Details of 2022 Nukeproof full suspension bikes

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Nukeproof aim to be as clear as to when bikes and frame will arrive. Included below is a full delivery schedule for 2022 guide expectations.

Illustrations by Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

Press Release:

This year sees the widest range of Nukeproof bikes on offer. From trail to Downhill the range covers most of a rider’s needs. With the introduction of the awesome new Mega and Giga models in 2021, 2022 sees subtle revisions and an injection of freshness to the range.

Please visit for a full specification list of the latest models.

Possibly the big question of the past couple of years has been “Where are all the bikes?”. Nukeproof delivered more bikes than ever in 2021 season but demand still outstripped the supply. Not to sugar coat it, it’s very possible to hear the same in 2022 at some points as the industry catches up with itself. Nukeproof’s aim of this launch is to be as clear as we can on when bikes and frame will arrive for customers. The Nukeproof team are still working on ensuring that deliveries are as smooth as possible. During the year and will publish any changes to timing or specification tweaks to get bikes on trails as soon as possible.

One thing is for sure though, the new range looks insane!

In this release we include:

  • Dissent
  • Giga
  • Mega
  • Reactor

Nukeproof Dissent

Nukeproof illustration Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

Nukeproof’s Downhill model is back for 2022 available in 290, 297 and 275 frames and builds. The Dissent is designed to be customisable to suit riding style and terrain. Its adjustable main pivot offering riders 4 levels of progressivity of the rear shock. On top of this there is adjustable chainstay to 3 wheelbase options.

For 2022 Nukeproof are offering two complete models. The RS is a no compromise specification designed to be ready to roll, form the shop floor and attack any World Cup level race. The other build option is the Comp, a perfect specification for privateer racers or those wanting to lap the uplift/ park.
All models are available in mixed wheel size 297 or 290, with the 27.5” available as a frame only.


Nukeproof Giga

Nukeproof Giga illustration Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

Much lauded-on launch, the Giga has been a huge hit with racers, riders and media. With a huge 180mm of travel it’s a beast of a bike when descending but surprised many with its climbing prowess thanks to its clever design. Designed as a “super-Enduro” or Park bike its suspension design is based on the Dissent platform with a fast flip 2 stage main pivot to offer 2 progression settings.

For 2022 sees the introduction of the 297 mixed wheel sized bikes and frames across the range to match the 290 specification options. Joining the Factory, Elite and Comp models, Nukeproof are introducing an all-new top spec RS model. The RS features Sram AXS X01 Drivetrain and pairs a Rockshox Zeb Ultimate with a custom tuned Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil shox to be a beast of a bike.


Nukeproof Mega

Nukeproof Mega illustration Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

The 4th generation of our EWS winning bike was launched in 2021 and has won over current and new Mega owners. Building on the success of the Mega, the new frame included some key updates to suspension, geometry as well as fitting the all-important water bottle!

Like with the Giga, 2022 sees the introduction of a complete range of 297 models to match the 290 range. Specifications remain largely unchanged but with the premiumisation of the RS model to feature the Sram AXS wireless drivetrain and Nukeproof’s award winning Horizon V2 wheels.

The Mega is available in both Carbon (RS, Factory & Elite) and aluminium build options (Pro & Comp) in both 297 and 290 options of each. Frame only options are available in 275, 297 and 290 options.


Nukeproof Reactor

Nukeproof Reactor illustration Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

The sensational hooligan of a trail bike is back (with much more stock!) for 2022. Building on winning Trail Bike of the Year, the Reactor sees a +10mm increase in travel on most models to match the range topping RS specs. The Reactor is a truly versatile bike, excelling at both big adventure days in the saddle or ripping tech trails.

The Reactor range again sees upgrades to the RS model to feature the Sram AXS Drivetrain and Nukeproof Horizon V2 wheels, with the rest of the range having a familiar feel to previous years. The RS joins two other carbon frame models: the flagship Fox/ Shimano model with the Factory, Fox Performance/ Shimano SLX Elite model. The Reactor Alloy models (which still includes Carbon Seat stays) are the Pro and Comp models. All models are ready to attack the trails.

Sitting in the Reactor 290 line is also the ST model with features a lighter weight component build. With slightly reduced travel the ST is designed to cover the wildest terrain fast.


Frances Halsey

Nukeproof are proud to have worked with Frances Halsey in commissioning the above images to launch the new bike range. Be sure to check out her work over on @illustratemybike

From the Artist: @illustratemybike

Frances Halsey @illustratemybike

Frances is Autistic, with complex needs. Despite her challenges she loves to draw, print, laugh, walk, climb, surf, and cycle around West Sussex. She lives for riding, Mountain biking is her first love, although rolling down quite lanes early in the morning on her road bike is also popular. She needs intense regular exercise to help keep calm and regulated. She enjoys technical trails and long-distance rides along the South Downs Way and has even ridden the full SDW with her Dad! They have also completed some other long multi days rides in Cornwall and the Peaks. 

Frances started illustrating bikes in 2017 and has since drawn 100s of bikes. Many are surprised that Frances was never into drawing before those first few bikes when she was 22. She struggles with concentration, and being stationary is difficult, so she had never been into drawing before the bikes. Frances is Non-speaking and the art work has become a form of communication for her, cycling being her main source of inspiration. 

As well as being out on her bike Frances just generally loves the outdoors, it’s colours, shadows and reflections; are all reflected in her work. She paints mainly in a sketchbook varying between detailed watercolour landscapes, quick sketches and enjoys printmaking. 

We started @illustartemybike on Instagram as a way of helping Frances to share her illustrated bikes and other work. She is very protective of her work and only the pictures she’s chosen are shared. It’s a very special place because Frances will only show her sketchbook and art to a hand full of people in real life. Frances hopes you enjoy her work, and Happy Riding!

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  • Details of 2022 Nukeproof full suspension bikes
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74
    Full Member

    Some of the best looking bikes around.

    Those illustrations are brilliant – kudos to Frances!

    Wish they’d been in stock when I bought my SC hightower……

    Premier Icon Tom Howard
    Full Member

    ‘How bad is the stock situation?’

    ‘Our promo shots of the bikes are drawings…’

    Premier Icon a11y
    Full Member

    Those illustrations are superb, well done Frances – watch your back JoB 🙂

    Premier Icon robsherratt
    Full Member

    Samples landed very late, so not one to launch with white background shots. We’ve loved Frances work for some time and so this was a perfect excuse to work with her. a lot of Stock is in stores now

    Premier Icon b33k34
    Full Member

    Interesting that the frame weights of the Alloy Mega 290 and Carbon Alloy 290 are basically the same – 3.8Kg (less than 100g difference). I was looking at Transition Sentinals – their Carbon frame is 3.2kg, with the Alloy 4.4kg

    Premier Icon James Vincent
    Full Member

    Been following Frances’ for a while now. So pleased her work has been picked up by a brand – well done Nukeproof!

    Premier Icon sargey2003
    Full Member

    Those drawings are not far off photo quality – nice work indeed.

    Premier Icon brakestoomuch
    Full Member

    Those pictures are cracking; I thought they were stylised photos at first.

    Premier Icon sillysilly
    Full Member

    Didn’t realise they were illustrations until I read the comments. Amazing.

    Premier Icon mackem
    Free Member

    I liked the look of the Reactor, but 3k for Deore and an Aluminium frame seems a lot.
    Nukeproof are probably not being “expensive”, I just havent adjusted my mindset to how things are now.

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