Continental Der Baron Projekt tyre review

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Continental Der Baron Projekt is made of their ‘secret sauce’ Black Chili compound, which you’ll only find in their German-made tyres.

  • Brand: Continental
  • Product: Der Baron Projekt tyre
  • From:
  • Price: £65.00
  • Tested by: Barney for 4 months
Apex version

Three things I liked

  • Superlative on the front in the clart. I mean, really, really good.
  • Also pretty impressive on the rear.
  • Good sidewall support.

Three things I’d change

  • Tricky, this. Faster rolling, perhaps?
  • Er. Less road noise on the rear (only applicable on the road).
  • Um. No tan walls?

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Review Info

Brand: Continental
Product: Der Baron Projekt tyre
Price: £65.00
Tested: by Barney Marsh for 4 months
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  • Continental Der Baron Projekt tyre review
  • Premier Icon James Vincent
    Full Member

    I am that Lake District dwelling friend, and I can attest to the Barons greatness. I pair mine with a Kaiser fitted to the rear for better pedalling, at the slight expense of ultimate grip in slop and on climbs. The Baron is a better and grippier front tyre though

    Premier Icon b33k34
    Full Member

    Long term fan of Conti tyres here. I like the shape that gives predictable slide (they lack the transition that seems to blight many Maxxis), and the single compound genuinely seems to give that combination of grip and long life. Again on multi-compound tyres I find the soft side knobs tend to rip off much more quickly than those on my coatis.

    However, I fitted mine to a Race Face Turbine R30 wheel which I think is the same ARC rim as above but just 3mm wider internally. I’ve never had such a tight combination or rim and tyre – once I’d fought it onto the rim both beads were sat so tightly in the centre dip that no amount of blasting with an Airshot would shift it. Eventually fitted a tube and left it overnight and after a lot more fighting (having left one bead locked) finally got it inflated, but I’m dreading when I have to remove it. Odd.

    Premier Icon bikesandboots
    Full Member

    Had one of these on the front all winter, very happy with it, DHR2 on the back. Chose it over Shorty and Magic Mary, seemed more versatile than both of them and does everything well without the downsides of either.

    and @justinbieber – any comparisons with those tyres or others please?

    I’ll just drop a link to the Kaiser here for those who like to match brands front and rear – . And thanks for the comparison to DHR2.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    Really like these, if you don’t need a spikier tyre in winter then they’re superb 3 seasons tyres and not bad at all in the 4th, just slow is all.

    Premier Icon Gary Biles
    Full Member

    Superlative on the front in the clart


    Premier Icon PolisherMan
    Full Member

    Clart. Yep, what’s wrong with that?

    Premier Icon Jay
    Full Member

    First time I’ve been interested in Continental tyres since having a batch of misshapen Trail Kings 6 or so years ago.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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