Starling Cycles Murmur Hope x Bristol Bicycle Restoration – Marmite Bike?

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To celebrate the launch of pre-orders for the Starling Murmur Stainless, Starling have created something rather eye-catching.

Press Release continues:

We teamed up with Bristol Bicycle Restorations and Hope to create a super-special, one-off custom-painted Murmur Stainless. 

The age-old mountain biking truth ‘anodising equals eye-catching’ rings true on this one, and Hope supplied some absolutely stunning anodised parts for this. Choosing all 4 of their ano colours felt a little over the top even for this build, so we stuck with 3 – blue, orange and purple. We selected as many Hope parts as possible and tried to have every part next to a different coloured component. 

Next we enlisted the help of Bristol Bike Restorations for a custom paint job.  We gave Josh free reign to use his own creative interpretation and he created a smooth fade between colours and some nice hex details to match the Hope components.

Spec List:

  • Wheels // Ryan Builds Wheels DT Swiss XM421 rims, 24H hubs, silver Sapim CX-Ray spokes 
  • Fork // RockShox Pike
  • Shock // Cane Creek Inline Coil with Progressive Spring (now available on Starling frames)
  • Cockpit // Various from FunnMTB
  • Tyres // Michelin Wild AM (using the older generation with white logos so the colours wouldn’t clash!)
  • Inserts // CushCore Enduro

We’re absolutely over the moon with the results – and happy with how Marmite the bike seems to be with riders. It did a great job of grabbing attention at the Ardrock Enduro and we’re hoping it’ll do the same as more people catch sight of it.

Press Release ends.

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  • Starling Cycles Murmur Hope x Bristol Bicycle Restoration – Marmite Bike?
  • sanername
    Full Member

    Oh god, I really like it, but I haven’t bought a not-second-hand mountain bike since 2004…

    Full Member

    Only bit I don’t like are the wheels. Love the frame and ano bits. I was thinking of doing a bit of a rainbow of ano bits on my latest bike actually but ended up just specing a black headset as I might have the frame re sprayed in the future….

    Full Member

    That is absolutely rad 👌😍
    I so want one.

    Full Member

    I’d agree with Adam that I’m not keen on the wheels. But it needs multi coloured spokes.

    It screams “LOOK AT ME!” Which being an attention whore is right up my alley.

    Free Member

    What’s the opposite of polishing a turd?

    This is.

    Full Member

    You know that feeling when you can’t work out if you thoroughly hate something or want it in your life forever?

    Yea that.

    Full Member

    Needs a “hot pink” cane creek helm, that black pike is letting the side down…

    Free Member

    Haha, if they made the coil spring hot pink too I might be able to get on board with it.

    Still the MTB equivlent of sticking a load of Ripspeed spoilers on a Jag E type though.

    Full Member

    Don’t like the wheels??!! They’re the best bit!

    (eye of the beholder and all that).

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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