Megasack Giveaway Day 1: Massive Lezyne Bundle

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Here we go… it’s the first day of our giveaway bonanza. Not been here before? It’s quite simple: we have daily prizes to be won, plus another of each prize which goes into our Megasack. Each day that you enter, you might win the daily prize. Whoop! But each daily entry also counts as an entry to win the Megasack. Enter every day to maximise your chances of winning the Megasack. Miss out on a daily entry because you don’t think that prize is one you want? You’re losing out on an extra chance to win the Megasack.

To enter, you need to be logged in – it’s free to sign up. Once logged in, the entry box will reveal itself with a question. Answer it correctly to submit your entry. Easy peasy! Please note that prizes can only be sent to a UK address. Multiple entry attempts may result in complete disqualification from the draw. Now that you’re caught up on what’s going on, let’s find out about the first great prize we have for you.

Lezyne Bundle of Joy

With this prize you’re getting five incredible products in one go:

  • Lezyne Pressure Over Drive – £150
  • Lezyne Alloy Drive – £40
  • Lezyne Pocket Torque Drive – £65
  • Lezyne Super SV23 – £62
  • Lezyne Classic Brass Bell – £27

The Pressure Over Drive is a floor pump with analogue pressure gauge, so you can be sure to inflate your tyres just so. Tricky to seat tubeless tyres are no problem – just charge up the pump’s reservoir and release the air in a single blast. Definitely a great tool for the garage or workshop. For out on the trail, there’s the Alloy Drive, compact enough to carry with you, but with a high volume action that will soon see a mountain bike tyre re-inflated.

If you really like to have everything set up perfectly, the Pocket Torque drive can be with you wherever you go. Adjustable to a range of torque settings and with interchangeable heads, you need never over-tighten a bolt ever again. For a plethora of trail or roadside fixes, the Super SV23 has you covered – every size and shape of bolt head you’re likely to need, a chain breaker, stash point for chain links, and even a tubeless repair tool. Rescue yourself and your friends from mechanical disaster!

And finally, put a ding a ling in your ride with the Classic Brass Bell. Stylish looking, sweet sounding, and the perfect accompaniment to trail harmony.

Want all this? Of course you do. So watch this video!

Remember that we can only post prizes to UK addresses. One entry per day per person (Duplicate daily entries will result in disqualification from today’s draw).

Make sure you’re logged in so you can see and answer the question below.

Enter every day’s giveaway here to maximise your chances of winning the Megasack!

Thanks to this year’s big brand supporters

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  • Megasack Giveaway Day 1: Massive Lezyne Bundle
  • v7fmp
    Full Member

    just had my confirmation email….

    You can relax now safe in the knowledge your ticket is in the hat. It’s a metaphorical hat. We don’t actually have a real hat with bits of paper with names on or anything. It is 2021 after all.
    If you have not yet entered our previous 2021 MegaSack daily draws you still can. You won’t win the daily prize but you will gain an extra entry into the MegaSack big prize draw that will happen live on the 31st December.

    looks like STW have a time machine :)

    Full Member

    Woohoo…still liking the theme tune at the start. Good video editing this year, liked the visual demos of the items with the voiceover. Like every day (and year), I’m feeling lucky this time!!!

    Full Member

    I feel this is going to be my year….

    Full Member

    top tip. playback speed x2, makes it much more amusing and less time consuming to get to the answer….

    Full Member


    Good video editing this year, liked the visual demos of the items with the voiceover

    Yeah, I was watching and thinking it was all a little bit slicker than previous years.

    Full Member

    Wow, as ever this looks really exciting but the prizes are way over my head so i shall not enter. Better to be won by someone who would really appreciate them.

    Full Member

    a little bit slicker than previous years.

    Damn! Off brand!

    Full Member

    Lovin it again this year but please bring back the equally amusing / annoying ‘MEGA SACK’ voice over everytime Mega sack is mentioned,

    Full Member

    So confused… where’s the Mamba pedal competition???

    Free Member

    looks like STW have a time machine 🙂

    I think you’ll find 2020 was a do-over

    Full Member

    was all a little bit slicker than previous years.

    Wait until it gets 3 weeks in… :-)

    (Seriously, good effort ST team!)

    Full Member

    I think I preferred the unslicker version, but the bloopers are a good antidote

    Full Member

    Great effort!
    Looking forward to things getting shonkier as we get close to the big day.

    Full Member

    Whoohoo! Love the mega-sack season!

    Lovin it again this year but please bring back the equally amusing / annoying ‘MEGA SACK’ voice over everytime Mega sack is mentioned

    +1. Was there a cheesy graphic that went with this too?

    Full Member

    Fingers crossed… I need some luck after this stinker of a year!

    Free Member

    If I win it – can you not send me the bell, they really don’t work

    Edit – ahhh I see they redesigned it. OK I’ll have it then.

    Full Member

    I look forward to the outtakes at the end and maybe winning this year.

    Full Member

    A fab bundle to start off with. I’ve fattest of chances of winning, but thanks for bringing some joy to the drab winter days

    Full Member

    Well I found out my phone does stereo with it’s top and bottom speaker, so I’m already a winner!

    Full Member

    Seasonal comedy genius
    Thank you Singletrack ❤️

    Full Member

    Please bring back the ‘Mega Sack’ annoying but comical voice over. It really gets on my other half’s nerves when I keep attempting it myself

    Full Member

    Needs more beer …

    Full Member

    This is it, I feel it

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