Internet Rummagings: How Long?!

by 7

Welcome back to my rummaging through the back room of the bike shop we call the Internet, there’s no real theme this month, just some cool shiny stuff, starting with… Runteli Bikes   With the a literal translation of “Ravaged”, and being forged from steel in the frozen north of northern Finland (go much further north and you’ll start going south), you would expect these to be rugged and equipped for the snow. And of course you’d be right, they are, but what if you also want a long, low, slack enduro sled(ge)? Enter the Mörri which, language fans, translates...

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  • Internet Rummagings: How Long?!
  • thegeneralist
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    go much further north and you’ll start going south),

    Like. Did you do that yourself? If so well done.

    Full Member

    i need that fat bike.

    Full Member

    I’ve had my additive manufactured (3D printed) titanium cranks on my mountain bike for a while now:

    To be fair Tom was working on his around the same time as I was working on mine, and he’s offering his for sale, which I’m not yet…

    Full Member

    Mmmm, the colour of that chainring.

    Full Member

    oooooh. That Mörri. Wow. Like a fat crush. I like that an awful lot.

    Free Member

    Paragraphs young man, paragraphs.

    Full Member

    Sorry, these articles have just become a parody of themselves.

    As a subscriber please can I register a view that these articles where someone just lists the ridiculous prices of boutique tat are really grating.

    Please can we have more articles on cycling, or access rights, or bike groups etc

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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