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  • Crank Brothers Stamp 7 flat pedal review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    Is bigger really better? At 114mm wide the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals are considerably wider than most pedals on the market.

    By ben_haworth

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    Crank Brothers Stamp 7 flat pedal review

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    There seems to be hardly any exposed spindle with the body of the pedal right up against the crank, how much wider than ‘normal’ sized pedals are they? Compared to say a DMR Vault how much extra width are we talking once they are fitted?

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    I’ll say this. I’m size 12/12.5 and was really interested to try these out. On every single ride I was getting pedal strikes, something I had not experienced previously on my Nukeproof Evo’s or had been too insignificant to notice. After two weeks using them, I was at the bike park and commented to a friend about how disappointed I was in them, literally an hour later I had a fair sized crash after clipping one on a rock and breaking off a pin. Back on my Nukeproofs and happy again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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