10 tips to spend half-term cycling with the kids!

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We know how hard it can be fitting your own fun in with everyone else’s – or even trying to convince everyone else that your idea of fun isn’t torture. If you’re looking at the school holidays ahead and wondering how you can fit your family into your favourite hobby, we have a bunch of top tips and handy hints for you, plus some great products and brands that might just make things easier.

1. Top Tips For Family Rides

It’s easy to get it wrong. We have. Read our helpful tips so you can get it right.

2. Bikepacking With Kids

Is it a terrible idea? Only for kids with beards and whittling skills? Barney found out for you.

3. Product Review: ShotGun Child Seat

Maybe you want to carry your kids with you? Here’s one way of putting them in the hot seat.

4. Buy It Here: TowWhee

Give your kids a helping hand on the ups so you can all enjoy the downs, with the TowWhee.

5. Behind The Scenes: Islabikes

You may well own a bike from Islabikes, or maybe you’re wondering about buying on. Find out about the people and the ethos behind the brand.

6. Bling Their Bike – SDG Jr Pro Kit

Maybe you want to make your kid’s bike look as great as yours? How about these child specific products?

7. Bling Their Bike – Hayes JUNIT

8. Visit A Bike Park

A bike park, with cafe, graded trails and short loops – rather than windswept mountain miles with army rations – might be just the thing to get your kids into bikes. Leeds Urban Bike Park is a great example of a family friendly bike park.


9. Join the ‘Kids Go-Ride Course” at Bolehills BMX track.

British Cycling is holding a Kids Go-Ride Course at the legendary Bolehill BMX track in Sheffield. The Course is suitable for kids of all ages and abilities and it costs just £3. If you want to get your kids involved then head to the British Cycling website to sign-up.

10. Watch Redbull Rampage

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Watch Rampage together

If your little riders are already on their half-term holiday and are free tomorrow, Friday 25th October, then why not chill out at home and enjoy Rampage? Redbull Rampage will stream on the Redbull app so you can choose to watch it via a smart tv, smart device hooked to your TV, or through pretty much anything with a screen on it.

If you want to make more of an experience of it then head to the Dirt Factory in Manchester where they’ll be showing it on the big screen.

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