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25% Off Oakley: Singletrack Discount Of The Week

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Singletrack members have access to a whole bunch of rewards including 25% Off Oakley sunglasses. It’s just one of the great reasons to be a Singletracker. Each week we will highlight a great discount or a new reward. Some are cycling related, some great when splashing out on something nice, and others are great for daily real-world life.

This weeks it’s the super cool sunglasses mega corp… Oakley. Full Singletrack members get a cool 25% Off Oakley.

Fresh Oakleys for only £42.

Wow, that sounds too good to be true, because it sort of is. So, let me explain.

I am a big fan of the Oakley Holbrook XL. It’s just like the regular Holbrook that Singletrack Ross wears, but a few mm bigger in most directions. These sunglasses work great on a bike, and the classic style is just the ticket for summer hanging and promenading. These cost around £140, or only £105 if you are a Singletrack member. So, where is this £42 coming from?

Oakley lenses tend to shrug off knocks that would do in cheaper sunglasses, but there comes a point where even Oakley sunglasses are eventually done for. And here is the good news. You can buy replacement Holbrook XL lenses for only £42.75 (with your special 25% Off Oakley discount). So, every spring I refresh my lenses, and carry on sporting crystal clear Oakleys for only forty something quid. That is a pretty cool deal. I’m still in the Oakley game for the price of some cruddy sunnies from the wannabe surf shop.

Oakley “Try On” Fun.

If you want to know how you will look in your new discounted Oakleys they have this neat “try on” tech feature. It’s dead simple to use. The website simply films you, and pastes on your chosen sunnies, and you now know what you will look like in the 80’s wrap around inspired Sutro glasses. It’s a pretty strong look don’t you think? Mama, come on baby, tell me what’s the word?

More Than Sunnies

Your discount will also work on Oakley clothing, cycling clothing, knee pads, surf shorts, flip flops, makeup bags, belts, luggage and mountain bike helmets. Oakley really do make a lot of stuff nowadays.

Click the button below and you will be taken to the Singletrack Discounts page where you will find the 25% Off Oakley discount, plus Exposure Lights, Garmin, Hiplock, Giro… and many more.

Join Singletrack from only 99p.

If you fancy some of these sweet discounts, you can join over 6,000 other mountain bikers at Singletrack from only 99p. That is a one month digital membership offer, which will get you access to the discounts. You will also find 1/2 price annual membership deals which are better long term value. Click the button below to see all our membership deals.

Want A Second Opinion?

Our Hannah tested the super techy “Trail Torch” lenses a while back. Find out how she got on.

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  • 25% Off Oakley: Singletrack Discount Of The Week
  • sharkattack
    Full Member

    This is very timely. I have some 12 year old Holbrooks that are quite scratched up and I was just wondering what to do with them. I didn’t realise you could buy replacement lenses.

    Full Member

    Gah! Just bought some new Oakley’s to replace a lost pair and completely forgot about the Singletrack discount. Must remember to check for future purchases where there might be a discount!

    Free Member

    How long does this run for? It might actually be worth a subscription just for the discount.

    Full Member

    Doesn’t apply to prescription lenses, only the frames FWIW

    Obviously for non-prescription / standard it’s the whole item.

    Full Member

    @onzadog the discount is live now, but we have no idea how long this will run for. The discounts change… come and go.

    If you go to this page… https://singletrackworld.com/offers/

    … you will find some Join Singletrack offers…. you can certainly save far more than a half price digital membership… that’s only £12.50.

    And that is the whole point in these discounts… you would have to barking mad to not be a Singletrack member when you can save money at Asda, M&S, Aldi, Oakley, Exposure, Garmin…. etc.


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