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I mean, it’s already a pretty fabulous magazine, with a great balance of stories and plenty of beautiful pictures to exercise your eyes. But we think it can be even better, so we’ve been busy behind the scenes, and we’re just about ready to send the fruits of our labour off to the printer so we can all see the finished result.

What’s new?

We’ve changed the paper, because we want it to be more capable of printing our incredible photographs at the quality they deserve. It’s a heavier weight paper with a slightly different finish that should react better to having the ink applied to it, giving a more consistent and vibrant result.

The better print quality allows us to be more creative with our layouts. We can do more with the pictures, and bring a more animated feel to the magazine. Don’t worry, you can still lose yourself in quiet contemplation, and it will still ‘feel’ like Singletrack, but we hope that some of the new design elements will help it be a more compelling and immersive experience. And of course, it will still be available in all the usual digital formats.

We’ll be listening to your feedback, but we hope you’ll like what you see. Join us by 25th November to receive this issue, along with the free Singletrack World Calendar. By joining us today, you’ll also beat our upcoming price rise, getting you Singletrack for a whole year ahead from just £20. And if you want to give Singletrack as a gift, it’s the perfect time to explore our gift memberships.

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What’s inside?

For those of you who have watched the latest Joe Barnes film, this might look familiar. Shot by the ever energetic Pete Scullion during the making of that film, it shows some very UK conditions.

Editorial / We Are Not Alone

Chipps encourages us to get to know our ride-group neighbours.

International Adventure / Bring Your ‘Eh’ Game

Tim Wild heads north for an epic British Columbia trip. Will the stress of the planning pay off?

UK Adventure /Slymefoot Slide

Is it bikes or biscuits that holds Rick Hamilton and his newfound band of bikepackers together as they trial a new Northumberland route?

Editors’ Choice 2022

The very best products of the year, as picked by the Singletrack staffers.

Singletrack Kitchen / Bacon Jam

Charlie combines some of his favourite foods into one densely flavoursome hit.

A Flying Start

Hannah spends a day in Marin at the birthplace of mountain biking, with the happy community of people that created it.

Bike Test / Mountain Bikes For Winter

Benji leads the test team through the winter murk in order to find the ‘perfect’ winter mountain bike.

Classic Ride / Porlock Pleasures

Chipps ventures just that little bit further west than normal and discovers peace, quiet and trails from the sea and all the way deep into the hills.

Pete’s Myths / Nesbyen Huldufolk

Pete chases shadows and Manon Carpenter in their search for this Norwegian myth.

Last Word / Mountain Biking Soup

If Hannah has you over for tea, don’t eat the soup…

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Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • Join Us Now! A new and improved Singletrack Magazine is coming…
  • oldfart
    Full Member

    Well now , although I’ve been with you lot since day 1 the next issue looks to be my personal favourite EVER , ! already 😎It’s like it was written from my memories 👍Chilcotins float plane feature , can’t wait ! I’ve been lucky / greedy enough to have done it twice ! Is Dale still running Tyax Air ? How did you get up there did you go over the Hurley pass ? That’s an adventure in itself 😬 Next Marin county and the museum as well , again ridden Repack, and all the iconic trails in the tyre tracks of the likes of Charlie Kelly , Joe Breeze et al . I went to the museum when it was at Crested Butte before it moved .
    Closer to home and Porlock just down the road from me , plus a free calendar , can’t wait ! Hurry up !!!! 😬😬😬😬😬

    Full Member

    Is it going 3D!!! Cool! :-)

    Full Member

    That picture of the puddle splash is bloody ace! who took it?

    edit: Oh, it says…ignore me!! It’s still ace though, nice one Mr Scullion!

    Full Member

    The “mountain bikes for winter” feature doesn’t seem to include anything with tyres over 4″ wide. I guess it’s looking ahead to global warming?

    Full Member

    @oldfart that’s the kind of feedback I’m relieved to hear! Let’s hope the reality will live up to your expectations.

    Full Member

    @scotroutes maybe if this unseasonable November is followed by a never ending freeze that lasts through to May we’ll be able to get enough time on ice tyres and fat bikes to write about them? Right now, it is warm and wet. So very wet. Wet enough that I’m procrastinating about leaving the office.

    Full Member

    @stwhannah – we’re still getting 13-14c daytime temperatures here too so the prospect of any decent snow biking is looking slim.

    For comparison, this was 19th December 2019!!

    Full Member

    There’s a magazine? Etc etc

    Full Member

    I will just add a BUT though Hannah 🙄 not sure I’d class an E Bike as ideal for Winter though ? 🤔 I had a bad experience with my Kona E bike , Bosch Gen 2 motor did not like getting wet 😞 after the 3rd motor in as many years Bosch contacted me directly and advised me to avoid splashing water up onto the motor as “ they don’t like it “ 🙄which kind of put me off riding on the Quantocks with all those stream crossings 😞 Maybe the newer generation holds up better ?
    Because of this I’m considering doing the same with my Orbea Rise H15 as roadies do this time of year and mothballing it until March 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄Maybe Shimano have the waterproofing sorted not sure I want to chance it though 😞😞😞😞

    Full Member

    I might consider going back to print, its nice to have around rather than staring at computers all day and despite the fact I could read the digital versions, for some reason I don’t.

    Full Member

    For comparison, this was 19th December 2019!!

    Correction. 19th November 2019

    Full Member

    @Kryton57 you could use your member’s discount to get the next issue on pre order at a discount rate, see if you like the paper, and then switch up in future? Although, that won’t catch you the locked in current membership price.

    Full Member

    Why not! I have missed the magazine’s to be honest and the photos. Bring on another year. 👍

    Full Member

    The “mountain bikes for winter” feature doesn’t seem to include anything with tyres over 4″ wide.

    Catering for those of us where winter is the dry season perhaps ;)

    Full Member

    Ah yes, we used to change from 1.95 to 1.75 for winter. Cut through the mud just reet!

    Full Member

    @stwhannah – I stopped my print and switched to digital because the image quality seem to take a nose dive at some point. The changes sound promising – what would be my best (cost effective) way to change from digital to print, please (current sub expires Jan I think)?

    Full Member

    @vmgscot You want to upgrade now so that you lock in the current Print+ price for the next 12 months. Go to the ‘my account’ section, view your subscription, and hit the upgrade button. Thanks!

    Full Member

    Just tried to upgrade, and it wants to add another £9 ‘sign up fee’ to the digital/print sub upgrade…

    Free Member

    I tried too and it wants to add £14 sign up fee plus the annual sub. Is this the pro rata difference between print and digital?

    Full Member

    Yeah it looks like it’s the uplift cost to get the printed mag for the remainder of your existing sub (my ‘sign up’ fee was £12.99, existing digital only sub was until April 2023) but I might be wrong – just upgraded mine though…

    Full Member

    @ditch_jockey Yes @FuzzyWuzzy and @hooli are quite right. Its not a sign up fee its the full amount less a pro rate discount dependent on the current subscription price. We are trying to find a way to make this more user friendly so the process is more obvious, but failing a few times. We put this new code extension which allows our members to vary the price of their subscriptions above our current standard rate through switching a subscription but this might be muddying the waters as far as the transparency of the process is concerned.

    Full Member

    Excellent – in which case Mr ‘outraged of Kirkintilloch’ here is off to upgrade his sub!

    Full Member

    I was almost put off by the upgrade fee but then thought, ‘Ah, bugger it. It’ll be worth it.’ so it was a nice surprise to see I wasn’t actually paying it.

    Saying that, I went back and reduced the amount I was paying from £45 to £39 so I might just have to buy some more stuff to make up the shortfall.

    So yes, very confusing.

    Full Member

    My winter bike is the same as my summer bike with a different rear tyre and a bigger mudguard

    Full Member

    @oldfart “Is Dale still running Tyax Air ? ”

    No. He sold the operation to Blackcomb Helicopters, and the plane in the photo is probably the one that ended up smashing into the side of a mountain with an old work mate on board earlier this year….. I think I’ll wait for another 5 years before getting in one of those planes up there.

    Full Member

    I’ve just swapped onto my winter tyres for the Disco. Should guarantee a mild winter in the UK then…

    Free Member

    I cancelled my print with some regret as I found the reviews endlessly positive and lacking objective criticism. Everything was great all the time which I found less than convincing. Also e-bikes.
    Wish it wasn’t so but I’ll visit it again and reconsider.

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