Behind The Scenes at the EWS with Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly

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This film, ‘Resilience’, is a promotional video from the Lapierre Zipp Collective team, but it’s worth a watch as a documentary of being on the race circuit.

The film looks at the EWS season for Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly, and how their lives away from the race tape and performances inside it intertwine to create challenge, motivation, confidence and uncertainty. It’s a head game as well as a physical one. It doesn’t all make for easy viewing, and it shows the pressure riders are under during the long EWS season.

A tight-knit collective, with a will to fight and to live for the bike and for its members… This film, shot in immersion with the Lapierre Zipp Collective team, traces the 2021 Enduro World Series season. A difficult year for Isabeau who lost her father just before the start of the season but also for Adrien who had a period of doubt after a complicated start to the season. “Resilience” shows the importance of the collective in these difficult moments and reveals the will to fight by the two outstanding riders that are Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly. A film full of emotions that gives a real lesson in life.

In tribute to Jean-Luc Courdurier.

It’s a far cry from some of the ‘everything is great and rad all the time’ promo we might have come to expect. If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy this interview with Tahnee Seagrave.

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  • Behind The Scenes at the EWS with Isabeau Courdurier and Adrien Dailly
  • pmurden
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    This is a bloody good watch.

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    Just out of interest, how do you ‘get’ the articles ? I often see the same thing on here and Pinkbike and wonder if you use theirs, they use yours or you all get sent articles to distribute ?

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    ONe thing that does disappoint me is the lack of coverage of EWS generally in the press/TV.

    Hannah Dobson
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    @weeksy often they send us a press release saying ‘here’s a video’. Sometimes that has extra words and images with it – like the Kona Contrast story I’ve just put up – and sometimes it’s basically just the link to the video. I almost always write some extra words to with the video to let you know why you might want to watch it – and the chances are that if I’m taking the time to post it, I think there’s something about it that’s interesting and worth your time.

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