£10k on offer for ‘British mountains’ film ideas

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Kendal Mountain Festival and outdoor clothing brand Rab are offering a grant of £10,000 to support “grassroots adventure storytelling” for documentary film ideas based in UK mountains.


The project goes under the title ‘The Mountain People Film Commissioning Grant’. The grant will contribute £10,000 to the winning film pitch (to be awarded at this year’s Kendal Mountain Festival in November). The decision will be made jointly by the Kendal Mountain Festival team, Rab plus two film industry consultants.

Rab’s Jim Evans: “We are delighted to support filmmakers to push their creative and professional boundaries. Not only are we excited to hear applicants’ innovative ideas on our theme; ‘In Your Element’ we look forward to seeing the next trailblazing film based in our spectacular British landscape.”

The aims of the scheme:

  • Encourage filmmaking in the British Mountains
  • Enable applications from filmmakers who are, as yet, unable to access funds for their ideas
  • Broaden the number of storytellers who use the British Mountains as a creative and physical resource
  • Support and grow diversity and inclusion in the outdoors
  • Inspire people to enjoy and experience the mountainous areas within Britain
  • Bring new stories to the Kendal Mountain Community, and on to the wider festival circuit to share with new outdoor audiences.

The grant is for a documentary film (up to 30 minutes long) to be made in the United Kingdom during the period of November 2022 to September 2023 exploring the theme ‘In Your Element’.

Each pitch submitted to the Festival must detail a production schedule that would enable a finished film to be submitted to the 2023 Festival. The team will welcome applications from independent filmmakers who are based in the UK.

All teams must consider the environmental impact of the project and they suggest using the We Are Albert Carbon Calculator to assess stuff. They also ask that all applicants to read and consider the BFI Diversity Standards when making their application.

Applications will be taken via this Google Form between now and 30th September 2022.

Applications will involve: 300 words outlining the proposed story, 200 words on the intended audience of the film, 200 words on any key challenges you will face, and a PDF containing the bios of your production team, a production and location schedule and a completed budget.

You can download a budget template here (you will need to go to ‘File’ > ‘Download’ and download the xls file to complete it).

To read to full details go to: kendalmountainfestival.com

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