Singletrack Name Patch Truckers Cap



Sold By: Singletrack Magazine


Poorly informed folk have been known to ask “Why do I need a truckers cap?”. For a comprehensive answer we can turn to the truckin’ authority that is the 70’s prog pop cock rock band 10cc.

In the song “Dreadlock Holiday” they clearly detail the consequences of not trucking correctly: “I was walkin’ down the street
Concentratin’ on truckin’ right”… and then their circumstances turn shonky, and have to proclaim their love of reggae and cricket to escape a sticky situation.

You can now prevent 10cc style tragedies in your life by simply truckin’ right in the Singletrack Truckers Cap.

To further assist truckin’ right our cap features a Singletrack name badge patch. Upon this you can write your name*, or a rude word, a rad doodle, or nothing.


  • Very trucky
  • Mesh back
  • Cotton up front
  • Retro style snapback size adjuster
  • Curved peak
  • One size
  • Singletrack name badge patch

*If you write your name on your cap, remove the cap before holding up service stations and liquor stores. Alternatively write someone else’s name on your cap.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, black camo, burgundy, Olive green


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