NBD: Purple Hayes, Wireless Brake Sensor, Emergency Bleed Kit…

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… Pässilä Runtu Ti, E*Thirteen Helix Race Crank, PINND E-Bike Cranks, Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro, Roval Control XC Components, Mavic X Tend bike motor and Race Face Turbine Wheels.

Hayes press release:


Hayes Launches Limited edition Version of the Universally Lauded Dominion

Well tomorrow is better when you build on experience and success from the past to reach new heights. Hayes has done just that with a limited-edition release of the Hayes Dominion A4 “Purple Hayes” Brake Kit. The purple colorway is a testament to the early day sof mountain biking that saw Hayes bring a technology to the world that was to forever change our sport. The early editions of Hayes disc brakes were both groundbreaking and disruptive. To celebrate such a fantastic ride, a quarter century of molding the definition of fantastic braking performance for mountain biking, Hayes is to produce a limited run of the highest performing brake to date, the Dominion A4, in a colorway that recalls perhaps the brand’s most iconic and visually striking model.

The Purple Hayes, launched in 2000, were an immediate success as much for their loud colorway as for their bombproof zinc construction and quickly gained cult status amongst those in the know. While the purple colorway wasn’t seen on the professional circuit, the same 2-piece zinc DH master cylinder bodies were on the top teams of the time (Specialized-Mountain Dew, Volvo-Cannondale, Trek-Volkswagen, Tomac Racing, Maxxis, Foes, Fisher, Be-One Racing, Haro, Mongoose and several others) only in the stock color, Champagne, with purple logos. Eventually this same brake garnered such attention that a version available to the public, in a purple anodization, a play off of the purple Hayes logo on the team version.

The Limited Edition 2023 Purple Hayes A4 Brake Kits are a fitting celebratory piece of not only the iconic past product but a fantastic way to commemorate what an impact Hayes has made over its 25-year history in the cycling world. Revolutionizing the Mountain bike industry with the introduction of some of the sports very first hydraulic braking systems in 1997 led the way to setting standards that shaped our sport from its infancy to current day. Hayes was instrumental in developing the standards around performance, rotor sizes, mounting hardware, mounting dimensions, open systems, fixed caliper, radial mount and slotted adjustments among others. Parallel to developing the standards, Hayes worked diligently with OEMS to integrate these standards and with suspension manufacturers to set testing standards.

Innovations followed, some setting standards, others at proprietary technology that would dictate what not only a hydraulic disc brake was but what an advanced one should look and operate like. Launching the original Hayes Mag was just the first step in a long tradition of continuous innovation that has never slowed down and still has a valid claim on producing the finest, most reliable and top performing brake on the market. Purple Hayes, blowing minds from 1997 straight through the current day… Get yours quickly as quantities are limited!


BrakeAce press release:

BrakeAce Launches New PF2 Wireless Brake Sensors

From nothing to something: following a successful Kickstarter campaign in July 2021, BrakeAce set off on a journey to build the world’s first wireless brake sensor. After successful development and testing under Pro riders and a beta test group, the team are happy to announce that they have started shipping to backers around the globe.

Today marks the official launch of the BrakeAce PF2, the company’s flagship brake sensor designed to enhance your riding experience. The PF2 is installed under your brake caliper, similar to a +20mm spacer, where it fits seamlessly on standard brake post mounts. Hypersensitive strain gauges inside measure your braking at 1000 times per second. This data is wirelessly transmitted to your phone, where you gain actionable insights to improve your riding.

The BrakeAce app identifies your 3 Key Opportunities- your personalized insights into where and how you can improve. Utilizing the 4-step BrakeAce Method, riders can capitalize on their Key Opportunities for better trail flow. As you improve, new Key Opportunities arise. BrakeAce assesses your riding based on Modulation, Duration, and Intensity of braking, and provides feedback on how you are using your front and rear brakes. Brake events are categorized into types such as Brake Checks and Stabs, which can be easily compared with your riding buddies.

The BrakeAce PF2 comes in two sizes. The TR version fits on 160mm and 180mm post mounts (to be used with 180mm and 200/203mm rotors, respectively), and the DH version fits on 200mm and 203mm post mounts (to be used with 220mm and 223mm rotors, respectively). A rechargeable battery inside lasts over 100 hours of ride time, and a PF2 weighs 73 grams (only 49 grams more than a normal caliper spacer).

The team behind BrakeAce have a combined over 50 years of experience in the bike, coaching and tech industries, and plan to grow the suite of sensor insights provided in their app, such as supporting power meters and other bike sensors.

“The BrakeAce PF2 is the tool we always wanted. It didn’t exist, so we built it ourselves. It’s like the power meters every cyclist uses, except it’s for mountain bikers – where braking is everything. We have an epic team and we’re stoked to get these out in the wild.”
-Matt Miller, BrakeAce Founder

“Considering all the pieces needed to make the PF2 a reality, it’s no surprise it hasn’t been done before. We’ve combined sensors, firmware, GPS, wireless protocols, mobile & web apps, and a heap of scientific research. But the fact that you as a rider simply see how and where you can improve on the trail you just finished, makes it all worth it.”
-Rohan Martin, BrakeAce CTO

BrakeAce PF2 sensors are made in Rotorua, New Zealand. Pre-order pricing is USD$1,199 for a set of two sensors. Orders for a limited batch are now open at brakeace.com with shipping slated for June 2023.


Neutron Components press release:

Neutron Components Emergency Bleed Kit

Nothing will give you white knuckles like a downhill run with squishy brakes. Now with our emergency bleed kit you can bleed your levers any time, any place.

Seriously small

This kit might look tiny at only 75mm long, but it holds enough brake fluid to completely fill two empty brake levers.

And with a dry weight of 20g (<30g full) you’ll forget you’ve even got it on you.

DOT or mineral

We’re all for keeping things simple so we’ve designed this kit to be compatible with both DOT fluid and mineral oil. (But don’t switch between them!)

Standard connection

The M5 connector on our bleed kit works with most Shimano and SRAM brake levers. Check out our compatibility matrix for more info.


The last thing you want is brake fluid sloshing around in your backpack, so we’ve bench-tested our seals to an altitude of 12,000m.

This Emergency Bleed Kit includes the following:

1x aluminium bleed bottle (incl. caps)
2x o-ring seals
1x H2.5 allen key to suit Shimano levers
1x T10 Torx key to suit SRAM levers

Further specs:

Kit dimensions: 75x20x20mm
Kit weight: 19g

Brake fluid not included.


Pässilä press release:

Pässilä’s Runtu Titanium Enduro Hardtail & An eMTB Proto with Automatic Transmission

Even though many think hardtail mountain bikes are not meant for enduro racing, such a frame has been on our list for a long time.

In Finland we have own category for the hardtail racers in the Finnish national enduro series. We have a special place in our hearts for riding between the tapes on the weekends with a bunch of friends and fellow racers. Racing (not always so) seriously when the clock is running and goofing around when it’s not. We’ve had so many unforgettable racing weekends on our hardtails over the years so we figured it’s time to expand our frame line-up to finally include also an enduro racing frame. It has been the missing piece. Runtu is a frame that’s been developed with just one purpose in mind: to be fast.

Runtu is designed for 160 mm to 170 mm travel suspension forks and provides a progressive Pässilä geometry to back it up. It has a 63.5 degree head tube angle for stability in high speeds and taller stack heights to optimize the rider’s position while descending. Runtu’s short seat tube provides lots of clearance for the rider when the seat is set low but also has enough of room for long dropper posts.

The 77 degree seat tube angle keeps the rider centered in the bike while seated. The 440 mm (size S1) to 450 mm chain stay length gives stability while descending and traction in the uphills. Runtu has also a higher than normal bottom bracket to provide quick handling in spite of the long wheelbase, which is crucial in tight corners during the race.

After we thought we have the numbers and details right, we let our friend and an enduro racer (way faster than any of us at Pässilä!) Tero Alapoikela ride the Runtu prototype frame in the hardtail category of the Finnish enduro series during season 2022. He ended up on the highest podium at the end of the season, winning not only races but the overall as well. We’re still thrilled! So the frame has been race-approved and we are now ready to introduce it to other hardtail enduro fanatics around the globe.

Pässilä Runtu titanium frames are now available for 2023 preorder and we have also our other titanium frame models in stock. You can head over to passilabicycles.com for more information.

Pässilä x Revonte titanium prototype hardtail with automatic and stepless transmission

During 2021 and 2022 we have also been busy developing something else. We teamed up with an innovative Finnish e-biking company and together we created a prototype of a titanium eMTB hardtail with automatic and stepless gearing. Pässilä titanium frame combined with Revonte ONE Drive System creates a combination that the bicycle world hasn’t yet seen. A titanium eMTB with a single speed belt drive drivetrain and automatic transmission was something we could not resist when we heard about Revonte the first time. Maybe more about this later but here’s a sneak peek.


E*Thirteen press release:

E*Thirteen Helix Race 30mm Aluminum Crank

e*thirteen, bicycle component company is launching Helix Race 30MM Aluminum Cranks. Gravity riders value the impact resistance and dependability of aluminum. These riders need a “no compromise” product that performs at the highest level and delivers the material characteristics they prefer. Helix Race 30MM Aluminum Crank is a top-of-the-line alloy crank that brings Enduro strength at a Down Country worthy weight (556g -165mm.)


Helix Race 30MM Aluminum Cranks strive to be the ultimate solution for Gravity riders that need the highest performance cranks but favor the impact resistance and rock smashing confidence of aluminum. e*thirteen’s newest cranks are the high performance alternative to carbon cranks. Fully CNC optimized for weight, these components were engineered to strive for Down County light while exceeding Enduro strengths.

  • Forged, CNC Machined AL-6066-T6 arms, 30MM AL 7050-T7 spindle • Flip-flop ring for Boost/Superboost Chainline compatible
  • Self extracting bolt system
  • Creak-free proven Quick Connect ring interface
  • SRAMTM and ShimanoTM 12-Speed compatible narrow/wide • Extensive CNC machining for lighter weight and looks to kill • Molded crank strike boots
  • Weight (165mm) 556g


Pinnd press release:

New PINND E-Bike Cranks

Made in Scotland from 7075 T651 anodised aluminium and certified for Enduro (Cat 4) use, our E-Bike Cranks are available in 145, 155 and 165mm lengths.

Optimised for Bosch Performance Line CX drive units, they are also compatible with most e-bike systems using the ISIS spline interface.

Crank Highlights

  • Offering shorter lengths for better ground clearance
  • Self extracting design for ease of fitting and removal
  • Available in Black or Natural anodised finish
  • 165mm arms = 496g
  • 155mm arms = 472g
  • 145mm arms = 450g
  • PINND E-BIKE ISIS cranks are compatible with most e-bike systems using the ISIS spline interface. For example, Bosch systems (Gen 2/4, excluding Gen 3 mini-ISIS Bosch spline shaft), Yamaha PW-X systems and Brose systems.
  • With Bosch systems the Q-Factor is 186mm, with Yamaha 176mm.
  • For Brose systems the Q-Factor is 200mm


Liv press release:

Liv Unveils the All-New Intrigue LT Advanced Pro Series

Introducing the all-new Liv Intrigue LT Advanced Pro series. The three newest models in the dual-suspension MTB lineup feature Liv’s Advanced-Grade Composite frame, which delivers an even lighter and more premium performance bike than the aluminum Intrigue LT models and gives riders everything they need for exceptional performance on the most technical and rugged trails.

The Intrigue LT Advanced Pro series includes the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0, 1, and 2, which all feature Liv’s high-performance and lightweight Advanced-Grade Composite. Add to that the Intrigue LT’s signature mixed-wheel configuration, adjustable geometry, and the latest innovations in riding features, and the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro is Liv’s most versatile and capable long-travel bike. The Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0, 1 and 2 will be available in Summer 2023.

You may have seen Liv Racing Collective athlete Rae Morrison race the Intrigue LT Advanced Pro 0 last month at the 2023 New Zealand Enduro MTB National Championships, where she took home the title of National Champion.


Specialized press release:

Roval Control XC Components

With modern XC race tracks cranking up the dials on descents and features, there is no margin for error when it comes to controlling your bike — and the need for efficient power transfer is even greater. Your position must be dialled, and the need for absolute precision is paramount. The Roval Control SL family delivers on the highest levels of performance-backed geometry, insane weight-savings, and above all, the control, only available from the stiffest materials on the market.

Roval Control SL Cockpit

For the racer who needs full integration for full-gas efforts, the Roval Control SL Cockpit answers the call. An engineering masterpiece designed to master the full throttle XC world. Built with high-modulus carbon fiber, and race-proven geometry, there is no greater combination of light weight, stiffness, and control on the World Cup today.

The RRP is £300.

Roval Control SL Seatpost

Finding your rhythm can make or break your race. Our ultra-light Control SL seatpost puts you in and ideal position for high-output efforts. Thanks to the 2-bolt system, it’s easily adjustable down the the millimetre, letting you dial in your perfect attack position.

The RRP is £205.

Roval Control Alloy 350 296B XD

Born on the World Cup, destined for your local trails. While it might be surprising to see an alloy wheel sitting alongside this ‘who’s who’ of top-tier carbon components, we have one response: ride them and see.

We poured World Championship-winning engineering into developing an all-new alloy for these Control wheels. To increase the new material’s durability, we customised our shot peening process—where metal projectiles are shot at alloy to increase strength—meeting the precise demands of our XC riders. If that wasn’t enough, to eliminate creaking and reduce weight, an individually customised sleeves are chosen to bond every single rim.

The result is a wildly over-engineered, trail-ripping, best-of-the-best, aluminium wheel; held to the same standards as our highest-end Control SL carbon components

The RRP is FRONT – £310, REAR – £450


Mavic press release:


Ultra efficient

Lowest friction system and lowest consumption, 0 residual friction when motor is off, highest range of use (autonomy)

Super natural

Supernatural electric assistance maintains pure sensation and riding experience, rides like a muscular bike

Extra light & integrated

The only motor system that enables building bikes below 10kg without disrupting the original frame design and personality

Facts & figures

  • Normalized power: 250 watts
  • Peak power: Up to 390 watts
  • Torque: 37Nm, temporary boost up to 50Nm
  • Drive unit weight: 1.2kg
  • Main battery: Capacity 360 Wh, 36V Latest generation cells inside a customize ultrathin casing 1,8kg
  • Total system weight: 3,2kg (including BB bearings & power meter)
  • Range extender: 180Wh, 36V, Fits into a dedicated bottlecage with standard bolt spacing 1,2kg


Race Face press release:

New Race Face Turbine Wheelset – Trust in Turbine

The Alloy Answer

The wheel that mountain bikers have come to expect is the one that balances lightweight agility against durability and strength. The one that transmits enough of the rider’s power while absorbing the small chatter and big chunder. It is the one that is built to last but doesn’t cost the Earth.

The new Turbine Wheel is the one.

We took the Enduro World Series-winning Turbine R wheel and further optimized its strength and vertical compliance. The result? A wheel that can take the abuse of the most aggressive enduro racer while giving the increased traction and comfort that every rider can appreciate.

Riders have attested that switching to a more compliant wheel makes it feel like they are running longer travel suspension on their bike. Turbine wheels let you enhance your ride from the ground up.

Pause the Pinch Flats with Anvil Edge

There is no mechanical failure more common—and more derided—than the pinch flat. Even with tubeless tires swimming with sealant, a high-energy collision between the wheel rim and a hard trail surface (such as a rock or root) can result in tire-destroying sidewall tears.

Anvil Edge is a wider rim edge that disperses the energy of a pinch flat across a broader, flatter surface. Think of placing a tire on a chopping block and striking it with either a mallet or an axe. Fewer sidewall tears don’t just mean fewer uninterrupted rides, you’ll also get a longer life out of your tires without the need for heavy casings or over-inflated pressures. With Turbine, you can ride your tires the way you want, when you want.

Worth It

Race Face has never made a more durable and compliant alloy wheel than the new Turbine. We also managed to counter the trend of escalating bike prices by making it less expensive than its predecessor. All this with our Lifetime Warranty, inclusive of crashes.

Lifetime Warranty. Crashes Included.

Turbine wheels are backed up by our Race Face Lifetime Warranty which covers all product failures related to riding, inclusive of crashes. You can send it with confidence on Turbine wheels knowing that if you have an issue, Race Face has your back. We’ll get you a fresh wheel right away with none of the typical warranty BS. Of course, any defects in workmanship and materials are covered as well.

Some specifics of what we do and do not cover:

  • If you crash and destroy a wheel, the warranty applies
  • If you dent or flat spot your Turbine rim and your tire no longer holds air, the warranty applies
  • If you dent or flat spot your Turbine rim and your tire still holds air, the warranty does not apply. Keep riding!
  • Seam separation and/or cracks at the spoke hole, the warranty applies
  • Hub wear such as bearings or freewheels are covered by our 2-year Limited Warranty (Vault hubs have class leading bearing sealing for years of hard use)
  • All non-bearing hub issues (including crash damage), the warranty applies
  • Crashes are only covered while riding your bike. If your friend reverses over your back wheel with their truck, the warranty does not apply.
  • Improper installation or repairs are not covered
  • If the Lifetime Warranty is not applicable, we can likely get you setup with a discounted replacement. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


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  • NBD: Purple Hayes, Wireless Brake Sensor, Emergency Bleed Kit…
  • rootes1
    Full Member

    clutch on the Mavic motor sounds perfect! pedaling a Shimano motor when the battery has run out was horrible. Be interesting to see what is unique/patented about the cycloidal reduction used in the Mavic motor given that lots of industrial applications us this. That and the harmonic drives seem perfect for bike motors as they each enable big reductions in ratios in a small concentric package.

    Full Member

    Race Face Lifetime Warranty which covers all product failures related to riding

    Hub wear such as bearings or freewheels are covered by our 2-year Limited Warranty (Vault hubs have class leading bearing sealing for years of hard use)

    No. No they don’t. Son wore out a set of pawls / springs in 3 months on a Turbine c wheel, and only a full freehub was offered at £80 cost. No warranty interest from RaceFace at all, in fact the reply from Canada was borderline rude. Guess what wore out 3 months later again?
    Thankfully CRC stepped up and allowed us to reject the wheel.
    RaceFace – just never again

    Full Member

    No Hendrix references, this place has changed!!

    Full Member

    We’re saving those for the voodoo childs bike

    Full Member

    I didn’t think I could find a titanium bike undesirable. I was wrong. That is ugly af. I do quite like the look of the e13 cranks though. Very smart.

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