This Is Freedom Road: wheelies down Bealach na Bà

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If you read our article about BikeStormz last summer, you’ll know that there’s a whole urban riding scene where riders are really really good at wheelies. This film takes some of those riders, including Miles ‘Daddy Milo’ Carter, who contributed to the BikeStormz article, off to Scotland to ride Bealach na Bà.

Freedom Road BikeStormz

The film is less about the riding and more about what riding means to them, and how the trip affects them. You’ll likely find it gets a bit dusty in here during the campfire scene. For these riders, it’s the first time they’ve seen mountains, waterfalls, Scotland – even left London.

This is Freedom Road is a brand new short film by London director Alex Tiernan.

Co-written by Tiernan and creative team Anna Whitaker & Bonnie Doman and shot just before lockdown, the film follows London gang – ‘BikeStormz’ – a group of teenagers from every corner of the city, brought together by a mutual respect for the ’Bikes up. Knives down’ movement.

Alex Tiernan // This is Freedom Road from You Are Here on Vimeo.

The group is led by charismatic mentor, Mac, whose frustration with the lack of opportunities for the group has led him to seek a route out of the city. With the help of BikeStormz they are given the chance of a lifetime to take their biking further afield than they could have imagined.

Described as “the underdogs, the have-nots”, we are invited into the interior worlds of these inner city kids, none of whom have ever left London. Their stirring stories of hardship, acceptance and self-overcoming leap off the screen and are wonderfully observed by the director.

Mac’s powerful message of discipline & self-belief permeates the film and the sense of hope and empowerment that he instils in the gang is deeply touching.

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  • This Is Freedom Road: wheelies down Bealach na Bà
  • matt_outandabout
    Full Member

    Now that is amazing. ‘mon the bikestormz, I hope that experience leaves it’s mark on you for life. See you on the trails.

    Free Member

    I appear to have something in my eye. Amazing adventure. I hope this is the beginning of much much more.

    Full Member


    I was a bit gutted for them with the weather at the top but they have tricks well suited to wet tarmac.

    Full Member

    Good vid.

    Free Member

    And they didn’t even hit one wedged campervann?!

    Nice wee film, I wish I could wheelie.

    I hope they rode some actual trails too!

    Full Member

    Truly awesome.
    Makes me sad that plenty of people never get the chance to go and do something fun.
    The kid that was saying he’s never been out of London especially.
    I don’t mind telling you, it’s a bit **** dusty in here.

    Full Member

    I’ve spent much of my working life getting young people outdoors, and had the privilege of working with groups like that. It’s hard work, but so so rewarding.

    Many years ago I met a similar London group off a night train. Most of was first time out of London. The first day we went for a walk up the small hill behind our outdoor centre in Galloway. We met a sheep or 10 which successfully surprised / freaked out half the group – because sheep are white, fluffy, unmoving and small in pictures. Not fat, smelly, sizeable and running around in groups….

    Walking off from the sheep, one of the youth workers commented that they were pleased we hadn’t met the local cows…

    Full Member

    Great film, and a fine counterpoint to the ‘have you been priced out of biking’ thread.

    Full Member

    Truly inspiring, great for young people from the city to find there is another world out there. They have great bike riding skills as well awesome.

    Full Member

    Just excellent!

    Full Member

    I can only echo what has already been said. It’s great to see people being given the chance to have this experience. I’m nowhere near anything that dramatic, but I am only five minutes away from some green-and-brown-ery and I wouldn’t be without it.

    Full Member

    That was good, like rally good and made me realize how much I take for granted.

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