Dissent 133 Ultimate Glove Pack review

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The Dissent 133 Ultimate Glove is not just gloves – it’s a glove layering system. Designed with road riding in mind, I thought I’d see how they would fare in the muddy world of mountain bikes.

Brand: Dissent 133
Product: Ultimate Glove Pack
From: dissent133.com
Price: £109
Tested: by Hannah for 2 months

Three things I liked:

  • They’re not sweaty
  • They’re waterproof
  • You can adjust layers if you do get too warm or cold

Three things I’d change:

  • Change the cuff fastener design to remove the Velcro
  • Improved durability of the palm and finger grips
  • Add a lobster mitt layer
Choose your layers

What you get with the Dissent 133 Ultimate Glove pack is four different gloves – a silk liner, a knitted ‘Cordura touch fit’ thermal glove, a ‘Showerlite’ soft shell outer, and an ‘Outdry Lite’ waterproof outer. The idea is that you can mix and match the layers according to whether it’s cold and wet, warmish but windy, warm and wet, and so on. The gloves come in a substantial case of the type you might keep a laptop in, which seems like overkill but does look posh, and there’s a guide inside the box as to which layers you should pick for different weather conditions. I had the size medium kit on test, but also ordered a small kit to try on for size comparison.

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Review Info

Brand: Dissent 133
Product: Ultimate Glove Pack
From: dissent133.com
Price: £109
Tested: by Hannah for 2 months
Author Profile Picture
Hannah Dobson

Managing Editor

I came to Singletrack having decided there must be more to life than meetings. I like all bikes, but especially unusual ones. More than bikes, I like what bikes do. I think that they link people and places; that cycling creates a connection between us and our environment; bikes create communities; deliver freedom; bring joy; and improve fitness. They're environmentally friendly and create friendly environments. I try to write about all these things in the hope that others might discover the joy of bikes too.

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  • Dissent 133 Ultimate Glove Pack review
  • gazzab1955
    Full Member

    Seems like a lot on money for not very good gloves. Given they come over your wrist and have multiple layers will a GPS watch still work under all that material? Actually I am not sure if this is a problem with any material covering, e.g. a thick jacket?

    Full Member

    My GPS watch is not impeded by layers – but obviously if you cover it you can’t see it to read it!

    Full Member

    @Hannah Dobson, Yeah I think I invented a problem in my head that doesn’t actually exist 🙂

    Full Member

    I bought a set a couple of years ago, i suffer from Raynauds and was looking for the best gloves I could find. Sent them back after 1 ride as not fit for purpose. Terrible fit and nowhere near warm enough. also, as Hannah has pointed out, a real faff. Galibier Deep winter with a silk liner are far superior. IMHO of course.

    Full Member

    The velcro has calmed down on my outer gloves after a couple of years use to the point it acts as it should but I’d agree with you that it was way too aggressive initially. Perhaps mine’s just accumulated enough depth of fluff now 🙂

    Their own marketing image actually shows just the situation where you had to be careful doing it up to avoid snagging the mid-layer glove on the outer.

    Still pretty waterproof though and I love the mid-layer gloves on their own in dry conditions. They seem to be an excellent compromise of warmth vs breathability.

    Full Member

    Another vote for Galibier Deep Winter gloves. I too suffer from Reynauds and find them very good, not even having to wear liners.

    Full Member

    My trick for avoiding getting the knitted gloves stick on the velcro of the outer gloves is to put both outers on before doing up the velcro on either. A well placed thumb allows the first finger to put some leverage through the loop to pull the cuff across. It isn’t necessary to pull the cuff all the way across to get a good seal, indeed it can’t be if you’re wearing thick layers such as a Gabba. I agree the velcro does seem unnecessarily grippy but I haven’t had any problem with the stitching giving way.

    The silk inners do wear quite quickly but then I found the same thing skiing with silk inners and they are not hugely expensive to replace. My knitted gloves and outers are holding up well after a couple of years. I was a bit concerned they wouldn’t be grippy or padded enough but they are fine.

    I agree they are probably best suited to road use but I wear mine off road too in cold weather. But speaking of the cold, no they are not “deep winter” gloves.

    Full Member

    YMMV but I’m always suprised just how much warmer my hands stay (and as a result how much less insulation I need on gloves) compared to the road bike. And multilayer gloves I’ve always found shit for off road riding and the layers move over each other.

    Galibier Ardenne are good down to a couple of degrees even on the road bike. 100% Briskers are good down to a few degrees on the mtb (despite having no insulation at all on the palm). You could have both of those pairs of gloves for half the price of the Dissents.

    Are the Deep Winter properly waterproof? The only waterproof bike gloves I’ve had are like ski gloves with all the control issues that come with that.

    Full Member

    If you look at the cost of the layers bought separately I don’t think they are hugely expensive.

    Full Member

    The lighter weight showerresistant-ish layer they should include is a set of Macwet Climatec gloves- they go exceptionally well with the silk liners.

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