Gabriel Wibmer grinding around Hamburg

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Wibmer’s new bike has got shocks… pegs… lucky! And he certainly does take it off some sweet jumps in this new edit called ‘The Grind’.

Canyon PR:

Gabriel Wibmer, part of the next generation of mountain biking’s Trials and Freeride scene, has pulled out all the stops in his latest edit. ‘The Grind’ sees the young Austrian lift his creativity to another level, hitting the streets of Hamburg with a new perspective on what obstacles can be ridden, and how he can ride them. Watch Gabriel’s edit here:

Already known for his incredible ability to blend Trials and Freeride disciplines into mind bending edits, Gabriel has added inspiration from BMX street and flatland into the mix to create this truly unique piece of content. Gabriel approached bike sponsor Canyon, with an idea to produce grind pegs which would work on his full-suspension Spectral AL trail bike. Machined from scratch, these custom-made BMX style pegs were the first step on Gabriel’s journey towards producing this all new edit.

From rail grinds to flat land spins, Gabriel unlocked a whole bag of new tricks while getting to grips with the grind pegs and goes on to explore what’s possible on this one-of-a-kind MTB setup.

“Our idea was to combine MTB with BMX and for this we watched several BMX edits and one thing became clear to us very quickly – we would definitely need Grind Pegs!

With the help of Canyon, this idea was very quickly implemented, so within 2 weeks I had an absolute dream bike with a custom made axle and Grind Pegs. Of course, we did not know at the time, whether this could work at all, but that’s exactly why the whole project was so exciting for us.

After some initial difficulties, we went to Hamburg for 14 days to realize the whole project. Of course, not everything went according to plan, but I’m definitely stoked that we were able to bring the whole idea to life and implement a piece of BMX into the MTB scene.” – Gabriel Wibmer

What does the future hold for MTB grinds? Only time will tell. But this pioneering new edit is now live and available to view.

What’s with the cliff-hanger? The Grind isn’t the only thing Gabriel has been working on this year. Stay tuned for even more jibs, sends and tricks coming soon.

Yes, we will find any excuse to embed this scene into a story

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  • Gabriel Wibmer grinding around Hamburg
  • weeksy
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    It’s just epically cool and completely bemusing how this happens… just the tricks, moves, etc… baffling.

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    It’s a great film and the addition of pegs is a nice blend with BMX street.

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    That was a real shoe in IMO. The guy has mad skills but that was shoe in to do some crap grinds on a mtb. The curved wall ride was obviously a problem for him as well, not supprisingly as trying to do a curved wall ride on bike that is going to be hard.

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    Loved that. Didn’t know Fabio had a brother, if indeed it is his brother

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