The 10* Best Bike Videos of 2021

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No bike launch is complete without a video these days, and with camera technology making it ever easier for anyone to film and edit footage without the need for a huge camera crew and editing suite, there are ever more videos being made. In short, there are a lot of hours of footage to be viewed, so which ones have stood out from the crowd? Here are our team’s pick of the bunch. Enjoy!

*there are 10 if you follow the links.

Chipps: Salsa’s Banana Belt Bike People

Chaffee County, Colorado is home to a near-perfect mountain bike climate. Meet some of the local figures who keep the wheels turning (and learn what a “banana belt” is) in the second episode of our For the Love of Dirt film series.

Benji: Tahnee and Tongued-stitched-back-together Thibault winning at Les Gets

VIVE LA FRANCE! Damp, sketchy and rowdy – the return of French downhill was a breath of fresh air (and chainsaw fumes) for the world of mountain biking.

Watch as Tahnee Seagrave and Thibault Daprella win take the win on French soil for one of the wildest Downhill World Cup’s we’ve seen in a while!

Benji: The Fox Dialed Series

Far and away the videos that I look forward most to ‘dropping’. It’s essentially a soap opera mixed with reality TV with added levels of suspension nerdery mixed in. What’s not to like? And Fox’s Jordi Cortes is easily the most likeable person in mountain biking.

Full series is here.

Shout out also to anything with Brage Vestavik in it. The total opposite to Brandon Semenuk and all the better for it.

Hannah: Bikerdelic

I love this for being like an old school MTB video, all fun and seeing what will go, with a soundtrack I want to listen to.

Bikerdelic is a mountain bike movie filmed in Sheffield. Berm Death are a small crew of mountain bike riders from Sheffield. We spent the summer filming this movie when we were asked to make something for a video premiere after the local bolehills BMX track halloween track jam.

The bike riders in the video are Ross Jarman on the Calibre Sentry, George Finney on the Calibre Bossnut and Tom Weir on the custom Juliana Furtado. Adrian Wood is also featured riding his custom Clique Dirt Jump bike. There are also a few features from our friends MC Roper and Brandon Steel.

We hope that when you watch this mountain bike film, you’ll get a feel of what it is like to ride in Sheffield. There is a huge scene of amazing riders and sick trails here.

Big up to everyone involved along the way. We’re buzzing to show you this video, and we’re already out filming the next one.

If you want to see more of our MTB videos and things that aren’t big enough for YouTube, head over to our instagram @berm_death for a look.

Hannah: Transition MTB Industry Summit

I liked this for being just a little too close to the truth. The world needs as much parody as it can get. Transition’s Patrol video is pretty wonderful too.

Take a step inside the MTB Industry Summit, where we put profits before people. TR representative, Lars, must have had a rough night and slept through his alarm. When he finally awoke, he panic pedaled his way there, only to have missed the important decisions.

Charlie: Grenzerfahrungen (Borderline Experiences)

I think I may have reached “peak rad consumption”, and by that I mean… my media feed feels full of out of this world back flips, 100 foot waves, and people jumping entire hills on motorbikes… all in 30 second rapid fire edits. Whilst this is all very very very impressive, it no longer WOW’s me like it used to. So, let’s switch down to 33rpm, make yourself a cup of tea and join Markus as he rides along the border that divided his country and held him captive as a child.

‘Grenzerfahrungen’ (Borderline Experiences) documents a self-supported cycling journey along the European Green Belt. Born and bred in Germany, Markus Stitz travelled 700km along the former Iron Curtain on a gravel bike through the federal states of Thuringia, Lower Saxony, Hesse, Bavaria and Saxony in October 2020, shortly after the 30th anniversary of the German reunification. The film launches the Iron Curtain Gravel Trail, a new bikepacking route mapped by the round the world cyclist, which is available to download for free here.

Ross: Yoann Barelli’s Into The Gnar Series

The only person who comes close to taking Jordi Cortes’ ‘most likeable man in mountain biking’ crown, Yoann Barelli is ceaselessly entertaining without being annoying or fake feeling.

Full series is here.

Honourable mentions to 50to01 and their Little Olde England mini-epic.

Have we missed your favourites? Stick a link in the comments below so we can all enjoy it. And tell us why you liked it too, so we can look out for more of the stuff you like, and less of the stuff you don’t.

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  • The 10* Best Bike Videos of 2021
  • jimmy
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    The Alt Tour. Some achievement on flip flops, even for a pro rider. And you can’t help but have a man crush on Lachlan, as well as his drinks philosophy being immaculate.

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