Wild West vs Wales – Video Head To Head

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Two new video releases from this week – which gets your adrenaline pumping, your feet carrying you to the shed, your braking fingers twitching?

Wild West 2

First up, Tom Van Steenbergen’s follow-up to his September 2020 Wild West video, by Calvin Huth. Wild West 2 contains a bag of never before done tricks, and even the ones we’ve seen before probably aren’t anything you’re going to replicate away from a very large airbag. Of course, Tom’s season came to an abrupt end at Red Bull Rampage, where he sustained multiple fractures. Hopefully he’ll heal up well and this won’t be the last we see of the Wild West Series.

Directed again by Calvin Huth, his unique editing style will you on the edge of your seat, feeling every beat of Tom’s riding as he pushes the sport to its limits once again.

“It’s so rad to be able to do another Wild West video. Calvin and Dan absolutely killed it. Seeing how much everyone improved their skills over the last year is sick. I can proudly say that this is the most technical and best riding I’ve ever done for a video, which was a big challenge after coming back from a femur break. I’m so pumped to finally share this one.“

Tom Van Steenbergen 

“Once again, it was an absolute blast to be on another big project with Tom. The days can get intense out there very quickly. Especially since Tom drops huge moves as if he’s ordering appetizers during happy hour! Even knowing he’s done the necessary work to prepare, it’s still so gnarly! The reward from helping build, film, and then getting to edit Tom progressing the sport and achieve his personal goals… It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of.

I am super grateful to work with such an amazing crew, I can’t wait for Tom to heal up and get back to doing what he loves! It’s projects like this that keep us coming back. Thank you to adidas Five Ten and Monster for supporting the sport.”

Calvin Huth, Director

Costa Del Wales

The second video is a different ball of wax altogether. Whereas Tom’s video has the slick feel of tricks practiced over and over, then performed again and again to get the shots for the film, this Caldwell Visuals production has a raw and rough ‘you get what you get’ feel to it.

Despite being from neighbouring valleys, neither Mike or Cai have ever ridden together properly. Both from special stock, both have their own trails that they build and shred on. We gathered these sensational shredders to show off the beauty that is “Costa Del Wales”. Both riders are on Mega 290c, Cai on a Factory and Mike on the RS versions.

With the kind of forestry plantation terrain that is familiar to many of us, and the wheels more or less on the ground – and at least under the rider rather than up in the sky – perhaps this is the more relatable video? But is it the one that makes you want to go and ride? Which inspires you to push onwards and ride more?

Or maybe that’s not what mountain bike videos are for – maybe you want to be awed and amazed and you don’t care whether it looks attainable? Pick your favourite and tell us why – or maybe both leave you cold? Head to the comments!

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  • Wild West vs Wales – Video Head To Head
  • Premier Icon desperatebicycle
    Free Member

    Van Steenbergen is quite ridiculous. Love the early parts of the vid, where you can really see how fast he is. But yeah, ridiculous.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
    Full Member

    Is it a trick question?
    The first video showed someone doing amazing stuff that I could never dream of. The second video was just sone blokes riding in a forest. I’m guessing they were doing it infinitely faster and slicker than I could, but didn’t really have much of an impact.

    Premier Icon lister
    Full Member

    Is it a trick question?
    The first video might as well have been on the moon. Top skills and great to watch but utterly off the achievable scale for 99% of people.
    The second video showed the dirty fun reality of Welsh/British riding and made me want to go straight off to the woods.

    Horses for courses eh?

    I’m guessing they were doing it infinitely faster and slicker than I could, but didn’t really have much of an impact.

    Ride there all the time, they’ve ridden it infinitely faster and as you say, made it look easy.

    Premier Icon steamtb
    Full Member

    Possibly going against the tide of opinion, but I much preferred the second video. Great riding on the kinds of trails I love and it just makes me want to get my bike out! 🙂

    Premier Icon DickBarton
    Full Member

    I stopped watching the jump one as it did nothing for me…it is so far removed from my riding that it is of no interest – I find the same with Danny’s videos as well although those have a bit of a story to them so end up watching them all. Impressed with their skill, but it isn’t enough to make me watch.

    The Welsh one was more like my riding (although far faster and also much more air!) and seemed more watchable as it is mates riding and chatting.

    Seriously impressive abilities but the actual riding a bike ones are far more interesting and entertaining…the scenery tends to produce the WOW! factor whereas the jump videos seem to be the actual jumps they are doing that gives the WOW! but after the first one the rest get boring.

    Looks like it is time for my afternoon nap as reading that back I’m sounding seriously grumpy with the world – hadn’t realised I was!!!

    Premier Icon desperatebicycle
    Free Member

    jump videos

    pretty sure there was only about 3 actual jumps in it.

    Premier Icon malv173
    Full Member

    Both great in their own right, but TVS wins it for me. That foot-plant front-flip off the drop is totally bonkers!

    Lovely bit of riding from Mike and Cai, though.

    Premier Icon jordan
    Full Member

    Both brilliant for different reasons but the Welsh one looks more fun and inspires me more!

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Full Member

    Maybe just me but I love that the TVS vid leaves in slightly iffy landings etc- so many of these vids are so clinical and perfect, you can lose a bit of the reality of how crazy they are. Like, Brandon Semenuk’s riding is mindblowing but his vids are just that little bit too inhumanly perfect for me.

    But I prefered the Welsh vid, and not by a little bit. It’s more… relevant I guess, relatable, it’s “riding only better” not elevated off to some insane unachievable level. Like, for me to have learned to ride like TVS, he’d have had to have killed my family when I was a child, and then I’d been been adopted by shaolin bike monks and trained from infancy to defeat him. But the Welsh one? That’s beyond me, to ride like that, but I could get close just by trying really really hard to git gud, practicing and training properly, etc. I won’t obviously, I’m old and lazy and I enjoy not practicing and training and just riding my bike pretty well. But, you know, in theory I probably could.

    (probably the same reason my favourite bike film ever isn’t Seasons, or NWD, or any of that- it’s Vast)

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