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 154933

    Screenshot 2023-09-15 155010

    edit – I think I answered my own question. The 19 euro one is the yellow tyre-lever part only. The plier and lever combo is the expensive one.

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    Yep, it’s the old add-on trick. From, being the operative word there.

    Tune, btw. Lovely bit of Spiritualized, from a peerless live set. Oh happy days indeed.

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    There was more singletrack related collaboration than just me and Fahzure in Kid2’s new whip! The cranks and rear mech were both donations from Singletrackers as well!

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    Finally was able to purchase some Lezyne pro plug tubeless repair mushrooms. A masterpiece of card packaging, and 2 tubes of glue (and sandpaper). Was only featured on FGF about a year back.

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    My excitement gets blunted a bit if I think about the plastic waste from those energy/electrolyte tabs, and the gel packets. Hopefully the plastic tube from SiS Hydro is recyclable at least. The big tablet brands in the US don’t even have triangle marked tubes. There’s some irony in bike people loving the outdoors but littering with empty gel packets. Hopefully that’s just a US thing.

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    Hopefully that’s just a US thing.

    Nope. People are arseholes world wide.

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    Thanks for the Oh Happy Days sounds. Today really hasn’t been a happy day- got told I’m being laid off from my dream post corporate bike shop job this morning and I:m going through a divorce so a shitty day so far only offset by a good evening/night ride seeing a mate I haven’t seen much this century and a wonderful song put out by yourselves on Fresh Goods Friday. Been reading Single-track forever keep it up.

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