Spotted: Eye Catching Bikes Of Sea Otter

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Hannah is out at the Sea Otter Classic in California, USA. It’s a four day festival of racing and a huge expo area. There are races for every type of bike, but there’s a strong leaning towards mountain biking, and if you want to see new products, prototypes, and unique bikes, it’s the place to be. Head here for all our Sea Otter 2022 Coverage. As you walk around there are loads of interesting bikes to see – makers bring their bikes in the hope of catching a few eyes, riders bring their best retro or quirky builds out as conversation starters, and brands have eye catching retro, pro and custom builds to draw you into their stands. Here’s a round up of some of our spots. Btchin’ Bike Here’s Ryan, he made this Btchn’ Bike. He’s been making custom frames for around 4 years, but this is planned to be his first stock model. It’s built up with 160/160mm travel, though it can also be built with 170mm rear and 170/180 fork. It has an integrated bar and stem, single pivot suspension, mullet wheel, threaded BB and textured powder coat. He deliberately went for a longer travel bike, feeling that it’s a gap in the hand built market in the USA. 64° Head angle77.5° Seat tube angle460 ReachMarino – El Futuro Kailash here picked the numbers to be forward looking – hence the name – then it turned out to be similar to the geometry to the Transition Spire. 63° Head angle535...

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  • Spotted: Eye Catching Bikes Of Sea Otter
  • Premier Icon pictonroad
    Full Member

    That Ritchey Ultra is 🤌

    Premier Icon Barney Marsh
    Full Member

    Some cool looking stufff there. Even the Terrortrike ™. Reach measurements (on the top few) are pretty pointless without indications of size tho… 🙂

    Premier Icon tazzymtb
    Full Member

    missed the pauls components/oddity cycles titanium sexyness…

    booooo and shame…..

    Premier Icon mick_r
    Full Member

    Thanks for posting the interesting stuff!

    Premier Icon mildred
    Full Member

    Name that tyre.

    Onza “Racing Porcupine” circa 1997 ish…

    I’m sure I won some of these at a NEMBA or NAMBS or Diamond Back Sportage downhill event, or similar. I got a lot of popping off the rim no matter how hard I pumped them up. Very grippy whilst upright but unpredictable when on the edges.

    Premier Icon Hannah Dobson
    Full Member

    @tazzymtb I did indeed miss it. It was in a beer garden, which clearly we were too busy to go into and then when we had time to go looking we couldn’t find it! The place is HUGE.

    glad you like this stuff! The place was so huge I decided to ignore most of the big brand stuff because they send out press releases to everyone anyway, and give some coverage of the things that aren’t in the inbox of every journo in the world.

    the Marino is a one off, but Kai was pretty tall. My notes are incomplete on the Bitchn, and the Contra is a large.

    Premier Icon Richard
    Full Member

    I love that there’s so much experimentation, shed-built bikes and tinkering going on. Feels a bit like the 90s again (or maybe that’s just ‘cos you showed us that Yeti Ultimate and Palmers’ DH bike…)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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