Science and Smiles as YouTubers Do Bikes!

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Don’t worry, we’ve got two videos for you from YouTubers that don’t involve implausible poses by the edge of a pool, careful product placement for smoothies made with five kinds of grass, or food made by making a mess on a kitchen worktop. Instead we have two videos from the quite sensible side of YouTube.

Tom Scott Plus

First up Tom Scott – who we already like because he did that great video on Ipley Cross, based on this article by Bez. Here he’s being taught to ride a bike by Mike Boyd, a former keen rider, who has a channel devoted to learning stuff of all sorts – not just bike things. Tom Scott can’t (couldn’t?) ride a bike, but watching this will surely warm your cockles. You may even find some of it useful when it comes to teaching your kids to ride – or maybe even a non riding friend.

Mike Boyd learns things quickly, so I asked him for help with something that I really should have figured out by now.


This is a science and education channel looking at obscure or interesting facts. This particular video blends Open University with Scrapheap Challenge to explain how steering a bike works. And yes, you’re not the only one thinking ‘I want a go on that’.

Why are bicycles stable? The most common answer is gyroscopic effects, but this is not right.

Want more videos? Try these:

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