Exhibit Fun with Max Nerurkar

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Max Nerurkar, also known as 3Dumb, makes art, rides bikes and skateboards, and makes lots of notes. If you follow him on Instagram you’ll see a daily life of lists, thoughts, therapy and things with wheels.

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Over winter there was a lot of digging – and a lot of waiting for it to stop raining. Finally, the product of all the building and sculpting can be seen in this video. There’s almost as much failing as there is nailing it – it skips the behind the scenes extra footage bonus video, and merges it all into one film. It’s no perfect one shot or seamless flow of perfect execution – and maybe it’s all the better for it?

Combining art, skate, music and riding. For Max Nerurkar, it’s all about fun. Cannondale Waves crew rider, Max Nerurkar, has spent years thinking about creating his dream track. After years of writing notes in his phone and sketching down ideas, Max finally got the chance to turn this project into a reality.

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