What’s Inside Singletrack Issue 144? Out Today!

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Inside Issue 144

Editorial – No More Crashing (on floors)

Chipps has spent a lifetime crashing on floors and sofas. Now that he has a floor and sofa of his own, he wonders where the next generation of floor crashers is.

UK Adventure: Excess Baggage

Nils Amelinckx takes an unusual packing list to the mountains for an overnight adventure. His bags are strapped to his bike, and his stomach is strapped to his body. Bowel cancer treatment and a stoma won’t keep him from the mountains.

MTB Culture: Cultivating Success

Hannah heads to the birthplace of mountain biking to meet WTB, a company that is part of mountain biking’s origin story.

UK Adventure: Cannock Chasing Time

Geoff Waugh looks at two mountain bike races, same venue, 30 years apart.

UK Adventure: Where The Duegars Dwell

What’s short, hairy and lures us to the moors of Northumberland – Pete Scullion, or a Duegar?

UK Adventure: Lord Of The Granny Rings

Inspired by the works of Tolkien, Sanny leads his merry crew on an adventure through lands that could easily double for Middle Earth.

Column: Zippity Doo-Dah

Chipps leads us in praise of the humble cable tie.

Interview: Searching For A Solution

Dean Hersey chats to the ball of energy that is Claudio Caluori.

Classic Ride: Ludlow And The Clee Hills

Shropshire isn’t all about the Long Mynd. Steve Chapman links up some hidden gems.

Bike Test: WTF Is A Trail Bike?

Benji and the team set out to stick to the trail, without veering off into the enduro, or XC.

ST Kitchen: Taking The Rough With The Smoothie

Charlie shows you that blended vegetables aren’t just for babies and after a trip to the dentist.

Kit Essentials: 4-Pot Brakes

Benji and the team test out seven sets of brakes to stop you in your tracks.

MTB Culture: Building For The Builders

There’s more to it than tubes. We meet the people at Paragon Machine Works, who make the bits for the people who make the bikes.

Last Word: Eudaimonic

Hannah ponders if there could be a way to extend the benefits of a ride?

If you’d like to give us feedback on the articles once you’ve read them, our survey for issue 144 is here.

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  • What’s Inside Singletrack Issue 144? Out Today!
  • eddiebaby
    Full Member

    Can’t see issue 144 on the list for downloads folks. 🙁

    Full Member

    Oh that’s gross!

    Full Member

    @eddiebaby you are definitely looking here, yes?


    Full Member

    Yep, only goes up to 142.

    Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 11.16.06

    Full Member

    Same 😓

    Full Member

    I only see up to 142 as well.

    Full Member

    We are on it guys

    Full Member

    Phew, not just me then.
    Thought I’d been kick off the approved list. 😉

    Full Member

    If you can’t see it in your account yet you can download from the old system here https://singletrackworld.com/download/singletrack-magazine-issue-144-pdf/

    Full Member

    Thanks Mark.

    Full Member

    Good edition this one. Excess Baggage was a highlight. Thanks.

    Full Member

    I thought the photography was top notch in this episode!

    Full Member

    Saving my paper copy for when I’m holidaying in two weeks time.

    Full Member

    The Magazine 144 is Great. The articles are Great. The Jibe up the spine about Lycra is pathetic and just gives amunition the Farage cronies & their “Swating lycra louts like wasps” crap. How can the public offer any empathy when people within cycling spout such crap!!

    Wear what You want Be comfortable Be Safe


    Full Member

    Loved the excess baggage piece. Inspiring on several levels and brilliantly written.

    Full Member

    … can’t see that on the pdf

    Full Member

    The spineline says “I’ll do it naked before I do it in Lycra”

    Spinelines are random quotes overheard by any of us at any time and reproduced without attribution to the source or the context in which it was said. Also, a bit like ‘retweets’ they don’t necessarily reflect the views of the magazine – Amanda picks the ones that make us laugh from the actual real whiteboard in the office on which literally hundreds get scribbled. It has always been thus 🙂

    Sorry we’ve offended anyone.

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