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  • 25% Off Oakley: Singletrack Discount Of The Week
  • charliedontsurf
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    Singletrack members have access to a whole bunch of rewards including 25% Off Oakley sunglasses. It’s just one of the great reasons to be a Singletrac …

    By charliedontsurf

    Get the full story here:

    25% Off Oakley: Singletrack Discount Of The Week

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    This is very timely. I have some 12 year old Holbrooks that are quite scratched up and I was just wondering what to do with them. I didn’t realise you could buy replacement lenses.

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    Gah! Just bought some new Oakley’s to replace a lost pair and completely forgot about the Singletrack discount. Must remember to check for future purchases where there might be a discount!

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    How long does this run for? It might actually be worth a subscription just for the discount.

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    Doesn’t apply to prescription lenses, only the frames FWIW

    Obviously for non-prescription / standard it’s the whole item.

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    @onzadog the discount is live now, but we have no idea how long this will run for. The discounts change… come and go.

    If you go to this page…

    … you will find some Join Singletrack offers…. you can certainly save far more than a half price digital membership… that’s only £12.50.

    And that is the whole point in these discounts… you would have to barking mad to not be a Singletrack member when you can save money at Asda, M&S, Aldi, Oakley, Exposure, Garmin…. etc.


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