Double Your Donation! World Bicycle Relief Has Match Funding

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If you’re thinking of sharing a little bicycle love, are keen to spread the message that #This MachineFightsClimateChange, or just want to spend some money on something worthwhile, now is the time to donate to World Bicycle Relief, as they’ve got match funding until Sunday 14th November.

  • £120 is enough to give a whole Buffalo bike
  • £50 buys a mechanic a toolkit
  • £20 buys a set of wheels

So, for those of you who donate by Sunday 14th November, you could give £60 and that will be match funded, making enough to buy a whole bike. One second class stamp costs 65p…add the cost of a Christmas card in… which would you rather do – send 60 cards, or buy someone a bike to change their life?

Purpose built to last

World Bicycle Relief gives Buffalo bikes specifically designed to withstand the rigours of life in the countries were they operate, backed up by a maintenance programme to help keep the bikes rolling. By giving bikes to children, especially girls, to give them access to education, World Bicycle Relief focuses its efforts on sustainable impacts. they also run projects giving bikes to healthcare workers, so they can reach more communities and patients in a day.

World Bicycle Relief WBR

Singletrack has been supporting World Bicycle Relief with its N+1 campaign, inviting you to make a donation whenever you buy yourself a new bike. You can donate here.

Thank you!

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  • Double Your Donation! World Bicycle Relief Has Match Funding
  • Premier Icon Hannah Dobson
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    I can see that someone anonymous read this story and then donated, thank you! I think you might be surprised at how relatively few donations they get, and how much difference your donations make. When you all put a flurry of money in for whatever reason, I almost always get an email from their UK Chief Exec to say thank you and that your donations have been noticed so they checked in to see what had prompted them. I don’t imagine there’s many international charities where a CEO notices individual donations!

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