How to read the 150th Issue of Singletrack Magazine

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August’s issue of Singletrack Magazine is here! It’s a leap forward in technology from ye olden days, 150 issues ago, but at its heart it remains the same. Stories and articles designed to make you grin, roll your eyes in wry recognition, or just inspire you to go and ride your bike.

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue, it’s now in the post – we can’t be sure exactly when it will land with you, but if you’re in the UK and you’ve still not got it by 22nd August please email us. If you’re outside the UK, it might take up to a month to make its way to you, across the sea and overland, so hopefully it’ll be with you by 4th September.

If you want to read the magazine online, or you join us today, you have other options too:

  • You can download a pdf of the magazine here. This is an exact copy of the printed magazine.
  • You can download an ePub version of the magazine. This is a more basic version of the magazine, with fewer pictures, that you can read in a variety of electronic book programmes, such as iBooks, or on an iPad.
  • You can download a Kindle version, for your Kindle. Like the ePub version, this is optimised for Kindles, so has all the words, but far fewer pictures.
  • Read the articles online. (Behind the Paywall) We’ll be publishing them over the next week or so, so look out for them popping up on the homepage, or check back here to see what’s new each day.

If you were already a member by 25th June 2023, you can also download a version of the mag from Pocketmags if you have an iPad or iPhone. We get charged for every download in this format, so you only get access to the versions created while you had an active membership – so if you want a back issue from before you joined us, try one of the other formats above.

It’s quite a big deal being 150 issues old, we hope you enjoy what we’ve brought you!

Chipps and Mark 6th May 2003
Did you know we invented the first helmet mounted action-cam?

What’s Inside Issue 150?

This issue’s cover is by James Vincent. Hike-a-bike on the front cover… part of a big adventure, or a reminder you don’t need that mountain biking can be hard?

Camera: DJI Mini 3 Pro
Settings: 1/3200 sec, f1.7, ISO100, 6.7mm (35mm equivalent = 24mm)
‘Rider’: Luke Ellis Bradley
Location: South Glen Shiel Ridge

The South Glen Shiel Ridge is an impressive row of seven Munros that stretches for over 5 miles and dominates the skyline to the south of Glen Shiel in the Scottish Highlands. You might have noticed it if you’ve ever driven to Skye towards Shiel Bridge… Or maybe not if the weather was particularly Scottish. Relatively early into the traverse of the ridge, just after the descent off Creag Mhàim, the trail narrows and forms an exposed rocky spine, barely inches wide. Like much of the ridge it proved impossible to ride, and if we wanted to move forwards there was no option but to shoulder our bikes.

This Glen Shiel adventure will be in a future issue of Singletrack World. Stay tuned!


Chipps celebrates our 150th edition.

International Adventure: Limestone Cowboys

Can Franky Simmons really enjoy the delights of a new country when he’s racing through it at high speed on a stage race? 

Interview: J(im)-Tech Suspension

Steve Chapman talks to the man who makes your suspension work better than when it left the factory.

Column: A few feet away

​​Anders Engberg measures the gaps between doubts, dreams and delivery. 

Purposeful Adventure: Land Lost

Pete Scullion looks at some of the industrial scars that mark the ‘unspoiled beauty’ of England’s Lake District. 

UK Adventure: The Three-Wheeled Amigos

Antony de Heveningham finds out the unique challenges that taking a trike round an event like the Dirty Reiver poses.

Column: IMY

Chipps brings you his summer wardrobe favourites.

Classic Ride: Ben Mac Do It

Amanda takes advantage of Scottish access laws to do some Munro bagging by bike.

Bike Test: Motorhead

Benji takes his iron fist of judgement to three full powered e-bikes with three very different motors.

Interview: ‘Who died and made you Keeper of the Peak?’

Hannah chats to Chris Maloney to find out what keeps him giving up his free time for the benefit of mountain bikers.

Singletrack World 150th Celebration

The team reminisce about their time here, and the times things didn’t quite go to plan.

Last Word: How Did We Get Here?

Hannah reflects on the moment where ‘doing’ becomes ‘being’.

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Author Profile Picture
Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

More posts from Hannah

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  • How to read the 150th Issue of Singletrack Magazine
  • cheese@4p
    Full Member

    Congratulations on 150 issues, keep on printing!

    As an MND sufferer who can no longer get out riding I was inspired by the 3 wheeled amigos piece. Well done. You should be aware of your local Mayors charity of the year – Empowered people??!! if not check them out, they are doing amazing work in getting disabled people out on bikes, maybe too road based for the mag though?

    The other highlight of the issue for me was the Anders Engberg story and his brilliant graphic artwork, presumably inspired by Hokusai – amazing.

    Cheers, Ian

    Full Member

    “How to read the 150th Issue of Singletrack Magazine” I found it very difficult to read as the packaging was not enough protection for the seasonal British weather and had disintegrated leaving a lot of the pages stuck together….

    I appreciate biodegradable packaging but it should at least last the initial delivery?

    Full Member

    @wheelsonfire1 that’s no good! Could you drop Zoe an email and she’ll sort you out a replacement?

    @cheese@4p We know about Empowered – they featured in a newsletter by Amanda a while back:

    Full Member

    Enjoyed the Limestone Cowboys story – Croatia looks great.

    Didn’t think I’d enjoy Anders’ column and illustrations, but surprised myself.

    But what I really want to know is, what does Chipps think of the Camelbak Skyline LR10? 🙃

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