Trek Fuel EX

Quick look at the new Trek Fuel EX

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MY23 y’all. We’ve not seen one of the new Trek Fuel EX bikes in the flesh, but we still thought you’d like to know the basic gist of it. Here goes with the hardboiled deets!

Looks like an ebike? Or is that vice-versa?

Yes, it does look a whole lot like the new Trek Fuel EXe ebike. We imagine this aesthetic homogeneity may become a feature with most brands over the next couple of years.

140mm rear travel

The rear travel has been bumped up a bit from 130mm to 140mm.

Down tube protector

So too has the front boing number being upped and the new Trek Fuel EX bikes come specced with 150mm travel forks.

ABP all present and correct

The Fuel EX remains Trek’s key all-round mountain bike type thing. You could call it a Trail Bike, if that meant anything much anymore.

Re:AKTIV with ThruShaft (remember that?) rear shock design has gone. Replaced with ‘normal’ rear shocks throughout the range.

Adjustable leverage rate

Speaking of rear shocks, the new Fuel EX is coil-shock compatible. Rocker has two settings for different leverage rates. This is actually applicable to air shocks too really. One setting is less progressive (good for wheels-on-the gorund mid-speed swallowing of chunky terrain. The other setting is more progressive, which as well as theoretically being more suited to the linearity of coil shocks, will also offer more support and bottom resistant for higher amplitude riding/riders.

Down-tube storage with BITS bag

There’s down-tube storage on alloy and carbon models, with the BITS pull-out storage bag included.

Longer (rear, wheelbase), slacker (head angle), steeper (seat angle) geometry. Reach increases circa 20mm. Also, size-specific seat angles. Also also, size-specific chainstays.

MinoLink flipchip

The geometry is adjustable via the familiar Mino Link in the rocker (+/-0.5° head angle adjust approx 8mm bottom bracket adjust) but now Trek are offering angle-adjust headset cups aftermarket (+/-1° head angle adjustment).

Aftermarket adjustable headset cups

The seat tube accepts more modern must-have longer dropper seatposts (200mm+). The seat tube diameter has gone up to 34.9mm (expect to see more of this happening on other brands’ MY23 bike). Larger seat tubes afford “longer, more robust dropper posts” y’see.

Trek Fuel EX
In the wild

Although Trek state that the Trek Fuel EX can be mulleted it does come with the caveat that you’ll need to up the fork to 160mm travel (which *may* just a new air shaft job rather than a whole new fork) and you’re advised to run the MinoLink in High setting, obvs.

What else? Oh yes. Fully guided internal cable routing. Which is nice.

Oh and the ‘Knock Block’ steering limiter is not on the new Trek Fuel EX but an ISCG-05 chainguide mount (3-bolt) is.

UK pricing

Fuel EX 9.9 XX1 AXS, £11,750
Fuel EX 9.9 XT,R £9,900
Fuel EX 9.8 GX AXS, £6,900-£7,450
Fuel EX 9.8 XT, £6,300-£6,850
Fuel EX 9.7 SLX/XT, £4,800
Fuel EX 8 XT, £4,000
Fuel EX 7 Deore/XT, £3,300

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  • Quick look at the new Trek Fuel EX
  • johnnystorm
    Full Member

    Almost skipped this as I thought it was the eBike again! 🤣

    Free Member

    Has to just be a quick look, to avoid needing eye bleach?

    Full Member

    Guy Kesteven has his initial review up on YouTube. Not watched it yet, wonder whether he likes the bike?

    Free Member

    Got rid of that silly knock block nonsense and the silly proprietary suspension.

    Trek starting to look really attractive.

    Full Member

    The knock block can be removed effortlessly

    So can the shock, you can just fit a normal one.

    Although the Thru shaft works great

    Full Member

    I hope the nice comment about internal cable routing was sarcasm.

    Interesting how the trail bike in MY2023 is pushing what was an Enduro set up (for most companies) 6 years ago.

    Full Member

    Trek need to sort their warranty out; they are aggressively bad at supporting their product.

    Full Member

    Trek need to sort their warranty out; they are aggressively bad at supporting their product.

    Reading on Trek generally come out in warranty discussions really really well.

    Some bloke recently had his frame swapped in Morzine in 3 days apparently after breaking it on holiday.

    Full Member

    my chainstay snapped under braking causing me to crash. they didnt even examine it, just said ‘no it didn’t’

    Full Member

    @bigrich That’s highly unusual with Trek in my experience. They’ve always followed up and given customers the benefit of the doubt in some very shaky cases. And even when stuff was obviously the customer’s fault, they’ll offer a decent discount on a replacement bike and/or frame.

    Did you take it up with Trek at the time (tel 01908 360 140 if you’re a UK customer) or the store? Definitely call that number if it’s a UK bike and let us know what happens.

    Full Member

    Yes, I did. I’ve been in contact with trek Usa too.

    I also offered to have a fracture analysis done,  at my expense, by the carbon team at work. The response?

    “You can do what you want, it’s your bike; we won’t however,  look at the data”

    I have 10k worth of carbon bits in the shed.

    Full Member

    The only time I’ve ever found them challenging is where customers can’t find proof of purchase (or they’ve bought it from someone else secondhand).

    We had a carbon Session frame in recently with a barely noticeable hairline crack that was swapped out no problem at all.

    Can’t see why you’re having so much difficulty. They are excellent in all the cases I’ve ever dealt with on their behalf (though that’s not many)!

    Full Member

    Oh man, that’s pretty bleak.

    Did they say what their thoughts were on the break ?

    Full Member

    Full proof of purchase. They say I didn’t do the rear axle up.

    It was the only thing that held the back end together while I Inelegantly crashed. I pointed this out, but they ignored me and ended the conversation

    Personally,  I don’t reckon they have any spare frames knocking about so are avoiding warranty replacements.

    Full Member

    It might be a grower but on initial viewing its not exactly a looker, not great that it looks exactly like the e-bike either in my view. I may however change my mind….

    Full Member

    Bikes like this make it easier to convince myself that anyone who overtakes me is on an ebike.

    Full Member

    I’ve never had a warranty problem with Specialized, Kona or Trek. They’ve been really helpful (Specialized once lent me one of their staff’s personal Demo 7s as they couldn’t replace my SX Trail in time for a trip to Morzine) and Trek have sorted out both my wife’s Maxine and a friend’s Maxine (different years and problems) promptly and quickly (big shout out toe The Bike Shed in Exeter for sorting that out).

    Free Member

    ‘deets’? You are dead to me.

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