Megasack Giveaway Day 8: Finish Line Cleaning Bundle

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Another week, another raft of prizes…

We have daily (week day) prizes to be won, plus another of each prize which goes into our Megasack. Each day that you enter, you might win the daily prize. Whoop! But each daily entry also counts as an entry to win the Megasack. Enter every day to maximise your chances of winning the Megasack. Miss out on a daily entry because you don’t think that prize is one you want? You’re losing out on an extra chance to win the Megasack. Even if you’ve missed the daily draw, don’t worry, because you can still go back and enter in order to boost your chances of winning the Megsack.

To enter, you need to be logged in – it’s free to sign up. Once logged in, the entry box will reveal itself with a question. Answer it correctly to submit your entry. Easy peasy! Please note that prizes can only be sent to a UK address. Now that you’re caught up on what’s going on, let’s find out about the first great prize we have for you.

Finish Line Cleaning Bundle

You might regret winning this as you’ll never have an excuse to have a dirty bike ever again. It’s practically a lifetime’s supply of cleaning products! The lucky winner will get: Speed degreaser x 6, disc brake cleaner x 6, Super bike wash x 2, Easy pro brush set, and Mechanic grip gloves. Phew! The Super Bike wash can be wiped or rinsed off – you decide. The disc brake cleaner will surely stop you squealing through the woods, while the Speed Degreaser will keep all those components looking shiny and new. Brushes will reach into every nook and cranny, and the gloves will keep your hands clean. Fool your friends into thinking it’s a new bike day every day, with a clean and shiny bike.

Want to win one? Watch the video!

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Friday’s Winner

The winner of Day 7 (100% Glasses) is user johnny

We’ll be in touch to get your prize sent to you but if you want to steal a march on that and help us out then email with your address, and mobile number (for the courier) now.

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