Fresh Goods Friday 609: Missing In Action Edition

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It’s not the done thing to talk about the weather on these sort of things any more is it? It’s a bit lazy and obvious. But… heatwave imminent! Here in the UK anyway. This means we’ll be getting Corfu-esque levels of hotness (AKA ‘heat’) from Sunday. Weather alerts and everything.

So, ride your bike. Stay in the trees. Plot routes near watering holes (AKA ‘shops’). Strap another bottle cage on to your bike/body. Sun cream. Long sleeve jerseys. Don’t overdo the apres-ride refreshment (AKA ‘pub’).

Or, if you’re not feeling like riding your bike until later in the day(s), there’s another weekend of excellent bicycle racing happening on the internets (AKA ‘UCI World Cup MTB’).

Dubious title. Glorious tune.

Shimano SD5 Sandals

These are my (Amanda) commuter sandals, for the days that I don’t have time to go up and over. So they’ll only see the canal, maybe a short section of cobbles, and a couple of meters of tarmac. I will not wear these mountain biking! I honestly think I’ll get loads of use out of them, and my Birkenstocks can take a break from being folded around XT pedals when I’m just too lazy to put shoes on. I am excited about my SPD sandals, so please don’t tell me they’re terrible in the comments 🙂

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

From stingers to whippers, the trails have gone all OTT. Like they always do at this time of year. Rides are ending with stinging knuckles, bleeding forearms and scratched glasses’ lenses. Amanda’s got hold of the classic Laplander for taming her used-to-be-under-now-is-over-growth.

Green Oil stuff

  • Price: On Tour Lube £3.99, Wet Chain Lube £8.99, Dry Chain Wax £12.99, Clean Chain Degreaser £7.99, Agent Apple Degreaser £16.99
  • From: Green Oil

One of the original eco fluid proponents, Green Oil have a revamped range of environmentally-friendly-as-possible lube and cleaners.

What do we have here then? From left to right: there’s the portable 30ml On Tour wet lube inspired by a King Of Shaves bottle, the Wet Chain Lube with its excellent nozzle applicator, the Dry Chain Wax partially aimed at oil-phobic commuters, the Clean Chain Degreaser is a sort of jelly that can be diluted into a regular bike cleaner spray type fluid, finally there’s the Agent Apple Degreaser that is essentially very, very strong (and can be re-used up to three times!)

GripGrab bottle

Did I [Benji] really need yet another water bottle? Somehow yes. They have a habit of disappearing. That, or they develop leaky bite valves that cover your chin and shirt/shorts with liquids when all you want to do is hydrate.

The main benefit of this bottle is that it looks cool. Another benefit is that it contains no heavy metal. Which, as a died in the wool northern soulboy, is music to Benji’s ears. Take that Iron Maiden!

Bosch charger for MIA e-bike

  • Price: N/A
  • From: A Courier

E-bikes. They are now more complicated than ever than ever to ship to the UK from Europe for some unknow reason. If anyone can guess what that cause is, please leave a comment below. It’s a real mystery.

Anyway, at least we have this charger ready for when/if the bike ever arrives. If you encounter a lost e-bike in international waters between the UK and Spain (we think), then please get in touch. Or bring straight To the office. Gracias!

Knog Scout

Both a loud bike alarm and a highly accurate finder. Loud, lightweight, rechargeable, waterproof. Can be discreetly and easily mounted to a bike frame via water bottle cage mounts using tamper-proof security screws.

When leaving the bike, users arm Scout using the Knog app on an Apple device or on Scout itself. The device has multi-functional LEDs that allow the user to clearly see if their Scout is armed, paired, and view the status of the battery. Once armed, any movement of the bike triggers an impossible-to-ignore alarm (a blaring 85 decibels) and then sends a text alert to the user. Once notified, users can trace the bike’s location using Apple’s ‘Find My’ app and take action.

Cotic Long Sleeve Eco Ride Jersey

  • Price: £60.00
  • From: Cotic

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester with “excellent breathability and longevity”. Available in Sage, Grey as well as this Raspberry colour.

In terms of weight/warmth of fabric, it’s a little bit thicker than most aesthetically similar trail riding long sleeve jerseys and consequently it can be worn without a base layer a bit more in the UK!

DMR newsletter competition prize pile

  • Price: DMR Vault Mag pedals £120, DMR V11 pedals £55, DMR Brendog DeathGrip Galaxy £26, DMR Brendog DeathGrip Refill £18, DMR DeathGrip Collars Oil Slick £19
  • From: Upgrade Bikes

Stay tuned early next week for your chance to win this cool bundle of bike bits. Courtesy of the nice folk at DMR and Upgrade, if you sign up to our newsletter and correctly answer the question that will be in next week’s newsletter, your name will go into a digital hat to win all of the stuff pictured above.

Singletrack Name Patch Truckers Cap

Charlie says… “Here comes the sun, and it’s not alright. It’s also in my face. Damn you sun, we haven’t seen you for 9 months, and now you suddenly turn up, show off and try and dazzle me with your dazzliness. How am I ‘sposed to drive a truck, or lawn mower, or shopping trolley with you beaming all over the place? Keep on truckin’ right in the Singletrack mesh backed truckers cap. 10-4 good buddy.”

Thread of the Week

Congratulations to redthunder this week. Not only for having a ‘hog, but for posting this thread on to the globally renowned Singletrack Forum…


For a limited/unlimited time we’ve decided to award An Actual Prize to the TOTW. And it seems pretty obvious that it’s the Forum Bottle Opener that is to be awarded.

Hey, redthunder please email to claim your opener.


Please give @singletrackmagazine a follow on Instagram. Or tears will roll down our cheek.

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  • Fresh Goods Friday 609: Missing In Action Edition
  • Woo
    Full Member

    No. Overdo the apres ride refreshment. Every chance you get.

    Full Member

    Amanda’s got hold of the classic Laplander for taming her used-to-be-under-now-is-over-growth.

    You put that in deliberately didn’t you!

    Full Member

    Those Bacho saws are ace, they are light enough to go in your pack and can tackle anything up to the size of small trees that have fallen across the trail. Together with a pair secateurs they are the business for sorting out overgrown trails.

    Full Member

    I read about the Knog Scout earlier in the week, seems like a good device, but from what I have read it only works with a bloody Apple bloody I-Phone! Or am I missing something.

    Full Member

    No, you’re not missing something Gary. It uses an apple air tag to do the tracking.
    With that in mind, does the price include the tag?

    Full Member

    “died in the wool northern soulboy”

    That bundle of wool is going to be pretty smelly when they find the corpse. Won’t be fit for much apart from making one of these:

    Free Member

    I am excited about my SPD sandals, so please don’t tell me they’re terrible in the comments

    They’ve been pretty much the same since the 90s, so I’m sure they’ll be fine.

    Free Member

    Matthew Hornby – 3rd party devices can use the Find My network nowadays, so pretty sure the Knog
    Finder does that rather than having an airtag inside it

    Free Member

    nice bahco saw, whats the quality like, I’ve had a couple of the lidl/adli variant for £5-6, great until they snap..

    Full Member

    Pretty sure those are what SPD sandals are what Harry Ingham has been wearing since they came out, Amanda. Everyone one in Tod will just think you got a job at his shop.

    Full Member

    I had a air of the SPD sandals many many years ago. I thought they were great and if they had a more covered toe area, I’d have used them offroad more.

    Free Member

    Why can’t hedgehogs move over & let other animals use hedges too? 🤔

    Full Member

    nice bahco saw, whats the quality like, I’ve had a couple of the lidl/adli variant for £5-6, great until they snap..

    They’re really good, and good value, but they’re not that long so theres a limit to what you can tackle. If you can fit a longer saw in your riding pack then they’re not much heavier, quicker to use on small stuff, and you can deal with bigger trees (but they are of course more expensive). Theres a thread.

    Secateurs – for clearing branches get an anvil not bypass type.

    Full Member

    Lapland is miles better than any of the cheap ones I’ve tried.

    Full Member

    The Laplander saw is ace but get a brighter string or you will loose it at some point 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Full Member

    I have a pair of SD5 sandals I think they are brilliant, no socks, just paint your toe nails, it’s surprising how excited people get when I turn up for a group ride

    Free Member

    Those oil-slick Deathgrip collars have now become my most lusted-after pointless blingy accessory. They will match my Muc-Off valves and Uberbike stem bolts wonderfully!

    Who says you can’t buy class?

    Full Member

    KNOG SCOUT… Benji has passed me the knog scout. I will have a fiddle about this weekend, and find out how it works.

    Full Member

    I’ve finally braved a bike ride in the sandals. Aside from the comedy tan lines my feet are now sporting, I have no complaints! Really comfy, stiff enough to work great with XT pedals, and if I lift my toes up on a descent it airs my feet.

    Full Member

    I won my only ever mountain bike medal wearing SPD sandals. I came third (out of perhaps ten) at the inaugural UK singlespeed champs in 1995. I may have worn socks though, for a ‘no gravel between the toes’ effect…

    Full Member

    Wow… even with my maths, I realise that was 27 years ago… 😮

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