2022 ABSA Cape Epic Grand Finale – Watch LIVE

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7th Stage: Stellenbosch – Val de Vie. Distance: 68 km. Climbing: 2000 m

After 8 days of limit-testing racing, there is a return to the good life, for those who can complete Stage 7. The Grand Finale takes teams to Val de Vie, the Valley of Life, and does so in style. On the way to Val de Vie via Idas Valley towards Stellenbosch’s most famous farms, including Rustenberg, Morgenhof, Muratie and Babylonstoren are traversed on the way to the final finish line. It is not all downhill, however, as altitude has to be gained first before the fun can start. This is achieved by climbing through Rustenberg and onto the Simonsberg Trails. Muratie’s Never Say Neverending thrills, before the route heads north. Crossing fabled farms on a mix of dual and singletrack the race steadily winds down. A last chance to empty the tank is provided by Val de Vie’s estate singletracks, then it’s onto the polo fields and under the Absa Cape Epic’s arches. The finish line appears, too soon for some but just at the right time for many others. 8 days of Untamed racing completed.

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