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Singletrack Kitchen: Stufato Di Ciclista Affamato Recipe

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I stumbled (literally, my legs were tired, the day had been long, the sun was beating down, the steps were uneven, and the wine was very good) upon this in……

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Grumpy, happy, hairy, overweight and awesome. I started riding offroad in 1978, and never stopped. I was once Charlie The Bikemonger, I invented orienBEERing, the Clunker Classic, and the Dorset Gravel Dash. I own the Bum Butter brand and I'm a co-owner of Dirt Dash Events. I also work at Singletrack, I have the self-appointed job title of "Overlord of the leftovers" and look after the merch shop, and marketing. Other interests include skateboards, surfboards, motorbikes, and cooking (I invented the Beefer Reefer).

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  • Singletrack Kitchen: Stufato Di Ciclista Affamato Recipe
  • Woo
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    Excellent, thank you. Now try making the gypsy stew called Joey Grey, you can find descriptions on the electric web.

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    White wine, one glass. Make sure it’s a good wine because you get to drink the rest of the bottle.

    Keith Floyd (the don) always said use good wine in cooking not any old rubbish. One recipe had 2 bottles of Gervrey Chambertin in it to show he practiced what he preached.

    If frying with olive oil use the Aldi/Lidl non-virgin stuff as it has a higher smoke point and virgin olive oil is unhealthy if it gets past the smoke point.

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    This looks amazing. Love these recipes.

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